Black male in the North East that travels all the time

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Sep 25, 2005
Hello, I am a black male that is based out of Boston, MA, but I constantly
travel all over the country (and sometimes to Europe) for my business.
I am interested in wives or couples that are looking for the black
experience. (I am about 9-9.5 inches)

I am discrete, disease and drug free.
I am a non smoker.
Heavy cummer and very potent (if that's your thing)

I am out for good times, looking for friends with benefits.

Feel free to pop me an IM on Yahoo jjjackson_4u, or send me
an email at


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Boston area here too.

Very nice. Boston area here too.[/img]
My g/f is 35 and I am 45. Do would mind telling us your age?


If your ever in the UK- Scotland give us a shout.


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Ever travel to Chicago? We are an very attractive married couple - my wife is a fashion model and we are looking for a discrete professional meeting. Let us know how to contact you.