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Hi fellas, for those of you who dont know me yet, let me introduce myself. I am Jammin Jennie, I am stacked and packed, voluptuous to the max. I am a porn star, webgirl, magazine model, photographer and website designer. I have been in the biz for 5 years and have had lots of fun and sexy times making videos and pics for my own site as well as several others. I have dabbled in several fetishes, but I have to admit one of my favorite is the interracial scene. I have tried other groups, like the Florida Mandingos and Atlantas Dirty South Boys. But now its time I had my own group of guys that can be available for parties, video/photo shoots, 1 on 1, group sex and gangbangs. If you live in the Jax Fl area and think you are interested in becoming one of Jammin Jennie's Mandingos drop me a line, have your webcam or recent pics ready to show me as I am a real picky lady about who I will fuck and share with my friends. Basic requirements, clean(current STD test), respectful, in good shape(no fat stomach) tall, well hung(at least 8 and phat) not camera shy, experience prefered with group sex, no homo phobes(able to perform in close contact with other men), no gay or bi guys. Send me an email or instant message on yahoo to jamminjennie1. Hope to see you soon.


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