blk lover in germany wanted

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berlin couple is lookin for well hung blk men to use her in front of hubby.
like to serve a nice blk cock all night and show hubby how he makes me addicted....
so if interested, send some pix to
Hi there Berlin Couple

I had seen your profiles in this" Let's meet up " section and I am quite interested in knowing you more intimately.........

To let you know more about me......I am a black male of 29 Yrs ,6 ft and 7 inches, well hung ,handsome and having a good sense of humour, personally interested in interracial love-making and having a good health. I like to party , meet new frens and am addicted
to strolling.I am even endowed with 8 and a half inch blk cock (sorry for being so explicit !!!!!)

I work in the multi - national corporation as a Research Engineer (here in the States) and also having a branch in Germany as well . I had been to Germany two times..(that was in 1999 and 2001) for carrying-out my assignment /work abroad and will be coming again this year(Second week of May).

So , if you (both the couple) are willing to meet me personally at the time of my stay in Germany please acknowledge this mail as a form of my kind invitation. I am eager and willing to do whatever you plan to do. And if interested ,please respond me for the fixture and plans as soon as possible.

Mail me at
Hello from germany

Hello to you and I am replying to your ad...I live in Heidelberg, Germany in which It would be no problem for me and a few of my friends to come and visit the Berlin area. All of us are black men and we love to have fun. Me personally, I stand at 6 foot about 205 pounds...I am very much in shape in which I play American Football here also in Germany. If you are interested in getting some pics or maybe getting to know me better please e-mail me at I will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day.
I live in Berlin. I am a Black North American who speaks fluent English and German. I've been living in Berlin for the past 6 months.
I am 35 yrd old, coffee complexion, trim and toned. I particulary fancy German women. Please write me to let me know if you are interested in meeting.