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Brunettes I'd like to see get blk

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Mar 2, 2004
Enough about blondes ... how about some brunettes? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brooke Burke, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek
Ok Watchedwife.... I guess its just that blondes look so much opposite than black men. But brunettes are just as lovely and I have beat off many times fastasizing of lots of them getting balled by a black bull.


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Here's Salma

Salma would look so hot with a big blk one between her lips


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Oh yeah watched...Salma s a hottie. I like your taste in fine white pussy for black men. Brook burke whould look so hot with a dark african man between her legs


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She would so good with a black bull


  • jennifer_20garner.jpg
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mmm. they all look so delicious. any nigger would love to be fucking any one of them.
Very nice pics. How about Amanda Bynes. I like to see her under a black bull too. I wish I could show a pic of her but don't know how to do it here.
She would look great under a black stud


  • amanda_bynes_slit_skirt.jpg
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I like that pic Whit_r5468. You're right, Amanda would look great under a black stud or maybe 2 studs.
Bynes again

Bynes is incredible


  • amanda-bynes.jpg
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Thanks for the pic watchedwifewithblack. I just love those legs. I like to see those legs around a black bull.
mmm yes.racer, Iagree . Amanda Bynes is sweet. My little dick gets stiff just thinking about those lovely legs locked around the thighs of a tar black bull with his huge black cock buried in her pussy to his balls.
shes so hot...even to girls..!

god that amanda bynes is cute...i actually think i would have sex with her and black men at the same time...she needs it soo bad...and where do i get clothes like her? if you ever can...listen to her talk...and imagine her screaming while black men are fucking her!!! id love to see that...
dark haired women

I had actually listed Lisa Robertson with the blondes but I think she fits in better in this group. She works for QVC and was a former Miss Tennessee.

I would also like to see Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) taken by a group of black bulls.
Love to watch Sharon Stone fucking someone. Black or white...I don't care! I would just love to watch her being a slut!
Love to see her faked, bettet yet, for real.


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I agree would love to see Patricia Heaton with a BBC would lov eot see her naked even.
~Bump~ Somebody please fake her. She's perfect for BBC! with a wimp hubby on the show too.

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