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Aussie White Girl

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New around here...
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Mar 4, 2004
Hi there,

We are a white female and white guy located in Sydney Australia looking for the services of a black bull.

You must be fit and attractive. We are looking for you to service the white female for one night.

No attitudes please just normal guys. Safe sex and discretion is a must. We are not wasting your time so please dont waste our time.



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i think this is a fake pic. maybe it's a pic of someone else (show with msn messenger) and just captured whit a photo capture software...
if not please post this pic in a larger size.
Black male in Sydney


I ama mbm visiting Sydney on business. I would love to hook up while here. I am 5'10" 235lbs muscular. I love great oral and long hard fucking. 8" cock and very experienced. I am in Manly can travel around Sydney or meet you ar my hotel. Let me know if you are still around.


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