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black men wearing panties

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Jun 8, 2004
i would luv to see a black guy fucking my wife, with him wearing my wifes sexy panties making me wear them after they have finished
This is never going to happen. Black bulls don't wear panties, would not fit over their manhood without getting ripped to pieces by the powerful rutting.

I suggest you continue to wear them, and arrangements can me made to soil them so you can sniff the intoxicating aroma while they are over you head.

There are good reasons why white guys wear the panties why they watch the bulls rutting the wives. It is actually a badge of cuckold honour for white to wear a girl's panties.
Do you still have the fantasy? Please tell us why you want it to happen so much. Maybe we can help you modify your fantasy to help 'hot you up' to watch the BBC bull strtching your wife open wide.

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