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Brazilian MWC

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Sep 11, 2005
Are you travelling to Brazil? We live in Porto Alegre (South Brazil), and love tall, muscular, dark-skinned black men... Contact us!


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Any takers?
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Hi very lucious body....would love to see and know that a black man is pleasing that girl. I'm a mwm, nothing is more erotic than a white girl and her black loverman.
Thank you, bb94up.

Yes, we have a regular black partner. But he is living in another city now - we're looking for new partners. Americans tourists also!
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Send more photos.I wll be planning to be thre for CARNIVAL I want to see more photos and videos of the wife please
I am interested as I am a tourist and have a Cuckold Group .We have access to a Travel Agency.I want to get something going in brasil Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Hey, describe yourself.
One more pic

One more pic for you, cuckold fellas...


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what dose she look like full of bbc?
She looks beatiful, believe me...
Maravilhosa!! tem fotos dela em ação também?
Claro! Sou meio receoso em postar aqui, mas posso enviar para o e-mail de vocês. Sei que são discretos e não vão divulgar indiscriminadamente. Qual o mail?
use o email que está em nossas fotos
Ok, estamos mandando.
Wow corno, what a stunning wife you have. Would love to see her with a BBC pics if you have any.
Thanks! And yes, i have some "action pics"... I am a bit scared to post them here. Could I send to you by e-mail? What's your adress, Jafwo?
Post them up for all to see!
Just "solo" for now

No, friends - just "solo" pics, ok?
More two for you.


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