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Becoming Owned November 2003

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October 24, 2003

OOPS -- Sorry for any confusion. I started the "Nov" thread to soon . Oh well, the story just continues here with the end of Oct.


Fri. October 24.

I woke up horny thinking about last night. I ran my fingers across bobby's eyebrows, I peeked under the covers, and he was hard. As his eyes opened I kissed him, and asked "Are you ready?"

"Yeah, but you agreed to call Robert first" .

I was a little taken aback. I didn't think we'd call
every time. But, I thought about and decided,
since I said OK so we'll give it a try this.

But I was kind of embarrassed to call so quickly.
Rationally, embarrassment should have been the last
thing I felt. But as is often the case, rationality
didn't carry the day.

So I stopped touching Robert, and said "We'll call later." Friday night we had plans with (normal) friends. By the time we were in bed it was late. So we put off calling Robert again.

Sat. October 25
I woke up, and hurried out of bed. We had plans that
day to travel to watch a college football game.
We had to drive a few hours, and time was tight.
After the game we intended to spend the night and drive home Sunday. So I just put off thinking about sex.

The game was fun, but sex crossed my mind more than once. I was a little more affectionate (in public) than I normally was, and that got bobby thinking about sex too. After the game had dinner and drinks with other friends. By
the time we got back to the hotel it was late. Again we held off calling Robert.

Sun. October 26
We knew Robert had made plans to watch football at a mutual friend's. So
we held off calling him until the games ended. Finally after 6:00 bobby called him.

"Hi Robert. Bobby here. Man its been a long few
days. uuhhh I'm not sure how to do this,
but lisa and I want to have sex."

"Your supposed to ask my permission."

"OK" said Bobby. "Umm can we have sex."

"Put lisa on."

"So lisa, I understand you want to be sexed."

"Yes", I said sheepishly. Its amazing how after all
we did, asking to have sex seemed humiliating.

"Well, ask."

"Robert, can we have sex."

"Not there. Not without me. You'll have to come

"OK" I said. "See you soon"

I hung up, and explained to bobby. It was hard to
tell if he was more excited or frustrated.

But we immediately hopped in the car and drive to
Robert's. I can tell you I was dripping from the
whole scenario. I felt bobby, and he was hard.

Robert said "Hello. Strip, kneel and ask me for sex."

We both did as he said, and were kneeling in no time.
"May we have sex?"

He looked at bobby, and said looks like you've been
anticipating this. Tell me, is lisa also?"

Bobby felt me, and answered. "Yeah, she is very

"Ok slut, you wait here, when I call you, come to the

As he left, he motioned for bobby to follow him. I
remained kneeling, naked and horny. Wondering what
was going on. This was the first time they had been

Bobby told me, later that night, that Robert asked him
if he was ready to do as he was told. Bobby answered
he was, and Robert said "Good, I didn't want to
restrain you." The talk of restraining surprised me
-- we had never done it nor thought about it.

Robert then had bobby get in position, and summoned
me. When I walked in, I saw bobby lying face up on
the bed, his feet near the headboard, and his head
just at the foot of the bed. His arms were at his

Robert said "Come slut, get up here." He had me
kneel over bobby's head, knees straddling his
shoulders, and leaning forward on my arms which were
near bobby's cock. There was an inch or so between my
pussy and bobby's mouth.

"Is she wet bobby?"

"Yes sir, she's glistening."

"OK" Robert said, and boom -- his cock slid in me. I
looked back and could see bobby nearly kissing my
pussy as Robert fucked me. Robert's rock hard cock
pumped in and out of me, and I was very close to
cumming. I could feel his hands on my waist tighten,
and I knew he was close too. I held back, waiting for
him, and when he started I let go, and came with him.
As he was spurting he withdrew, leaving what must
have been a trial of cum from deep in me until the
last spurt was right at the edge.

My head was above bobby's cock, and I could see he was
twitching, almost ready to cum from watching us.

"Sit down lisa. Sit on his face and let him eat you.
Bobby, I want her clean when she sits back up. But
don't swallow it, save it."

I could feel bobby eating me, licking, sucking on my
pussy. I pushed a little, forcing out some cum, and
bobby came. Robert must have been watching bobby's
cock, because he pushed my head down to it, just as he
started. Although most of it was on my face, some did
get in my mouth. So for the first time, bobby came
in my mouth. I came from bobby's tongue a few seconds

"OK you two" Robert said. Kiss and share those
loads. Our kiss was the most sexually raw kiss I'd
ever had. Bobby pushed Robert's cum into my mouth. I
gave him what I had in mine. He licked my face clean.

After our kiss Robert had me clean his cock until he
came. As he came, he pulled out getting a good amount
on my face and in my hair. "OK that's it for tonight.
Go home, and lisa don't clean until tomorrow."

Mon Oct. 27

I woke with "sperm breath", and a crust in my hair and
on my face. I kissed bobby good morning, and got
ready for work. We were horny that night, but didn't
do anything because we would have had to call bobby.

Tue. Oct. 28

I was horny all day, and called Robert as I drove home
from work. He was not at work, not home, and didn't
answer his cell. I left a message "Robert, this is
lisa, could you call me. Its something I need to take
care of Tuesday night." When bobby got home, I told
him I'd left a message with Robert. He informed me he
had spoken with Robert, and knew he was at a meeting
until late tonight.

Wed. Oct. 29
Robert called first thing in the morning. He and I
tried to work out a time today/tonight when the three
of us could get together. It just wouldn't work,
unless it was fairly late. "I guess you'll just have
to be extra horny till tomorrow night" he said.

Thurs. Oct. 30.
I had a hard time thinking of anything but sex all
day. It was funny, six weeks ago we barely had sex
once a week. Now, going without for 4 days was

We met for dinner. It crossed my mind that Robert
chose to go out for dinner because he knew we were
anxious. The meal seemed to drag on forever, but he
brought up sex just often enough to keep me on the
edge of my seat. He'd do things like ask me if I
enjoyed Sunday, or if bobby was ready to clean up
tonight, was I ready to be fucked hard and fast.

We came into his house through the garage, and in the
kitchen he had us strip and kneel. "Ask me for it."

"Can we have sex Robert? Can I feel you in me?"
"Robert, will you fuck my wife and then have her help
me cum?"

We went out to the hot tub, and Robert stripped too,
so we were all naked. After a few minutes of sitting,
he told us to stand, and had bobby behind me. He told
bobby to grope me, while I should beg for sex. It was
similar to a few weeks ago, but felt more intense.

I felt bobby's hands on my boobs, sliding over my
pussy, a finger in me, as I begged "Please fuck me.
Please let me be your slut. I want that cock in me,
deep inside, pumping. Please Robert fuck me..."

After a few minutes he sat at the edge, and told me to
give him a blow job. He had bobby push against my
crack, so he would cum outside my ass. In just a
short time both Robert and bobby came. I held
Robert's cum in my mouth, and he told me to swallow.
Then he said "bobby, I think you made a mess, clean it

Bobby bent down and licked his cum off my back, then
his tongue slid down, cleaning the tip of my crack.
Finally, he licked my anus. I had never been licked
there, and it felt surprisingly good. I sort of pushed
into him, and after a few minutes Robert said ok lisa,
turn and blow bobby. As I gave bobby a blow job,
Robert fucked me from behind.

When we were done, we went inside. He had us follow
him into the master bath, where there was a double
shower. The three of us rinsed, and he had me clean
him. He said to kiss each part of his body after I
cleaned it. I started at his face, and worked down.
By the time I was at his balls, he was hard again. I
walked behind him, and washed his ass, including
rubbing his crack. Then I bent, and kissed his ass.
First one cheek, then the other, then the crack. I
felt pretty slutty doing that, even though I just
kissed it quickly. I knelt and did his legs and even
kissed each foot. I felt a little wave of heat pass
over me as I kissed his foot. The sheer
submissiveness was a turn on.

After, I dried him, and then bobby and i dried off.
When we came out of the bathroom, he was lying on the
bed, and said "mount me". I quickly got on him, and
enjoyed a nice long deep fuck. bobby knelt by the
edge of the bed and watched. After Robert and I
cuddled, while bobby kept kneeling.

"Its getting late -- you two can go home now. This
past week was pretty tough, with so little sex, wasn't

"Yeah" we both agreed.

"Well, I've ordered something that should help things.
It'll arrive Monday. Before then, why don't you come
over Sunday afternoon to watch football. And bobby, I
know your still waiting there, wishing you could cum a
second time. But its late. So, tomorrow morning you
can eat lisa -- of course she'll not clean before
then. After eating her she can jerk you off with her

"OK" I said. Bobby looked a little disappointed we
were calling it a night, but grunted OK, and we
dressed in the kitchen and left.
October 31- November 6, 2003

Fri. Oct. 31

I was woken before our alarm clock by bobby kissing my
nipples. I mumbled "mmmm mmmm" and he started
kissing his way down my stomach. He slithered under
the covers and between my legs. He promptly started
eating me out. I reveled in the wake up call --
enjoying the feeling. He was reaching his tongue
inside me, as far as he could. I guess he'd not only
gotten over his dislike for eating sperm, he seemed to
relish it.

I caressed his scalp as he ate me, and when I was
ready to cum I pulled him tight against my pussy. He
sucked as I came, and it felt ssoooo nice. After, he
rolled over, so the back of his head was resting in my
crotch. I kept massaging his scalp, and bent my legs
to reach his cock.

"Just like Robert said. You clean me, and my feet
will make you cum. Your such a good boy bobby, to
clean first thing. Now you get your reward." I had
his cock between my feet, my toes curled on either
side of it. All it took was a few up and down jerks,
and he was cumming. When he started, I cupped the
toes on my right foot over his cock head, trying to
get as much cum in my toes as possible.

Prior to our sex games bobby really never kissed my
feet. I had suspected he had a little foot fetish,
because he liked giving me foot massages. I never
pushed the issue because, frankly, I liked the
massages,and didn't think having him kiss them would
do much more for me.

But now things were different, we were so much more
sexually wild, and more sexual in general, that I
decided to push the issue. "Now be a good boy, and
clean the mess you made on my feet." Bobby slid
further under the covers, and started to lick my feet.
It tickled, but felt nice knowing that he was doing
this for me.

Today is Halloween, and we had plans to go to a
costume party. I went as Dorothy and bobby went as
the cowardly lion (we'd ordered these costumes long
ago -- I wonder what we would have done had we ordered
them after our adventure had begun).

We were surprised to see Robert there -- he went as
Batman. We didn't talk to him much, and it was
usually with other people so the conversation was
"normal". But one time when the three of us were in a
group of about 7 or 8 people, Robert pointed to the
woman dressed as a French Maid, and said "I think I'll
get a maid like that. Wouldn't it be great to have a
hot babe waiting on you dressed like that." Everyone
laughed, and I turned a little red.

Sun. Nov. 2
Bobby had apparently gotten instructions from Robert,
because he had me dress in heels, a short skirt, hose,
and a skin tight top. We arrived at Robert's just
before noon, and he told bobby to strip at the door.
Robert was wearing a robe, and apparently nothing
under it.

We sat to watch the game, and Robert had me sit next
to him. It was odd but very sexy to have him feel me
all over as we watched. he was grabbing my breasts,
sliding his hand under my skirt, fingering me.

This was making me wet, and I could see bobby was
extremely excited. It was hard to tell, but I thought
Robert was hard under the robe.

After a while he opened his robe, and brought my head
to his lap. I started sucking him off, and when he
was ready to cum he said "Hold it in your mouth, to
share with bobby." After, I walked to bobby, gave him
a big kiss, and pushed the cum into his mouth.

Bobby and i were getting pretty anxious, wanting to
cum. Finally, during half time he had me sit on his
lap and told me to guide his dick into me as I sat.
It was a new position for me, and I found it
enjoyable. He had bobby lie on the floor, under my
feet (Robert had his feet up on a coffee table). He
told me to tell bobby how it felt, and jerk him with
my feet as I did so.

"Bobby, it feels so good to have this huge cock in me.
I can feel him all the way in. Pushing against me in
ways I've never felt. its so big.... ". We fucked
for a while, and bobby was the first to cum. I again
caught it in my toes. I came shortly after that, and
then Robert did. he told bobby to clean up the mess
he made. then he had him swing around, so his head
was against the couch, and his feet away from it. he
told me to sit on bobby's face, and while bobby
cleaned me, I should clean Robert's dick. That got me
to cum again from bobby eating me, and Robert came
again too.

We watched the rest of the game with me resting my
head against his cock, but ended the afternoon without
more sex.

Mon. Nov. 3

A package arrived today. It was an internet camera
ordered by Robert. He and bobby spend a fair amount
of time on the phone, trying to get it up and running.
I had some work to get done, and kept to myself.
They eventually got it running, but only in the room
where our router was. Bobby said he'd pick up more
cable tomorrow, so it could be set up in our bedroom.

Tue Nov. 4
Bobby had cable lying across the floor, from our
office to our bedroom. But, the camera was ready to
go in the bedroom. He also had a new speaker phone
set up. I was a little nervous about all this, but
bobby convinced me that it would not be seen by anyone
other than Robert. It required a password, and was IP
address limited, so even if the password got out, only
Robert could see it. I asked what the password was --
he grinned and said "lisaslut".

So we went to the bedroom. All this tech talk and
worrying about privacy had gotten me out of the mood,
but bobby kissed my neck, rubbed my shoulders, and
then gave me a foot massage. I was ready to go!

We called Robert and had the speaker phone on.

"Robert, this is lisa and me, and we, uhh, want to try
the camera."

"Hang on." A few seconds later. "It works, I can see
the bed, and you two sitting on it."

"Ok. what next?" bobby asked.

"Well," came Robert's reply, "if you want something,
you have to ask for it."

"Can we have sex?" Bobby asked.

"I think you can do a little better than that. Be
specific. Describe exactly what you want, and put a
little feeling into it. And lisa, if you want to do
it, you ask to."

Hearing my name got me into it. "Robert, can I mount
bobby's face? I want to straddle him, and have him
lick me until i cum, all over his face."

Bobby followed with "Can I have sex with lisa? I want
to put my cock in her pussy, and cum inside her."

This talk was getting us all excited. I could feel
it, see bobby's pants, and hear it in Robert's voice.

"You two are getting better. But I might be persuaded
if you strip, and kneel before the cam. And bobby,
don't you think it sounds better when you refer to
lisa as your wife?"

It was very odd "talking" to the camera. But we both
stripped, knelt. I looked right into the cam, and
said "Robert, can I sit on bobby's face, and have him
lick me until I cum? Please Robert?"

Bobby followed with "Robert, can I fuck my wife? Can
I cum inside her pussy? Please let me get my cock
inside my wife." Having him beg to fuck his wife,
added to it. Having to ask another man for permission
to have sex with his wife sounded so sexy.

Robert said "Lisa, I'll let you straddle bobby. But
bobby, I think with me here alone, all you deserve is
hand sex. But you both have to thank me first."

"Robert, thank you for giving me permission to be
eaten out. Thank you." Saying that made me get

"Robert, thank you for giving me permission to be
jerked off." Bobby sounded a little sullen.

With that Robert said "Bobby, on your back." I
mounted bobby, and started to enjoy. I watched the
cam, and could see Robert could control tilt and pan,
and presumed it could zoom to. I came a short while
later, and Robert said "Bobby, just keep lying there.
Lisa, give him his hand job."

"Yes Sir," I said, and started jerking him off. I
caught his cum in my hand, and Robert said "Have him
lick your hand." Bobby licked my hand, and we signed

Wed. Nov. 5
No sex today, but bobby showed me the view of the cam
on our computer. It had a surprisingly good image,
and did zoom (although that wasn't very clear). I
asked if Robert could watch anytime, or did we have to
turn it on. Bobby said he unplugs it when its not in

Thurs. Nov. 6
We went to Robert's tonight, and had pizza for dinner.
I wore my work clothes since I had worked late, drove
home, picked up bobby and then immediately went to
Roberts. No sex during dinner, in fact I kept my
clothes on. I chuckled at how eating fully dressed
was surprising. Robert displayed his knack for making
sexual comments just often enough to keep me thinking
about sex.

The sex after dinner was not too unique. First Robert
fucked my doggy style, and we both came. Then he had
bobby rub against my crack, and cum on (not in) my
ass. The new twist (and I now expected something new
every session) was bobby spending a lot more time
cleaning my ass.

I mounted his face so he could suck Robert's cum from
me (and I cleaned Robert's cock then too), but after a
while Robert had me slide a little forward, and tip my
ass back. Bobby licked my ass for a good ten minutes.
After Robert came again in my mouth, he turned, and
"presented" his ass to me.

I licked it, tentatively at first. The act of licking
wasn't that fun, but knowing I was submitting to his
wishes was. So I really got into it. Eventually, I
came, in part from bobby licking me, and in part from
me licking Robert.

We ended the night early, because Robert had an early
flight out of town Friday.
November 7 - November 11, 2005

Fri. Nov. 7

We knew Robert would be gone until Sunday night, and we thought we'd try to call him late tonight. Unfortunately, between time zone changes and a late night business dinner for Robert we were not up late enough to connect with him.

Sat. Nov. 8

We kept busy during the day, and called Robert late (our time). He went to log onto the camera, but couldn't get it to work. We spent an hour or so trying, and finally gave up.

Sun. Nov. 9
I woke up fairly horny, seeing as I had not had sex since Thursday. Bobby woke up with a raging hard-on. Half way through my shower bobby popped his head in, and said he had it -- the cam didn't work because he had an IP filter on it, and Robert needed the password, and had to be at his home.

He spent a few minutes on the computer, and said he knew what to do. We waited a couple of hours and called Robert. Bobby said "Robert, I know how to connect the cam, is this a good time?"

Robert asked what the problem had been, and once satisfied he could connect said it didn't matter because we would wait until he was home. He would be landing about 9:00p, and would be home by 9:45. "We'll have time for a quickie, which is better than me just watching. You two let yourself in through the garage. I want you kneeling at the door to greet me, and lisa should be in a nightie and heels, and ready to beg."

We were kneeling as instructed and as he walked in I immediately began begging. "Please Robert fuck me. I'm such a slut for you. Please Robert cum, inside of me, use me Robert. Please. I want to be fucked by you so badly."

Of course the waiting and the begging made me wet and bobby hard. "Bobby, it sure sounds like your wife wants me to fuck her, do you think she does?"

"Yes Robert, my wife has been wanting your cock since she last had. Please fuck her. Please fuck my wife. Please make my wife happy."

He walked to me, pulled me up, and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I responded, pushing my body into his, wrapping my arms around his neck, and kissing him back. After the kiss he led to a counter, bent me over, and said, after I cum, you can too. This is going to be quick -- I've got work to do before tomorrow morning.

And in no time he was entering me from behind. I swiveled my hips, rotating around his cock, as I pushed back and forth. Getting fucked was thoroughly enjoyable. I did hold back a little when I got to close to cumming. Bobby remained kneeling, watching us.

When Robert came I stopped holding back, and about the time of his last spurt, I started shaking from my orgasm. I finished and he told me to stay where I was. He had bobby kneel under me, and said to quickly clean me. It was an awkward position for both of us, and he did get the cum out of my pussy, but I did not cum.

Robert said "OK Bobby, your done" after a few minutes. Then I started to stand and he told me to stay where I was. I smiled thinking I would get Robert's cock in me again. But, to my surprise he had bobby stand, and said "Bobby, you saw how lisa responded to my dick. Now lets compare to you. Go ahead and fuck her."

Bobby walked up, and slid his hard cock into my open pussy. I could barely feel him, and it certainly wasn't going to make e me cum. After a few minutes bobby came. "Bobby, is that it?" Robert asked.

He mumbled "yeah", and Robert spanked my ass and said "Lucky that's not all you get!"

We dressed and drove home in silence. At home I was sure to tell bobby I loved him, and that I was so lucky to be married to him. I thought the whole thing might be more fun for me than him. He said he loved me, and reassured me he was enjoying our adventure too.

Tuesday. Nov. 11

We called Robert at about 9:00p, and asked to have sex. We were both a little more into it than before.

Bobby started -- "Robert, may I have permission to lick Lisa's pussy? Can I lick it until she cums on my face? And then can she give me a blow job?"

He was kneeling naked on the floor, and I was kneeling naked on the bed. I continued "Robert please let me cum. I want so badly to cum. Can I have bobby eat? Please Robert."

Robert replied "Lisa, spread you legs more, so I can look at you. Now tell me Lisa, does that pussy need a big dick in it? Isn't that what you need?"

"Yes Sir. I need your cock, but since your not here, I have to have bobby eat me."

"Tell me how my dick feels in you" Robert ordered.

"Your cock feels so good, it fills me completely. I can feel it way inside me, and it makes me feel so wide. I am such a slut for your dick. I..."

Robert interrupted "Bobby boy, it looks like your getting hard. Go ahead and eat here. Lisa keep going."

"Robert, when you cum in me I can feel it all the way inside. I've never felt the cum inside me so deep before. I can't wait until you let me ride your cock again. Robert, it is so nice to be able to have you inside me."

"Lisa, you are my slut, aren't you. Your a dirty slut for my dick. Now beg like my dirty slut. Tell me you want to be fucked.

I replied "Robert, I'm your slut. I want to be fucked by you so bad. Please Robert fuck me. Fuck me again. Make me your slut. Let me have your cock." With that I came, and screamed "Thank you. I'm such a slut for cumming, thank you for letting me cum."

Bobby asked "Is it my turn now?"

Robert said "Bobby lie down. Lisa blow him, but make it quick. Catch his cum in your hand, and feed it to him."

I was able to get bobby to cum in just a few minutes, and after he quickly licked my hand clean.

absolutely delicious story, quite inspiring
Thursday, November 13, 2003

Thurs. Nov. 13

Tonight is the night we see Robert. I was as giddy as
a school girl with a crush all day long. Bobby had
received instructions from Robert. As he told part of
them to me, I began to get wet.

I dressed in heels, fishnet stockings, no panties, and
a bustier. All in black. Bobby told me to put a long
overcoat on, and we were to drive there with me
dressed that way. I complained that it was too risky,
what if we were in an accident. I finally said I
wanted to wear sweatpants and a shirt, over the
outfit. I could strip when we arrived.

Bobby was put out, and made a call to Robert. "Hi
Robert. She wants to wear something over it."

He paused and listened for quite a while.

"OK, Bye."

Bobby turned to me "Robert is very disappointed you
won't do as he says. And he said you'll pay the
price. Do you still insist on wearing that shit?"

I said I did, put them on, and we left. The entire
drive bobby told me how stupid I was. Even if we got
stopped, what's wrong with a wife dressing for her
husband? Did I really want to piss of Robert? Blah
blah blah. I was pretty steamed at him by the time we

He got out of the car, punched in the code for Roberts
garage, and drove in (I noticed the garage was empty
-- Robert was apparently not home yet). As he shut
the garage door, he said, "See -- privacy. Why can't
you just loosen up."

I stepped out, took off the coat, stripped off my
sweats and shirt, and started laughing. Here I was,
nearly naked in another man's garage, getting ready
for sex with him, and my husband told me to loosen up.
He realized the irony, and started laughing too.
"But," he said, "Robert sounded ticked that you
wouldn't obey."

We went in, and bobby told me we were to prepare
dinner for Robert, and it should be ready to be served
at 7:30. We heard the garage door opening just before
7:30. Bobby told me to stand in the middle of the
kitchen, bent over, grabbing my ankle, facing away
from the door. Bobby continued getting dinner ready.

Robert walked in, said "Hi bobby. Nice job on getting
the disobedient slut ready. He walked up to me and
spanked me -- hard. The suddenness of it jarred me
forward, so I lost my balance. The pain caused me to
cry. I turned and said "God damn it, that hurt."

Robert said "It was meant to. Now, you have a choice,
get back in position, or leave." I hesitated, not
sure what to do, or even if he was serious. "Slut,
I'll give you to the count of three. Either get in
position, or leave. One."

As he said one, thoughts raced through my mind a
million miles an hour. Should I leave. No, I liked
this too much. Should I complain.


He seemed serious. What should I do?

As he started "Three" I resumed the position.
"Bobby, steady her. Slut, I think you should

"I'm sorry I wore the sweats Robert. I just didn't
want.." Slap.

"OWWW" I screamed.

"Slut, I don't want excuses. I want an apology for
not obeying me."

"I'm sorry Robert. I'm sorry I disobeyed you."

"Slut," he said as he patted my ass, "are you going to
obey me next time?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"Good. I'm going to fuck you now slut, as your husband
helps you hold your balance. But you can't cum. Do
you understand? If you think your close to cumming,
tell me."

"Yes, sir," I said.

Bobby continued holding my shoulders. I could see he
was so hard he was twitching. I watched Robert unzip
and drop his pants to his ankles. Part of me was mad
at being spanked, and part was horny. As Robert
started fucking me I tried not to cum. After a few
minutes I was close, so I told Robert.

He pulled out, and had me suck his cock until he was
close to cumming. Then he pulled out, and quickly
walked behind me, pushing his cock in me, and came.
He pulled out right away, leaving me feeling empty and

He started walking to the bedroom, and said "Slut
bring my pants and follow me. Bobby set the table."

In his bedroom he had me undress him, hang up his
suit, take care of his dirty clothes, and put a robe
on him. He left, and I followed him into the kitchen.

There I was surprised to see one place setting at the
table. He sat down at it. "Bobby, you can serve me
dinner now. And bring an extra salad here. Slut, get
under the table."

He started to eat, and I knelt under the table,
staring at his crotch. He put his hand under the
table, and pointed at me, then his cock, then curled
his finger in a "come here" motion. I knew what he
meant, and found the whole silent thing very erotic.
I started sucking and he was hard soon. After a few
minutes he was close to cumming, and abruptly pushed
his chair back.

He stood, motioned for me to keep sucking and grabbed
a bowl off the table. Just as he was about to cum, he
pushed my head away, moved the bowl to his cock, and
started cumming onto the salad.

Then he sat down, set the bowl on the floor next to
him, and said "Eat."

I had never been more humiliated. And I had never
felt more raw sexual energy. I knelt, and started
eating a salad -- plain but for Robert's cum. The
entire time I ate it I got hornier and hornier.

After Robert finished eating, he told us we could eat,
then clean up, and join him in the bedroom. Bobby and
I were playful during dinner, joking about my spanking
and my eating the salad.

We headed to the bedroom, where Robert was sitting on
the edge of the bed. He said "Suck me slut. But
still, you can't cum."

I dropped to me knees, and started sucking him when he
was hard, and fairly close to cumming he said "OK,
enough for now. Bobby lie down here" and he pointed
to the floor. "Slut, sit on my lap with my dick in
that nice white pussy." Both bobby and Robert were
obviously close to cumming, as was I.

I sat on him, his cock sliding in me, and he whispered
"No cumming." He came in just a minute or two, and
then said, "Now jerk bobby."

I jerked bobby off with my feet, and would have cum
but for restraining myself. After bobby came he
cleaned my feet. Then Robert had me kneel and start
sucking again. Just before he came he pulled out and
sprayed in my face.

He stood, said "OK, time for you two to leave."

I started "But what about me, I haven't.."

Robert interrupted, and said "Only obedient sluts can
cum. I want you two here Sunday at noon for the
game. Lisa, on your way home, wear the coat with but
the lingerie under it. I'll send an email about what
to wear Sunday." And he pushed us out his bedroom

On the way home bobby said he'd never cum so hard in
his life, and asked how I felt. "Frustrated. Horny
and frustrated," was my answer.
November 14-19, 2003

Fri. Nov. 14, 2005

I was horny from not having sex, and insisted we call
Robert when we got home from work. Robert said he was
in a hurry, and still not happy about my disobedience.
I begged him, telling him I would be a good slut, and
do as he said. Please would he let me cum. After a
few minutes of begging I was hornier, and bobby was

Robert interrupted me and told me to jerk bobby with
my hand. Then, he said I should still wait. He went
on to say we should come over Sunday evening, and that
I should think about how to get back in his good

Sat. Nov 15, 2005
I did not initially intend to call Robert today and
ask to get off, since he had left the impression on
the phone that the best I could hope for was cumming
Sunday. But I did spend some time thinking about
pleasing him.

So, we did call him in the late afternoon. I quickly
said I was calling just to tell him how lucky I was to
have him fuck me, how sorry I was to have been bad,
and most importantly how I was going to be very
obedient in the future.

As I talked to him I was kneeling with my legs spread.
I know bobby was very excited from it, and I think
Robert jerked off (at least from the sound of his
voice it sounded like it).

Robert told me to blow bobby. Bobby had been silent
till then, and was all over himself thanking Robert.
He phrased it something like "Robert thank you so much
for ordering my wife to blow me. I am so grateful you
let me get a blow job from her." He came quickly, and
once again I fed it to him.

Sun. Nov. 16, 2003

We left for bobby's after dinner, about 7:00. I wore
heels and a pink baby doll (no stockings). On the way
there, I wore nothing but a coat over it. When we
arrived the garage door was open. We pulled in, and
bobby shut the garage door. I took my coat off and
left it in the car, while bobby stripped.

The door into the house was locked, and we knocked and
waited. It was quite cold -- enough that I started
shivering. After a few minutes Robert opened the
door, and turned to walk into the house. He said
"follow me" very curtly. We followed him to the

I had thought of several things to do to get him to
let me cum. I realized that he was teaching me to be
very submissive to him, and had mixed feelings about
it. I am a very strong-willed, successful,
professional woman, and was not used to kowtowing to
anyone. On the other hand, I enjoyed our games, and
being submissive was part of it. On balance I had
decided to go ahead and be submissive, at least for a
while. Once I had decided that, I threw myself into
the role wholeheartedly.

At the door to his bedroom I began crawling. Robert
turned, saw me and watched. I reached him, and kissed
his feet (he was in his robe). "Robert I am sorry I
disobeyed." I kissed his feet again. "I'll be very
obedient, and a better slut for you now." I kissed
them again. "Please use me." And with that I kissed
them, and remained bowed, my lips on his foot.

I could see bobby out of the corner of my eye. He was
rock hard. Before I bent the last time I could see
Robert had been getting hard.

"Slut, your doing better, you obviously are learning
your place. Get your mouth up on my dick, but
remember, no cumming until I give permission." I
smiled as I started to blow him, partly because I
liked his cock, and partly because I was pretty sure I
would be cumming soon.

As I blew him, he said, "Slut, I'll let you decide
what to do with my cum." When he was ready to cum I
moved my mouth to the head. I caught the first spurt,
and then sprayed my face and hair with the rest. When
he finished, I held his now softening dick and kissed
the head. "Thank you Robert. Thank you for letting
me give you head. Thank you for letting me swallow
your cum. Thank you for covering me with your cum."
After each thank you I kissed his cock.

He told me to lay down and let his cum dry. While I
was laying there, he told bobby to jerk off, and eat
his cum. He stood and watched, me laying on the
floor, coated with his cum, bobby laying next to me,
jerking off, and Robert smiled.

After a time he had kneel and told me to suck until he
was hard. When I had him hard, I bent and kissed his
feet again, thanking him for letting me kiss his cock.
Told me to sit back on my legs, keep my knees apart,
and wait. He told bobby to follow him. They left
and returned a few minutes later, I was till in

He stood next to me, and I wanted him to know how
badly I wanted him inside me. So while I remained
with my but on my ankles, I wrapped my arms around his
leg, put my head aginst his thigh, and stared at his
cock. "Please fuck me Robert. Please cum in me. I'm
a slut to your cock Robert. Oh fuck me..." He looked
down and smiled.

"Hey bobby. See the way she stares at my dick. See
how she wants it. What do you think?"

"Robert, the way my wife is looking at your cock,
she's worshiping it. No doubt about it. She's your

That was exactly what I was trying to get across -- I
was in awe of Robert's cock.

Robert had me stand, and bend over. He slid in, and
started fucking me. "Tell me if you think you'll

"Thank you Robert. Thank you for fucking me. Cum
inside your slut. Ohh, you feel so good, filling my
pussy...." After a few minutes I warned, Robert, I'm
close to cumming. He pulled out, and had me lick him

After a few minutes he turned me around, and started
fucking me again. He came before I was ready to cum,
and pulled out. I was pretty frustrated, and nearly
complained. But I figured being more submissive might
work. So I turned and said "May I clean your
wonderful cock, Sir?"

"Get to it, slut."

When I was clean, he had me kneel over bobby's face,
and told me to let his cum drip out. But I was not to
lower myself onto bobby, nor he lick me. After about
ten minutes he told bobby to quickly lick it, but not
to make me cum.

The night ended, and he sent us home. I was very
horny. Bobby remarked that Robert sure knew how to
teach me a good lesson.

Mon. Nov. 17, 2003

I woke with the cum still on my face and in my hair.
I started getting horny just showering. It was going
to be a long day.

We called Robert at about 7:00pm. I was very
submissive in my begging, and kept my legs spread
while kneeling. He said he was proud of my improved
attitude, but that I would not be cumming until we saw
him on Thursday, if even then. I was crushed and a
little angry. I bit my tongue, not wanting to have to
wait beyond Thursday. To make matter worse, he told
me to jerk bobby, and I should eat bobby's cum.

I was not very nice to bobby, since I was mad he was
cumming and I was not. But I did as instructed and
jerked him. I made a snide comment about there not
being much to eat, and then licked my hand clean.

Tue. Nov. 18 2003
I did not want to call Robert, and bobby gave in to my

Wed. Nov. 19, 2003
Again, I did not want to call, since I knew I wouldn't
get anything out of it. Bobby pleaded with me,
eventually getting on his knees and begging. He got
me to agree by being so damn pitiful.

He called Robert, we were both naked. "Robert, this
is bobby. Will you give me permission to cum? Please
Robert, don't punish me with lisa."

Robert agreed to let bobby cum by me jerking him with
my feet, then he had to lick up his cum. I was not
happy about it, but did it for bobby's sake.
Thursday Nov. 20, 2003

Thurs. Nov. 20, 2003
I was on edge all day. I overheard one support
staffer call me the bitch queen. I laughed inside
wondering what they would think if they knew why I was
so bitchy. I took a long lunch and had a manicure.

Late that afternoon bobby called and asked what time I
could get away. I said "Now", and he told me to meet
him at home. Bobby told me (when we were both home)
to wear a red camisole, stockings, heels and not
panties. Of course I did not complain when he told me
to wear nothing else under my coat.

We left for Robert's as soon as I was dressed -- about
5:00, and I was anxious to cum and get fucked. Also a
little worried he might not let me cum.

We arrived and bobby opened the garage door (he now
had Robert's opener programmed into his car) and
closed the door as soon as we were in. Bobby stripped
down, and I left my coat in the car. I was a little
worried about waiting since Robert's car wasn't there.

But, bobby had a key and let us in. He told me that
Robert wanted his laundry done by me, and bobby would
cook dinner. I felt a little odd doing Robert's
laundry, but I was determined not to tick him off

When I finished I went back to the kitchen, and bobby
told me I was supposed to clean the Master Bath. I
said "What am I -- his goddamned maid." Bobby didn't
answer, and I grumbled as I left to do the work. I
will say it was a little hard because I didn't want to
kneel and ruin my stockings. I also thought
(correctly, I later learned) that I shouldn't remove
them or my shoes. So I crouched when necessary, and
felt very much like his servant. I just smiled and
thought if how it would feel with him cumming inside

I finished and joined bobby in the kitchen. We heard
Robert pull in about 6:00 and I knelt with my knees
wide apart. When he came into the kitchen I said
"welcome home Robert," crawled to him, and kissed his

He reached down, pulled me to my feet, and kissed me.
It was a long and delicious kiss. My lips smothered
by his full lips. He reached down, cupped me under my
camisole, and lifted a little.

I was wet from anticipation, and he slid a finger in
me. After our kiss he held his finger up for me to
lick, and I tasted my own wetness.

He had me serve dinner to he and bobby and caressed,
grabbed and groped me while I served. He also gave
bobby permission to touch, so I was really getting
felt during dinner. Robert did not restate the
no-cumming without permission rule, I just assumed it
was still in effect. I did have to make an effort to
keep myself from getting overly excited -- all the
grabbing was making me more excited.

After dinner Robert went to the bedroom, I finished
the laundry, and bobby cleaned the kitchen. When
bobby was done he helped me finish folding clothes.

Then we joined Robert in the bedroom. He had me kneel
on the bed on all fours, and give him a blow job
before he came he had me stop. I was quite
disappointed -- the last few times he had me stop
blowing before he came, it was so he could cum inside
me so quickly I didn't have a chance to cum. I was
worried that was where we were headed again. "Please
Robert, let me suck your cock more. Please come in my
mouth. Ohhh I love the taste of your cum. I'm your
slut for cum Robert..."

My begging didn't change his mind, he had me lay on my
back, and fucked me. Our position seemed oddly normal
-- except the missionary position usually entails the
husband watching from a few inches away. Robert
warned me not to cum, and came in a few moments. I
begged him. "Please fuck me until I cum. I want the
big cock in me until I shake. I'll do anything
Robert, just let me cum."

He pulled out, and my begging made me even hornier.
He stroked my cheek, and said I'll let you cum on
Sunday if your a good girl. I kissed his hand and
promised to be good.

He had me kneel over bobby's face, again not touching
him, and let me drip onto bobby, while I cleaned his
cock, I kept cleaning until he came again, and was
told to hold it in my mouth.

Then bobby was told to lay on the floor, and I jerked
him with my feet. After he cleaned my feet, we
kissed, long and deep. I pushed what cum was still in
my mouth into bobby's mouth.

Before we left Robert had me kiss his feet and promise
to be a good girl. I kissed each toe, and after each
kiss said "Robert, I promise to be your obedient

I left horny, frustrated, and hopeful. Bobby
commented that its kind of ironic -- I'm the one
having the lover, but he's the one getting off.
November 21-26, 2003

Fri. Nov. 21
Friday I was bitchy at work and took the afternoon off
to go shopping. What started as shopping for work
clothes became shopping for "going out" clothes. I
bought a couple of shirts that looked really nice, and
a short skirt.

We did not call Robert since I knew I had to wait till

Sun. Nov. 23
I was determined to cum. I woke up early, and decided
to wear my new skirt, shirt (it was tight, scoop neck
and pink), heels and no panties. I'd leave my coat in
the car, to show my outfit off.

We arrived about 11:45, and went to the front door.
Bobby figured since I was dressed OK to be in public,
we could use the front door. Robert answered, and as
he told me I looked nice, I dropped to my knees and
kissed his feet (he was fully dressed, and wearing
socks but no shoes on his feet). "Please fuck me
Robert. Please put your cock in my pussy and let me

He laughed, slipped on shoes, grabbed his coat, and
said, "we're going to a sports bar to watch football.
Afterwards, I'll fuck you. And, if your good you can
cum. By the way, for the rest of the day, I want you
to refer to it as your cunt."

I stood and was a bit put off because I found "cunt"
offensive. I was silent as we walked to our car, and
decided to say cunt so I'd be able to cum. After all
I'd done, words shouldn't be offensive. Bobby drove
and Robert sat next to him in the car. I leaned over
the seat, and said "Robert, I am so looking forward to
having your big cock in my cunt. I can't wait to have
my cunt filled with your cum, and please let me cum
too, let my cunt shake from your nice cock. Then will
you let bobby lick my cunt? Let him suck my cunt

I figured if I could make Robert horny we might head
back before the game ended, so I kept talking the
entire drive. Bobby was silent except for saying (as
we arrived) "Robert my wife, your slut, sure does
have a needy cunt."

Robert occasionally responded to me, always calling me
his slut or his cunt.

Unfortunately my seduction didn't work, and we watched
the entire game. It ended about 3:15, and we were at
Roberts by 3:30. Again, I left my coat in the car.

Inside, I turned, bent over, flipped my skirt up, and
said "Robert please fuck this cunt." I was dripping.
He had us follow him to the bedroom. There, he and
bobby stripped, but he told me to stay dressed. Then
he had me bend and suck him. As he did so he told me
he was going to let me cum, but only as he did. He
wanted to be ready to cum fast once in my cunt, since
he knew I was ready.

After about 5 minutes he had me turn, and told bobby
to support me as I leaned forward. Then he positioned
his cock head at my pussy, and said beg. "Robert,
please slide your cock into my cunt. Its such a horny
cunt. I'm your slut and just want my cunt filled with
you. Please cum in me and make my cunt happy...."

He slid in, then back and forth a few times. I think
he came in a few minutes, and as soon as he started, I
let go. It was so intense! I would have collapsed but
for bobby holding my shoulders and Robert holding my
hips. I was completely spent -- completely limp. I
remember saying something like "God thank you Robert
Ohh thank you. So incredible Amazing... ." (As we
write this neither bobby nor Robert thought I said
anything. Perhaps I just thought it).

After I recovered he had me sit on his lap at the edge
of the bed. His cock was in me, and I jerked bobby
lying on the floor. While I jerked him I said "Bobby,
that was so incredible. So intense. Its hard to
describe." Then I added "Robert, thank you. Thank
you for teaching me. For fucking me. For giving me
that amazing experience." After bobby came and
cleaned my feet, I asked Robert if I could show him
how grateful I was.

He leaned back, and I blew him, swallowing every drop.
Then I asked him to roll over and tongued his ass. I
told him how it was the least I could do, for what he
did to me. I also kissed and licked his feet.

As we left Robert told bobby to clean me at home, but
that I should not cum. Now I only came once that day,
but it felt like a million times, so when bobby
cleaned me, it was easy not to cum.

That night I thought about me being Robert's slut. I
had been very frustrated for almost two weeks. But
when I did get to cum, it was fantastic. I couldn't
decide if the wait had been worth it. The wait and
reward led me to think of myself as Robert's slut at
home, even when we weren't playing. I was feeling
very submissive, and enjoying it.

Mon. Nov 24
We called Robert that night, and he let both of us
cum. I was still feeling submissive. Bobby came
quickly from my jerking him with my feet. As usual he
cleaned my feet and toes. I came from bobby eating
me, and Robert had me tell him how much I missed his
cock while I was being eaten.

Wed. Nov. 26
We called Robert before leaving for work. Tomorrow
would be Thanksgiving, and Robert was leaving town
right from work. We had talked about it, and knew
that he was staying at relatives, and would not be
able to play in person, or on the phone, until
Saturday evening when he returned.

Bobby asked if he could fuck me, and Robert said no.
He did tell me to give bobby a blow job. I came from
Bobby's finger. He slid 4 fingers in, and Robert
asked if it was as big as his dick.
Nov. 29-30

Sat. Nov. 29.
We left for Robert's about 5:00. When I was picking out clothes, bobby said "Don't worry about it. Just wear an old pair of sweats." I smiled, taking that to mean I would be naked.

We arrived and pulled in the garage. There, bobby told me Robert wanted me to strip, completely naked, even no shoes. I did, and let me tell you that garage floor was freezing on my feet. My body was covered in
goose bumps, and I stepped from foot to foot trying to relieve the cold.

Bobby was naked to, and explained "Robert wants to play a game tonight. You're going to be his bitch in heat."

"What does that mean," I asked.

"Your his pet -- stay on all fours, no talking." At this point I realized he meant bitch as in female dog, not unpleasant woman. That idea made me excited -- pretending to be Robert's pet.

"If you want anything you can lick his feet, or have your ass toward him and shake it like a bitch wanting to get it doggy style."

With that he picked up a dog collar on the shelf next to the door, put it around my neck, and clipped a leash to it. At the door bobby said "OK bitch, down on all fours."

We went through the mudroom into the kitchen, and bobby said "Robert, here's your pet. She sure is a pretty dog" and he handed the leash to Rober. Hearing him talk, and seeing Robert take the leash made me very horny.

We sat and watched TV, with me curled up on the couch next to Robert. I kept my head in his lap, and he stroked me as he and bobby watched and talked. It was a very erotic experience, listening while knowing I
could not talk. But, while erotic, it was low level -- being petted just wasn't as intense as as being fucked.

Robert told bobby his sister tried to set him up Friday night, and he was in a tight spot, not wanting to say he had a girlfriend and having to start
answering questions. But then if he wasn't seeing anyone, why not go on the double date Friday? Eventually she accused him of having an affair with a
married woman. He said it was all he could do to keep from laughing.

After a time, bobby asked Robert "So what's your bitch's name?"

"Well, I've given her the perfect name for the type of dog she is. Her name is Cunt."

Bobby walked up, and started rubbing my belly, "good cunt, such a nice dog, nice little cunt." That made the eroticism a little more intense.

Robert pointed to the floor and said "Down cunt." I hopped off the couch and onto the floor. There, I decided to get into the game a little more, and rolled
onto my back, holding my arms and legs up imitating a submissive dog that wants to be petted.

Bobby said "cunt sure is an affectionate pooch. And it looks like she knows who's boss." Robert crouched next to me and scratched my belly, eventually, sliding his hand across my pussy.

After a little petting he had me lie at his feet, and told bobby to get a couple of beers. Bobby came back with a beer for each of them, and said "do you think cunt is thirsty?"

Robert replied, bring out her dish. Bobby went back to the kitchen, and returned carrying a dog dish. He set it on the floor, and poured in half his beer.

I was not about to drink a beer that way -- until Robert said, "drink cunt." I felt as if I had been dipped in a vat of humiliation. My face was hot from
flushing. I was also excited. No doubt about it -- the humiliation turned me on. So I lapped up the beer, and knelt, crawled a bit, then crawled back to
Robert and affectionately rubbed against him.

They ordered a pizza, and I was fed scraps. Its hard to put into words how the dueling emotions of humiliation and excitement felt so good. Eventually I
just started rubbing my body against Robert, and nuzzling my face into his groin. Finally he said, lets go up to the bedroom. I think I'll fuck my cunt.
I nearly came from that.

I started crawling, but Robert eventually tugged lightly on the leash, and said, "You can stop playing my dog. But you are still my cunt." I walked, leash
on, into the bedroom. I was unbelievably horny.

I hopped up on the bed, knelt, and begged "Please fuck me Robert. Fuck me doggy style. I'm your cunt -- your horny obedient cunt who desperately wants your cock, please fuck me and let me cum."

He didn't waste time, began to fuck me and said cum when you want. I came before him, and when he kept fucking me I was so sensitive it hurt. The sensation kept crossing from pain to pleasure, and when he came I came again.

After he pulled out I turned, and said "May I please lick your beautiful cock. I am so lucky to have had that in my cunt. Please let me clean you."

He let me lick him until he was hard. Then he laid down, had me mount him, and said "make me cum." It took a good ten minutes until he was ready, and when he came, I did. I rolled off and started sucking him again.

Bobby had been at the edge of the bed, and when I mounted Robert, he had his face inches from us. When I was licking Robert after the second time we fucked, bobby said. "Robert, its been weeks since I came in my wife. Can I now?"

"Bobby boy, ask me the right way, and I just might let you do that. You know I call her cunt."

Bobby replied, "Robert may I fuck cunt, my wife, your slut. Please let me put my cock in cunt -- your slut. Its been so long, please Robert let me fuck cunt, my wife...." He went on like that for the entire time I sucked Robert.

"OK. Bobby boy, lie down, Cunt, mount him."

I squeezed as hard as I could, so i could feel bobby inside me. He lasted about 45 seconds, and came. When he finished, I turned to Robert and said "Can bobby boy clean me now?"

"Sure cunt, slide up there. Bobby be good and suck her clean."

I came again while bobby was cleaning me. After I gave him a big sloppy kiss, tasting myself and their cum.

We dressed and left. In the car I asked bobby if it bothered him to have gone so long without having regular sex with me. He said it did in some ways, but he still was cumming more than ever, so on balance it was OK.

Sun. Nov. 30

We did not call Robert today. I did notice one thing -- bobby seemed more attentive to me. He was always a good husband, helping me, taking care of me. But now he was extra-good. Things like always offering to get
me something to drink. Offering to change loads of clothes into the dryer, carrying the hamper for me. I enjoyed the pampering.

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