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Becoming Owned -- October 2003

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Mar 17, 2004
I am continuing my story started in the thread titled Becoming Owned.

Because of the length, I'll start a new thread each month. The prior posts cn be found here


October 2, 2003

Sex between bobby and I was frequent and intense this
week. Last night was the most interesting. We
cuddled on the couch, and started talking about
Thursday. He asked me if I was looking forward to it.
He had grown harder before asking, and I was pretty
sure he had been thinking about it, and those thoughts
had made him hard. I said I was looking forward to
it, and grabbed his cock though his pants. "It looks
like you are excited about it to" I said with a
smile. He smiled and nodded yes.

I worked my hands under his pants, and dragged my
fingers across the cock head. "So tell me bobby, what
part do you find most exciting? Is it when I blow
Robert? When Roberts cums in my mouth? When he cums
inside me? Tell me bobby, what turns you one the

I didn't really expect a well thought answer -- just a
grunted "all" or "yeah". Instead bobby said "I've
been thinking about it. A couple of things really
turn me on. First, the black on white thing looks so
good. Your fair skin and his dark. Something about
that turns me on. Second, I like the way he tells you
what to do. Its a turn on that he takes charge
sexually. And third, when you beg it really gets me

He paused, and I remained silent, my fingers on his
cock, not sure what to say. He followed up with "So
does that make me weird, to like my wife doing that."

"No," I replied, "at least not weird in a bad way. I
think its great we're doing this, and you know it gets
me going as much as you. And if you ever want to
stop, we will." I laid a big sloppy kiss on him and
squeezed his cock a little more.

I got up, squeezing, and said "Time for bed little
boy". He followed me, and I told him to lie on the
bed, naked, face up, and don't move. I put on a sexy
nighty, came out, and said "Just lay back and enjoy
this." I sat on the bed,legs apart, and lifted his
head. I slid toward him so his head was resting on my
crotch, my legs on either side of his shoulders, and
gave him a scalp massage.

"So you like to see that black cock in me? Does it
turn you on to see me squirm when he cums? Have you
noticed how much he cums? Its so much, I can't hold
it all." Bobby was very very hard, and his cock

"I wonder what Robert will have us do tomorrow? Where
will he screw me? In the kitchen? On the car? What
do you think bobby? Where would you like to see it?
And what about poor little bobby? Will he have me
help you? Are you going to cum in my hand again? or
on my back? Maybe he'll give you sloppy seconds. Is
that what you want bobby?"

He came. For him it was quite a bit. I rubbed it into
his chest, and he rolled over and ate me. As he ate,
I laid back, and imagined Robert deep inside me. I
was so horny from the dirty talk that I came quickly,
and we drifted off to a happy sleep.

After work I dressed up -- the restaurant was upscale.
I wore a red dress with a slit, a bra that made my
boobs look bigger, and my stockings. (I made a mental
note to get more stockings). Bobby suggested I forego
panties, but I could not bring myself to do so.

We drove to Robert's house, picked him up, and drove
to the restaurant. We had a very private booth at
dinner, and bobby and I sat across from Robert. As we
ate and carried on a normal conversation Robert
suddenly said "Bobby, what color are lisa's panties?"
"Black" he answered.

And, as if that had been a normal thing, the
conversation continued for a few more minutes. "Bobby,
slide your hand up that slit in lisa's dress, tell me,
is she wet." Bobby did as he was told and replied "A

"Does she taste good?" Bobby licked his fingers --

I know I was in a heightened state of arousal, in
anticipation of sex with Robert. But hearing them
talk about me that way was so intense. While I might
have been a little wet, I was rapidly becoming very

"Her boobs look bigger bobby. Why?"

"Its the bra-- its padded." Finally I said, "You know
I'm here, and can talk too."

"Quiet" Robert said. "I know your there, and you'll
know when I'm speaking to you." I looked down, at
once a little pissed and a lot excited.

"Bobby, check again -- how wet is she?"

"Very wet."

"You've got a very aroused wife on your hands, do you
think she'll be taken care of tonight?"

I'm sure she will be Robert"

"By whom bobby?"

"By you Robert"

And then the conversation returned to normal. I was
on a roller coaster. Getting excited, pulling back,
getting excited.

Dinner ended, and we went to the car. Bobby was
driving, and Robert said "Let me get that door for you
lisa" and opened the rear driver's door. I had ridden
in the front passenger seat on the way to dinner, and
was a little surprised. When Robert slid in next to
me, I was excited.

In the car Robert slid his hand under the slit, and
started rubbing my panties into my wet pussy. I
moaned, and Robert said "Do you hear that bobby?
Your wife seems a little excited. What kind of slut
is she?"

Bobby said "A good one", and tried to focus on the

"Take them off."

I knew he meant the panties. "What? Here? Now?
Can't we do that at your house?"

"Take them off. Now."

So I somehow slid them off, over the stocking and over
my shoes. It was awkward in a back seat, but I did
it. I held them out for Robert.

We were driving in a rural area, and Robert said
"bobby, pull over." As he did, he said "lisa give
them to bobby, and bobby tell me, does that smell
like your wife is horny."

Bobby sniffed then and I nearly came. "Yeah, she's

"Then lets get to my house where the slut can be

We went directly to Robert's bedroom, and he told
bobby to strip, and lie on the bed. Then he had me
kneel over bobby, my pussy above his head, not
touching him. I was still in my dress, and it must
have been dark under there for bobby.

"Tell me if she drips bobby." My natural pussy would
have to be awfully wet to drip though the hair, so I
expected bobby to remain silent.

Robert started calling me a slut, and asked if I
wanted to be fucked, and generally getting me hornier.
At one point bobby said "No dripping yet, but I sure
can smell her sex."

Robert had me stay in position, and helped me take my
dress off. Then he stripped. He was hard (as was
bobby). he had me beg to have sex (he had me say fuck
a lot), until bobby came. Then, he said slide down on
bobby's face, grind into him. A few minutes of that
and I was so close to cumming.

Robert pulled me off, and had me kneel. This time I
was up on all fours, and he put the head of his cock
at my pussy. Just as he started to go in, and I was
enjoying the feeling he said "bobby, kiss your wife."

I said "No, we don't kiss after that. I mean when he
has my juice on his lips, I don't kiss him, and when I
have his cum on mine, we don't kiss." And Robert
pulled out. "Come on", I said, and tried to back into him.

Robert kept his cock away from me and said "Kiss him." I knew what he was doing. he was manipulating me using my lust and his cock. I liked it. The idea that he was controlling me was a turn on. So, against my normal practice, I kissed bobby.

As soon as I did Robert pushed his cock head into me. I moaned with delight, and bobby pushed his tongue into my mouth. He had been coated with my juice, and I could taste it. That was the first time I had ever tasted my own cum. The thought of it was, frankly, a turn off. But the knowledge that I was doing it because Robert had demanded it was a bigger turn on.

In no time at all I came. Hard and fast and long. Shortly after Robert came, and, because I was so sensitive from just cumming, it felt like every pump was shooting not just out the tip of his cock, but pushing at my pussy lips from the middle outward. It was very intense and was on the border between pleasure and pain.

After Robert laid down, and said "Get me hard again" I briefly wondered if he meant for me to use my mouth, but since he didn't get specific I used my hand. When he was hard he had me mount him. This was the first time I was on top with Robert, and it felt different. The angle made his cock push more toward the front of me. And because it was so long and so wide, I felt i much more than I'd ever felt a cock before.

As I rode him, bobby knelt behind me, between Roberts legs. bobby had his cocked pressed against my back, and his head was slightly above mine. He asked me what it felt like, and if I liked riding the big cock he asked if I minded tasting my cum, and if how he wished he had known long ago I was such a horny wench.

I was talking, but we weren't really responding to each other -- just both sort of doing a monologue. My talk was also dirty. I told him how the cock filled me, how I had swallowed Robert's cum last week. I talked about how horny I'd been.

Robert was fairly quiet, and after about 10 minutes he started to cum. At the same time he said "Cum with bitch." That set me off, and I had another orgasm -- this one was a little less intense, but lasted longer. As I finished i could feel bobby shake, cumming on my back.

We wrapped the night up, and agreed to meet next Friday. Robert said he'd work the details out with bobby.
October 10, 2003

Bobby and I had sex ten times over the next 7 days.
It was unbelievable. I can't think of the last time
we'd had that much sex. The details are somewhat
foggy, but I do recall that bobby went down on me
every day. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.

One night, I think Tuesday, bobby went down on me
twice. The second time I was sitting at the edge of
the bed, and he was kneeling on the floor. As his
tongue worked its magic, I rubbed his cock with one
foot and talked to him. The talk was about how horny
we'd been, and how slutty I felt. When I said I was
so slutty I couldn't wait for our next visit with
Robert, he came. It as all over my foot, and as I
rubbed it onto his stomach and thighs, he got hard
again. I was
surprised how quickly he recovered, and was able to
get him to cum again in a few minutes just using my

Friday night rolled around and bobby told me the plan
was to have dinner at Robert's. "The three of us
will have drinks while preparing dinner", he said.
"After dinner we'll see what develops."

As I was getting ready, I was trying to choose between
some very different outfits. Should I go with a short
skirt and tight top? Tight jeans? Or a sexy dress.
I asked bobby which outfit of three looked best. He
looked impatient and said "They all look fine, just
pick one and lets get going." I was kind of ticked
off that he wouldn't give me his opinion, since I was
nervous and wanted my clothes to set the right tone.
I decided on the jeans, and off we went.

Once there bobby grabbed a bag out of the back seat.
He said it had wine for dinner. Robert greeted us at
the door, and once it was closed, he kissed me. The
kiss was long, and our tongues met. While kissing me
he slid his hands over my sweater and ass. When we
finished he stepped back and said, "lets get a good
look at you. Turn around slowly for me."

"I like the way the sweater shows your tits" Robert
said. I blushed but kept turning. I'd never been
with a man who was so explicit in his complements. I
was used to compliments like that looks good on you.

As I turned half-way he said "I like the way it shows
your ass, but spread your feet a little to improve my
view." He looked at bobby and said "Fine piece of
ass, isn't she. She's going to get it on good
tonight." When he talked about me, rather than too
me, it really turned me on. It made me feel more
objectified, which in that situation was a turn on.

As I completed turning he reached a hand to me, I took
it, and he pulled me in, kissing me again. Then he
held me tight, his hands on my ass, kissed my ear and
said "Ready for fun my sweet slut?" I smiled and
said "this slut is ready!"

We went into the kitchen, where bobby gave Robert the
bag with the wine. Robert pulled out the wine, handed
it to me, and said "Open this." As I retrieved the
cork screw, he looked into the bag, and said, "Yeah,
that's good."

I was puzzled at his words, until he pulled a nightie
of mine out of the bag. It was red, very deeply cut,
and barely covered my butt. Apparently bobby had been
picking out clothes for me behind my back!

He handed it to bobby, and said "Go get her ready.
And you too." Bobby took the nightie in one hand,
grabbed my arm with his other hand, and led me out of
the kitchen to Robert's room. There bobby stripped
very quickly.

"Robert wants you dressed properly. Let me help make
you presentable." He set the nightie down, knelt, and
lifted my foot, to remove a shoe. Then he did the
other. I was kind of baffled by the whole scenario,
but it was a turn on. My husband, helping me undress,
so I could be "presented" to another man. I remained
passive for the most part as he undressed me. He
stayed on his knees as he unsnapped my jeans, and slid
them down. Of course he didn't stand for the panties
either. As he slid then down, he pressed his nose
into my bush, and inhaled. It war very erotic to have
him doing this, especially after all the times he'd
eaten me the past week or so.

When I stepped out of the panties, he stood, and
helped me with my sweater. The bra had a front clasp,
and when he undid it kissed each nipple, then briefly
sucked them. I was excited enough that my nipple
were hard. He helped slide the nightie on and stood
before me. He adjusted it over my boobs, saying
"Robert needs to get a nice view, keep those nips
hard." Then he knelt, gain pressing his nose into my
bush. I can smell your excitement."

He lifted each foot, and put my heels back on. Then
he stood, had me turn, and bend over. As I said this
nightie barely covered my ass, and when I bent, you
had a view from the back. bobby knelt behind, and got
his face right there, and said, "Yeah, he'll like that

Then he gently took my arm, and led me back to the
kitchen. As an aside, Robert lives on 3 wooded acres
outside the city, so i wasn't concerned about anyone
seeing into the kitchen (or any other room).

Once there, he guided me in first, and said "Robert,
may I present Lisa, my wife, and your slut." Hearing
bobby call me his wife, and Robert's slut was a real
turn on.

Then bobby took my arm, and guided me in turning
around before Robert. I thought the first time, fully
clothed was arousing -- but this was incredible. We
reached the half way point, and bobby stopped, then
bent me forward. I was ******* and loving it.

Bobby pushed my legs farther apart and said, "See how
your slut happily shows you her pussy." He wiped his
hands between my legs, and said "And she is very wet
for you Robert."

Robert said "Good." Now lets cook." The abrupt
change away from sex was maddening. I knew that they
were trying to drive me wild by getting me going, then
stopping. But even though I knew what they were
doing, it worked. I was going wild. The three of us
prepared a salad and burgers. I spent the entire time
trying to show off. I'd bend whenever I could, push
against Robert or bobby. I just wanted to get back to
sex. I know both Robert and bobby were hard, but they
seemed a little more willing to wait.

During dinner Robert told me to serve them and
commented on what a nice serving wench I was. Both
were freely touching, rubbing, and grabbing me as I
served. After they ate Robert had me sit on his lap,
and he fed me, while bobby cleared their dishes.
Being fed was very erotic, and I made a point to suck
on Robert's fingers as much as I could.

After dinner we went right to the bedroom. Robert
said "OK, you two start with a 69." Bobby was
immediately pulling me onto the bed. I have to admit,
I was disappointed I wasn't going to get Roberts cock
right away. But, I enjoyed bobby's tongue, and sucked
his cock. When he was ready to cum (which was only a
few minutes), I did the usual and covered his cock
with my hand, catching his cum there. Then I wiped it
on his leg. Bobby kept eating me, and when I came he
pressed into me as hard as he could, and sucked.

After we recovered Robert told us to make out. Bobby
hesitated -- even though I don't swallow his, he knows
there was precum, and some cum leaked out before his
main ejaculation. You could even smell cock on my
breath. But I guess he figured if I could, he could,
so we kissed. I wondered if he could taste himself as
much as I could taste me. After a few minutes of
kissing, Robert interrupted us.

He asked bobby how he like to see him fuck his slut
wife. Bobby said let me show you. He slid me to the
edge of the bed, and rolled me onto my back. Then he
had me bend my legs, and hold them back with my arms.
I was incredibly horny and lusty. That position made
me feel more open than I'd ever felt. More ready.
More wanting.

Robert told bobby to kiss me on my pussy, and asked
him "bobby, is the slut ready?"

"Yes, this slut is so ready."

"OK bobby. Kneel right there so you get a good view
of my cock going in your wife's pussy." With that
Robert stood near the edge of the bed and started
pushing into me. I came as he pushed all the way the
first time. It was an orgasm that had been building
all night. Even though bobby had me cumming with his
tongue, this was what I'd been waiting for. It felt
so good to have Robert's big black cock filling me.

Robert pumped for a while, then came. When he came he
leaned forward, pushing his cock as far as possible,
and I came again.

I was spent sexually, and just relaxed for a moment.
Robert laid down, and told bobby to describe the view
of what he'd seen. As bobby described seeing the big
black cock slide into my pink pussy, and how I started
shaking, Robert grew hard again. He said "Slut, I
think I need to be relieved. Get down there and kiss
what gives you pleasure."

I didn't even hesitate. I started kissing and sucking
on him, licking my juice off him. It was a big turn
on, knowing I was doing this only because he told me
to do so.

When he was ready to cum, he reached down to my head,
and pulled me off, and sprayed my face and hair.
"Feel my cum, slut. You want it all over you, don't
you slut."

We rested for about 15 minutes, and then he said "You
two ought to be going. Bobby, I want you to make sure
she leave that cum on until morning." I was silent,
and bobby said "OK." We dressed while he just lay
there naked, and when we were ready to leave, he got
up, walked us to the door, and squeezed my ass and
boobs. "You look so good with that on."

"Thanks." I said, and we left. Outside bobby said
"You thought he was saying you looked good with the
clothes, didn't you? I think he meant you looked good
with his cum on you."
October 16, 2003

When we got home bobby and I went straight to bed. I did not clean
up. I left Robert's cum in my hair, on my face, and
in my pussy. When we got in bed, I said good night dearest, and
leaned over to kiss bobby. He seemed a little
reluctant -- probably because he knew I had blown
Robert a mere hour ago. But he kissed me back. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, and pressed my face against his. I know my hair was in
his eyes.

Saturday I woke first, and started kissing bobby.
I worked my way down from his neck to
his groin. That woke him and he raised his
hips so his cock met my mouth. I swallowed him as
deeply as I could, which was nearly the entire length.
Then nibbled on his balls. Then back with my mouth on the head of his
cock. When he was
about to cum, I pulled off, and caught his cum in my

I rolled over, and said "Your turn". I was kind of
curious to see if he would go down on me -- I hadn't
showered since Robert came in me. He kind of kissed
around my bush, and used his fingers to stimulate me.
I guess his limit was tasting his cum, not Robert's.

I stroked his head with my cum filled
hands, and rubbed his cum into his hair. As I did so,
I said "think about last night. Inches from me watching Robert treat me like
a slut, watching that black cock slide in and our of
me." The talk was getting me very excited, and I came
in no time.

We had a lot of sex again the rest of the week.
He ate me quite a bit, penetrated me
twice, and the other times I used hands mouth and feet
to get him off.

I had been thinking about our sex life and had realized a few things.
I enjoyed letting Robert take
control, but when with bobby, I had an
inclination to take control. Bobby seemed to like it
when I took control but with Robert, bobby seemed to sometimes assert
himself to me, and sometimes not. He did seem
to let Robert be in charge.

October 15 is my birthday, and bobby and
I went to dinner to celebrate. At home he handed me
a small box, and said "I hope you like it."
I was surprised since we don't usually give presents
(although bobby always sends flowers, and they had
arrived earlier at work).

The box had a small certificate in it, which said
that he and Robert had decided to give me my desires
when we got together the next night. I would direct
the scene.

I was a little surprised. This was a complete change from the way things had
been going, and I wasn't sure if I wanted it. But,
what the heck, I could always give it a try, and see
how I liked it.

Thursday night Robert came to our house. We had all
eaten, so we skipped the preliminaries.
Keeping in mind how he had excited me the last week, I
was sort of aggressive at the door, kissing him,
grabbing him through his pants, and giving him the
once over.

We went right to the bedroom, and I had them strip. I
was wearing a skirt, with no panties. The first
thing I wanted was Robert's cock, but I also was
concerned that bobby would be hurt if I didn't choose
him first. So I stood in front of them, and took one
cock in each hand, and started rubbing. We all looked
down, and the difference was remarkable. Robert was
so much bigger and darker.

Then I said "Well, what do you guys want next." Bobby
replied "Your wish is my command." Robert said
"Tonight is your choice." I said, "OK, bobby take
my clothes off." As I said so, I wondered what to do
with Robert. He seemed like he was on the verge of
cumming. I guess he was more into me in control than
I was.

My fears were realized -- I did not like being in
control. I liked to respond, not lead when it came to
our threesome sex games. Initially I decided to just
plunge ahead and play my role -- i wanted Robert to
enjoy the night. About the time bobby finished
undressing me I told Robert to suck my nipples.

Then I decided, somewhat defiantly, that it had been
MY birthday, and if I didn't want to lead, I shouldn't
have to lead, even if my leading made Robert soooo
hard sooo fast. The irony made me smile -- the only
time I was comfortable deciding what to do was when I
decided to have Robert decide.

So I stepped back and said "I think for my birthday,
I want Robert to lead. I appreciate you guys giving
me the lead, but I prefer not to. Robert, I can see
you like me leading, and I can do it another week, but
not for my birthday."

Robert laughed, and said "I'd love to lead. And what
makes you think I enjoy you leading so much?"

I pointed to his cock, and said "Its obviously liking

Robert laughed again, and said, "No that's not it!
I'm just extra horny."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, LaMer ended it this week. She said the idea of
me having sex with you bothered her. So she told me
to choose. I haven't had sex since last week."

"You poor man. I can help you with that." I was
surprised and flattered that he chose to drop LaMer
over our playing. I slid to my knees and said "Your
slut is ready to relieve you."

Bobby took control, and immediately fucked me. He was
not kidding when he said he'd been horny. He came
almost upon entry. He had me bend over, hands on the
bed, feet on the floor, and came at me from behind.
Even after he came he kept sliding in and out, and I
came a few minutes later.

As soon as I came, he pulled out, and said "Lisa stay
there. Bobby get behind her." And he moved onto the
bed, putting his slimy cock under my face. I knew
what he wanted, and lowered to start sucking him. He
said "Bobby, slide into her. Enjoy the sloppy
seconds. This slut has been spread wide by me, hasn't
she. I bet you just slip in without her feeling you.
All my cum lubing her up, with her so stretched...."

I could feel bobby, but it was nothing like feeling
Robert. That talk was making me very excited, and
apparently bobby too, since he came right away. A
short time later Robert came in my mouth.

He had me stand, and said you two need to give each
other a big kiss. Bobby was surprisingly willing -- I
expected he would have resisted.

After we rested, Robert told us we would have a
fashion show. He wanted me to try on my lingerie,
piece by piece, and bobby was to help me.

I tried each item in my wardrobe, and bobby helped me
"show" myself to Robert. He would have me turn, pose,
and ask if I please Robert. The poses included things
like one leg bent and lifted high, bending and
grabbing my ankles, kneeling, laying down and
spreading my legs. Bobby did a good job of keeping it
from becoming silly. And Robert on occasion would
ask bobby how wet I was, he had bobby stick his
fingers in me and have me lick them. He also had
bobby lick his own fingers after wetting them in me.
I know they had his and Robert's cum on them from when
I did it.

My final outfit was a bustier, garter, and fishnet
stockings. Bobby suggested I leave the panties out,
and as always I was wearing my highest heels.

Bobby had me kneel before Robert, spread my legs, and
say "Robert this slut wants your cock so bad. Please
give me your cock." I kept begging "Please Robert I
need that cock. Please use me. Please let me be your
slut. Please.. "

Robert was pretty hard again, and he laid back, and
had me mount him we fucked for a good 10 minutes
before every time I started to get close to cumming,
he pulled out. Then he told me "Jerk bobby with your
hand, but stop when he gets close."

He started fucking me again, and said "Bobby, I've
seen your wife's lingerie, she posed like my slut in
everything she
owned. Your wife sucked me, rode my cock, begged to
be fucked. You like that your wife's my slut, don't
you bobby." Bobby grunted "God yes" and he was close
to coming so I stopped.

"We all know this works best when I run it. You agree
right lisa?

"Yes," I answered, and he started fucking me again.
Being so close to cumming was maddening.

"Bobby, do you agree?"

"Yes", and I started to jerk him again. I could see
the same desperate lust in his face that I was

"So," Robert continued, "we need some ground rules.
When we are together you two do as I say and we'll all
enjoy it more." He stopped fucking me, and I stopped
jerking bobby.

"Lisa do you agree to do as I say, to obey me?"

"Yes, Robert, I will." And he started fucking me.

"Bobby, do you agree?"

"Yes sir" he said. So I started jerking him.

"Your my slut lisa. Feel me in you, think about my
cock deep inside, ready to cum again. Ready to fill
you...." He went on like that, and I started replying
"Oh god its so nice to be your slut, I love that big
cock filling me, making me yours..."

He came in a very strong burst, and that caused me to
cum. bobby saw me cumming, and in a chain reaction,
he came in my hand. Given that he had cum earlier,
there wasn't much there, and I wiped it on his

Robert had me lick his cock clean, and had bobby lick
my hand (there really wasn't much there, but its the
thought that counts).

Finally, Robert stood, and had me kneel in the
position I had started in. He said "You can thank me
for letting you be my slut."

"Robert, thank you. I am so happy and lucky to be
your slut. It is so great to be able to have you fuck

Robert then turned to bobby, and said "you can thank
me for taking care of your wife."

"Thank you for fucking my wife. I'm so happy to see
her eat your cum, and have you fuck her. Thank

Robert stood, and I dressed him. Then he ran his
hands over my boobs, and said, "I'll let you know
about next week", as he left the room. "I'll let
myself out."

Bobby and I cuddled, and said nothing for a long time.
Finally he said "That was amazing. I came so hard.
I can't believe."

"Yeah, it sure was fantastic." I replied smiling.
October 23, 2003

When we left last week we hadn't set up a day to meet.

Robert called bobby Monday and said we should go to
his house after work Thursday. He also told bobby to
pick up a particular piece of lingerie for me from the
Victoria's secret outlet, and that I should bring it,
along with my highest heels.

Bobby ate me every day, and I gave him a blow job
almost every time. Now that we had gotten over our
thing about kissing after oral sex, I found it even
more enjoyable. I liked to kiss and cuddle after
cumming. We had regular sex once.

We went to his house directly from work, leaving my
car at work overnight, and arrived about 6:00. Robert
wasn't there yet -- but had given bobby the code for
the garage door, and we let ourselves in. Bobby
closed the garage door after we got through it.

Bobby apparently had instructions, because he led me
to the bedroom, where he undressed me. He had wear
the new lingerie -- a black. lace, baby doll. Bobby
stripped naked, and then we went into the kitchen. I
found it both disconcerting and exciting that bobby
apparently knew the plan, but only told me what to do
when the time came to do it.

He pulled quite a few things out of the refrigerator,
and told me we were supposed to chop -- it looked like
we were making stir fry. After chopping vegetables
for 15 minutes, we heard the garage door open. Bobby
had me kneel in the center of the kitchen, told me to
keep my knees apart, and head down. I felt very
submissive posing that way.

He went into the mud room doorway, between the kitchen
and the garage. When i Heard the back door open bobby
said "Robert, your slut is dressed and waiting for
you. I hope she please you." Hearing that made me

Robert came in and per bobby's instructions, I kept my
head down. I could see Roberts legs, as he walked
around me. I definitely felt like I was on display
for him. He said "Up", and as I started to stand
bobby came to me and said "keep your head down", and
helped me up.

I stood with my head down, and bobby led me to a
counter, where he had me lean forward, so my head was
on the counter top. I know that the baby doll was
short enough that they could see my pussy from the
rear. Robert said "I've been waiting for this all

Without much else happening, I felt his cock head head
push against my lips. He said "When a man goes
without pussy for week, he gets mighty ready to fuck a
sweet piece of ass like this slut." I guess he had
been ready because he came in just a few thrusts. I
had a little orgasm when he came, and hoped he would
keep pumping.

Instead, he pulled out, and said clean me up girl. I
turned, knelt, and licked his cock clean. He had not
even bothered to take his pants off, but was just
fucking me though his fly. After cleaning him, I
asked "Should I put this big guy away, or does it want
to play more?" as I held his cock.

Robert said "Put it away for now." He had us continue
to prepare dinner, and I could see bobby was hard from
watching me get screwed. Dinner was surprisingly
uneventful. I did not serve like before, rather we
all three ate. He did stroke my pussy a few times.
After, he watched us clean up, and then said lets go.

We went to the bedroom, where he had me lie on the
bed, again with my ass at the edge, and my legs pulled
back. He told bobby to eat me. Bobby knelt on the
floor, and slowly moved his head to my pussy, as he
said "Buuuutt, I don't really want to mmmphh...."

Robert forcefully pushed bobby's head into, muffling
any complaint. "I thought we agreed I call the shots.
This questioning is really pissing me off." He held
bobby's head tight against me for a few seconds, and
then pulled it back. "Are you ready to obey?"

"Yes," came a very meek reply from bobby. So Robert
stood back, and bobby ate me. I was getting close to
cumming, and Robert told bobby to stop. He had me get
off the bed, and Robert kneel on, but along the edge
of, the bed.

"Lisa I think bobby needs a little reinforcement. I
want you to spank him -- he's a big boy so make sure
its hard!" I cautiously waled to bobby, and spanked

"Bobby, you apologize to lisa for your actions
suggesting she wasn't worthy of eating out, and to me
for being a bad boy."

"Lisa, I'm sorry I hesitated in going down on you. I
love eating you, and know I should be happy to do it
all the time, even if you've had sex. Robert, I'm
sorry I hesitated. I won't next time."

Now Lisa, I want you to give him 5 really hard swats.
Makes sure it leaves a red hand print on his ass." I
spanked him hard enough that my hand hurt. I think a
tear welled up in Bobby's eye.

"Bobby, lie down in the middle. Lisa kneel at the
edge so i can get my dick in that sweet pussy, and so
you can give bobby a little blow job." We got into
position, and Robert said "Lisa you work on bobby but
only when I'm inside you. Also, if he's close to
cumming stop for a few minutes until he relaxes."

He went to it, and I felt his cock enter me. He
started with long slow strokes, and I started giving
bobby a blow job. "Bobby, when you feel lisa's lips
on your little dick, its because I'm fucking her. My
dick is filling her sweet cunt."

I cringed a little at the word cunt. Its just so
derogatory -- it kind of deflated the moment for me.
Bobby was getting close, so I stopped. Then I got
close and Robert stopped. After a brief time, Robert
started again, and so did I.

This went on for quite a while. It was very
frustrating, to get so close to cumming, and then
stop. Then repeat. Eventually Robert said "I've been
a little frustrated all week. You two can get it on
with each other, but I gave up LaMer for this. I
think we have to make some changes."

He stopped fucking me, and I stopped blowing bobby at
that moment. "Do you think its right that I go
without all week?"

"No," I quickly answered. "I guess not," was bobby's

"Well, here's what we should do." He started fucking
me again, and I started blowing. "During the week,
when you guys want to have sex, you call me or come
over here." He started stroking faster and I was
close to cumming. I could tell he wanted me to cum,
and I started working on Bobby, so he could cum to.
"So that's what we'll do. You guys will agree right?
You cum with me or not at all."

With that he let loose. He came and just sprayed
inside me so much I was sure it would be leaking out.
I came right as he did, and bobby a second later.
"I'll take that cumming as agreeing with me."

"OK," I said.

A few minutes later he was lying on the bed, and I was
on sucking him off. He had me work him until he came,
and at the same time told bobby to rub my clit till I
came. After, he had bobby lie on the floor, and told
me to jerk him with my feet. Bobby was so excited it
took only a few seconds.

We recovered for a while, me resting my head in
Roberts crotch, my feet dangling off the bed. Bobby
on the floor, my toes occasionally grazing him. "I
think you kids ought to be on your way. Bobby, I'll
be in touch with you. And remember, if you get horny,
call me -- don't do anything until I say so."

We dressed and let ourselves out. The ride home was
silent. We had definitely moved things up a notch.
First, bobby was eating me after Robert came inside
me. Second, our entire sex life was about to become a
threesome. And third, we just gave up a lot of
control -- all, I guess -- over over our sex life.

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