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can the moron called insanegame be banned from posting ?

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This fool is sabotaging parts of the forum, he, or it, has posted 177 messages. The two which I read consisted of the same moronic, 2 word comment, I don't doubt that the rest of his messages are identical.
Not only that, but his idiotic posts are bringing very old posts to the top of the forum, and are thereby ruining the ability of the forum readers to check for new replies to recent messages.
This is probably his intention, and I don't believe that he posted all of his messages one at a time, he must be useing some kind of mass posting software to do his posting.
Sounds like a hacker to me, please stop him posting any more rubbish, and please delete his previous posts.
Moderators, do your job, and moderate.
yeah it's got to be some kind of exploit unless he's truly mental. I deleted the user and pointed out the issue to the tech, hopefully he'll be able to find a fix for it.

message boards are notoriously easy to hack if some moron has time to kill and the will to do it.
I hope my impatience and intolerance doesn't add to it.

I saw those posts, and with my argumentative/combative nature the past few days have added to this and other debacles.

I'll say that this a a good forum, but there are SOME people that make it worse. What has been damming for me is that their negativity/ignorance, etc., has enhanced my frustration.

Try as I might, I have been wound up worse than a classic walking toy...and one extra turn would snap the mechanism.

I will back off the site for a while...until things for me can get back to normal.
I hate when my theories backfire...

or prove to be correct.

there is a guy called iraddict, and despite my saying I'd leave the site, called me a liar, and said my issue had contradicting points.

Even worse, he said this quote:

"Master Earl" aka BlackDomLdog has got to be the most passive, helpless and emotionally injured "master" I have ever heard of.

He sounds like this insanegame guy that is inundating the forum with those messages...only that he changed the name.
Take this for what its worth, he may be posting too much, but seems to me he is just bumping decent threads to the top so they replace threads that are from "real" people who post "real" pics...despite the fact they are stolen from voyeur sites.

Perhaps he is doing it too much, but it appears that the top posts are better since the ones he bumps get more ******** and therefore more replies.
yeah I had a little chat with him, couldn't believe it but he's not a bot. I just asked him to knock off the one and two word posts and now he's a good poster. I think he was just trying to get his post count up, which reminds me: I need to set some ranks up on the board.

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