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Blk Guys From Rome?

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Oct 5, 2005
My wife is going to rome feb 2006 with acouple of g/f for along weekend.Any blk guys located near or in rome please contact me.See if we can work somethink out.She has been married 17 years,and is 39 years old.Reason for them going,it,s my wifes 40 birthday.She has only ever had my 5inch white dick.Her 2 friends are the same age,and also have only ever been with their husbands.These women are italian,but live in the UK.So if their is a group of you,you can pick them up,or single out my wife.PLEASE contact me for their hotel details.We have a few months to sort somethink out,so please contact me.They will be in rome for three days next feb.Many thanks.Hopefull Hubby.
Pictures of my wife

Please if their any blk guys in or around Rome Italy Next Feb.PLEASE contact me.Best Regards Hopefullhubby.


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More of my 39 year old wife

She will be in rome next feb with acouple of g/f for along weekend.Looking for blk guys to hit on her.PLEASE contact me if interested.


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know your wife

hi iv seen your wife with blk guys when i was on the hunt
Blk Guys for ROME end of Feb

Still trying to get my wife up.She will be in ROME for 4 days at the end of FEB,Any guys like to hit on her?PLEASE contact me for details
Blk M for ua wife in Rome

I read ua earlier Ads on this issue and thought u are not serious. As it looks u are serious. I am a blk m and am in Austria but am ready to go down to Rome and satisfy ua wife ok. If u really mean it get to me per mail at eurodacky@yahoo.com. Hoping to read from u soonest.
hey i'm a jamaican guy in Italy.........let me know if your r interested?
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