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Black Party

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The Yahoo club Obeah had grown large. Hundreds of lowly white men and women, knowing their place had joined hoping to find a Black Man or Womon to use them for their pleasure. Dozens of Masterful Black Men and Women had also joined looking for slaves. Now the Northeast region was going to have a large weekend party. It was to be held in the Pocono’s and the entire hotel complex had been rented. There were separate cabins and a main lodge. Swimming, tennis and riding were available. There were two main rooms where functions could be held. The news went out to all the members and the response was tremendous. Since it is the place of the white man to bring pleasure to the Blacks, it was decided that the white participants would bear all the costs. Invitations were placed in the club and members responded with credit cards and checks. Within a week the entire weekend had been paid for and not a cent had come from Black people! Each white slave was sent instructions. And so the weekend began.

i arrived at the hotel around 7:00 pm on Friday. All slaves had to be onsite before 8:00 or they would be turned away. i parked my car in the employee’s parking lot and entered through the employee’s entrance. Once inside i found myself in a large room next to the kitchen. There were about 50 naked white men and women in the room. Three huge Black men were giving out instructions. One of them approached me demanded my credentials. These consisted of my wallet and preprinted slave authorization, which each slave had to sign. He was young, muscular and shirtless. His bulging muscles left no doubt as to his power. If i had wanted to back out it was too late now. After checking my papers, he put them in a bag and told to strip and put my clothes on a long table there. The table was piled high with the clothes of the slaves. i didn’t know why they were all together like that but it wasn’t my place to ask. i was told to take a place with the other slaves. As i walked toward the slaves they were all being ordered to get down on their hands and knees and put their noses to the floor and asses up in the air. “Don’t fucking move” the Black said. i took my place in the 4th row next to a young blonde woman of about 25. We waited as the clock moved toward 8:00 pm and the late comers were greeted and positioned. At 8:00 sharp the outer doors were closed. We were the full complement of slaves for the weekend. The three Black Masters began walking up and down the rows of raised white asses. “you are here for one purpose and one purpose only! You are here to make your Black Masters and Mistress’s weekend as pleasant as possible. You are slaves! Slaves! Slaves! That means that you have given up all rights and privileges. You have signed yourself over to your Masters. YOU ARE NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING! YOUR FUCKING WHITE SKIN MAKES YOU INFERIOR TO THE BLACK RACE! AND YOU BELONG TO US!
He shouted these words and i knew that i was not the only one trembling. i heard the crack of a whip and a yelp! “shut the fuck up, NO YELPING, NO SCREAMING AND NO WHIMPERING”!!! The whip cracked again and again. As Master told us how we would be screened and assigned to various duties, the three of them kept lashing out at the upturned buttocks’. When the lash landed on my soft white old ass i gasped in shock. This was not love tap. This was a brutal stroke of a cat 0 nine and i barely kept from screaming. Master moved on and the whippings continued. We were told to pay attention. After about a half hour, the rules had been laid out. To put them simply--we could expect no mercy. Some of us might be maimed, some might even die. Our obedience and ability to please would determine if we survived and in what condition. We were told that we would be renamed and that we might be “taken” by a Master for his or Her permanent use.
The three monstrous muscular Black Men were now joined by two Black Women. One was about 6’4” and 250lbs. The other about 5’7” and 130. They were both in black leather pants and tiny black leather bras. As almost all of us sneaked a look at these Beauties we fell subject to the whip! The Masters screamed at us to keep our noses to the floor and flailed away unmercifully at the nearest white ass. Screams were heard and that caused more lashes! i buried my nose deep into the floor and was luckily spared their wrath! The big Black Womon took a mic in Her hand and broadcast instructions. “Before you get your chains, the men must be drained” Drained? what did She mean? She ordered all the men in the front row to stand. Then She went down the line and paired them off so that there were a half dozen pairs facing each other. Then the other Womon walked down the line and using Her riding crop would hit one of each pair on the ass and tell him to drop to his knees! The rest of us were told to rise up and watch. Big Mama now had 6 men on their knees facing 6 men standing. “All right, all you pussies on your knees start sucking the cock of your partner!” There was silence the screams as the whips landed hard on the backs of the kneeling slaves! “You fucking pussies, you WILL NOT hesitate when a Black Master gives you an order” the whips lashed out again and i could see blood spurt from several backs. Immediately the kneeling slaves rammed the standing slaves cocks in their mouths!!! “keep sucking until you have swallowed all your partners cum” Then Big Mama said “row 2”!!! The second row stood. The Masters and Mistress paired the men off and ordered the women to watch. “Row 2,, start sucking” i began to shake. i was in row 3! “Row 3” no further orders were needed. Every man in the row stood and paired off. i was next to the blonde woman and she remained kneeling. The man next to me pushed on my shoulders and i dropped to me knees and stared at his cock! “row 3, start sucking” i closed my eyes as i engulfed his cock in my mouth and began sucking him off!!! FUCK, i thought FUCK. but i continued! soon there were groans from the front row and my partner was forcing my face deep in his hairy groin! You could hear the sounds of sucking everywhere and then the groans and slurping and the smell of sex! When my partner came he gushed a ton of cum into my mouth and held my head tight while i swallowed! There was a lot of laughter coming from the Masters and a whole bunch of spectators had gathered. Finally almost all the suckers were bent over trying not to vomit. “ok, pussies, change positions”. The command came without surprise but i would just soon not have had my cum extracted from me. Now there were lots of Black spectators, laughing and drinking and taking pictures. The official video masters were walking up and down the rows getting close-ups of the slaves. Big Mama said “all you standing pussies, put your hands behind your neck”. Many of the Black Women were walking around and getting close in our face, watching our eyes as we neared orgasm and roaring with laughter as we ejaculated into our partners mouth. Oh, shit i thought as the cum drained from me. i can’t stand this. i want to go home. i have cum and that ends it for me, i thought.. i looked around and realized that i was going nowhere. Big Mama took the mic and said “ok, pussies, change positions again and see if there is any jizz left in there. This was a very effective display of total power. This was not erotic. This was not sexy. This was not fantasy. This was white men doing what they most hated just because a Black Person wanted them to. i dropped to my knees and took the slimy cock in my mouth again and began trying to get it hard. After 10 minutes the cock was still soft and Big Mama said that time was up and for us to change positions again. Ten minutes later i was in misery as my dry cock was being sucked by my vacuum cleaner partner. “times up” Big Mama said. Then the Black Masters ordered all the men to stand at parade rest with our hands behind our necks. One Master said “we have a married couple here. which are you?” The young blonde next to me stepped forward as did my “partner”. The Black Master ordered the two of them to kneel. Then two Black men stood in front of them. “you each get to blow a Master. The one that gets the Master off first gets to watch as the other gets fucked in the ass!” He smiled at the crowd. “now we will see who loves the other most”. The Blacks pulled out huge Cocks. “see white boy, this is what a COCK is” and the laughter resounded. Big Mama began a countdown and when She said “go” the man and his wife began sucking on a huge black cock! All of us stood stiff and watched as the two of them tried not to be first! They both wanted to spare the other and the only way to do that was to lose! The crowd set up a chant and the Master being sucked by the husband grabbed the head and pumped into the mouth!! He exploded in cum, pulling out and drowning the slave husband in his cum! The wife was getting nowhere. Her huge Black Master was leaning back against a table and enjoying her warm mouth. Now Big Mama came over to the husband and handed him a small quirt! “i want to see that whores ass striped and bleeding” She positioned the husband behind his wife, whose ass was high in the air. “beat her!!!” Big Mama commanded the husband. His first blows were weak. Big Mama took a similar quirt and positioned Herself behind the husband. When She landed Her first blow, he screamed and jumped. She rained down blows as hard and as fast as She could. “pussy, beat your wife beat your wife beat your wife” He began striking the soft white ass of his lovely wife as hard as he was being hit! She screamed but her Master shoved his 10” of hard black cock deep into her throat. As she gagged and choked her husband striped her buttocks with stripe after stripe until the blood began to pop out. She was unable to breath with the huge black cock jammed down her throat and was near unconsciousness' when the Master shoved her head away and She fell back on the floor. Her husband was on his knees sobbing as Big Mama continued to flail at him. Bloody stripes appeared on his thighs and hips and Big Mama kept whipping and whipping until Her arm was like lead. When She stopped both the husband and wife were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Master and Big Mama looked around at the remaining slaves standing mesmerized with fear building in their hearts. Long minutes went by as the Blacks caught their breath. The Big Mama took the mic and said “does anyone here want to leave? Has anyone here changed their mind about what they are? There was silence She and the Men walked around up and down the rows. They would stop in front of a man or woman and say “you?” No one said a thing. We were definitely afraid. After a long time Big Mama picked out two young men and told them to come up front. She told one of the men to pick up the blond girl from behind and hold her in a standing position. Then She told the other slave to pick up the husband and hold him up next to his wife. Big Mama took the mic and said “slaves, form a single line and I want you to walk into the next room. Walk by these two pussies and I want each of you to kick the man in his balls! Then move on to his wife and punch her in her tits! If I don’t think your doing it hard enough you will join them. Do you all understand?” There was a nodding of heads-- “SPEAK UP! SAY YES, MASTER” SAY IT! In unison the remaining slaves shouted “YES< MASTER” Big Mama smiled and said something to the other Masters and they all laughed. The Black Master took me by my arm and started me toward the two helpless slaves. i was the first in the line. When i got to the husband, who had been my partner and whose semen was in my stomach, i hesitated only a moment before kicking him with my bare foot as hard as i could in his balls. The pain in my foot showed that i had not gone easy. The nearly unconscious man sucked in air and pushed back into the man holding him. i quickly moved to his wife, the pretty little blonde. She had her eyes closed and barely noticed the strong punch i laid on her left breast. Big Mama looked on approvingly and gave me a light tap of Her riding crop to move me along into the next room. i was glad i was first and didn’t have to see what was happening to the young couple.
In the next room i saw a large crate and a table and several Masters. As i approached i was told to kneel. A Master chose a steel ring from the crate and placed it around my neck. Unsatisfied, he got another smaller ring and tried that. The ring was hinged at the back and when he closed it around my throat it was snug. A second Master put a steel plug through the flange of the collar and using a huge plier like tool, flattened the plug securing the collar. i was told to go to the next station. i rose and walked to a table that was filled with heavy chains and cuffs. The Black Womon there looked at me and picked out a set of chains and cuffs. She wrapped the chain around my waists and pulled it tight. She secured the chain with a large padlock. Steel wrist cuffs were next and they too were secured by a plug. i was told to put my leg up on a chair and ankle cuffs were similarly secured. A master cut off a length of chain and ran it through the ring attached to the cuff and through the other cuff and using another plug made it fast. A long chain was looped around the ankle chain and brought up to my wrist cuffs and each end secured with the same steel plugs. i was now thoroughly chained and it looked very permanent! the chains were heavy and as i was directed to the next station they dragged and clanked. i looked back and saw the line of naked white men and women following me to the chain station. i shuffled to the next “station”. There i found Two Womyn with an electric razor. i was placed standing on a tarp and quickly the womyn went to work on me. One started at my ankles and worked up while the other shaved my head. When the electric razors had done as much as they could i was passed to the next station where two more Womyn waited with hot towels, shaving cream and straight razors. In minutes i was totally denuded of hair. Even my eyebrows were removed. The only hair i had left was my eyelashes!. Each slave went through the same procedure. Even the Women! A Master pushed me to the next station where i was told to lay on my back on the table. There a large tattooed Black man toward over me. He had a tattoo gun in his hand and he began immediately to tattoo my groin just below my belly button. i hadn’t expected this and it was quite a shock. It seemed as though we were being treated not as weekend slaves, but as permanent chattels! The stinging needle worked on my soft underbelly and i had to fight to stay still. In about 5 minutes He was through and i was told to move along. i could not see what he had tattooed on my body but as i moved to the next station i saw 10 such tables in use, each with a white body being tattooed with something. At the next station i was given a blood pressure test, and examined head to toe by a large Black nurse. i was told to run in place and after a few minutes my heartbeat was measured. i was given weights and told to put them on the floor then pick them up and keep doing that until i was too tired to continue. Masters and Mistress’s watched intently. Then the Nurse took a brush and black paint and painted on my chest the initials PS. i found out later that this was my slave designation --PS meant personal servant. No heavy lifting, no physical exertion. As each slave was processed they had their name tattooed on their underbelly! Tattooed in large colorful letters! i had the name WORM placed in bright red and black letters. When we were through being processed we were told to assume the slave position as we had in the first room. Soon there were 50 chained tattooed hairless, renamed white men and women docilely kneeling with their noses flat against the floor and their ass’s high in the air. After a while we heard Big Mama telling us to rise up on our knees and look at Her. We all obeyed. Big Mama was imposing and quite frightening, but what really scared us was behind Her. There, hanging by their wrists, feet barely touching the floor were the ill-fated couple! The mans balls were swollen to 3 times their normal size and were already turning blue. He was conscious but obviously weak and in pain. Next to him was the pretty blonde. Only now she wasn’t so pretty. Her breasts were swollen and turning purple. She had bled from her nose and the blood dripped down her trim white body, forming a small pool at her feet. She was hanging with her full weight on her wrists, as she had not the strength to stand. The Blacks paid them no attention. Big Mama explained the letters on our chests and the Black Masters moved among us separating us according to the initials. i noticed a half dozen young sturdy white males with the letters SEX written on them. They were led off into another room and i did not see them again. i learned later that they were used non-stop for stud services and that nothing was too much. my group was taken into the kitchen and we were instructed how to serve the meals and where to bring the dirty dishes, linens and china. The food was all prepared and the 200 Black Men and Women were sitting at a couple of dozen round tables. A jazz band was on stage and playing blues. Some couples were dancing. The hall was beautifully decorated and balloons of all colors were hanging from the ceiling. We began serving the meal. As each dish was consumed we would remove it and take it back to the kitchen where the kitchen slaves would attend to it. Two large Masters watched over our movements and if they thought we were slacking off or doing something wrong the would lash out at our naked bodies with nasty single tail whips. Every server sported dozens of red marks on their thighs and buttocks. As i was pouring a champagne at a table, i was jostled by a passerby and spilled the champagne on a Mistress! She yelped and jumped up as the liquor ran down her beautiful dress. i froze. i knew not what to do. Her ****** a large older man ordered me to get a towel and i rushed off to do so. When i returned the Woman was crying and her husband was furious. i was terrified. A Master stopped the man from beating me then and there by assuring the man that not only would i be punished, but that both he and his wife could join in. But punishment time was set for later that night.
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How can I join OBEAH?
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I still love that story, there must be more of it, right.

Anybody knows where to find the rest of the story, or other obeah stories?
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