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Can any ladies out there help a brotha with this???

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Not quite a lurker
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Aug 25, 2004
Any ladies in the north jersey area looking for
BBC for fun???? needs some white pussy!!! any
ladies out there who can help me????? hit me
back here or at markstip2001@yahoo.com


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too bad you're not in so. cali....

i would love to help you out...let me know if you'd like to chat...or if you ever cum to san diego...leave me your number if you'd like to chat...i can be reached at pbpeaches4u on yahoo for IM or E...otherwise, i'd happily call with a number...



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Wish i was out in cali too

wish i was out there too, i feel like some goooooood
sex with a sexy blonde like u!!! my dick is hard just
thinking about it. so what would u do with my hard dick
if i was out there?????
I would love to suck your dick and then sit on it.
where from???

Well let me know where we can hook this
so we can SUCK & SIT on my dick, holla back
at a brotha!!!!!!
from Irena

I m very sorry you so far for me, but I want taste handle it in my holes.


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I,m a married male crossdresser in philly and I,d love to take that big thing in me also.
Hi, never tried but u look tempting....
Very Nice

All i can say is - WOW. Really wish i was there to help.
hi 38 cute

Hi, i saw that u replied to my post...
u said it looks tempting... so what part
of jersey are u from??? and tell me how
tempting??? and do u have a pic to temp
me?? if so sent it to me at markstip2001@yahoo.com
hope to hear back
Vacation Coming

Hi Mark,

Gawd you look almost too good to be true.
I am going on a short vacation with my husband, and he won't mind . It will be in middle june, is that good for you?

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