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Carrie Fucked In The Mens Club

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Aug 21, 2022
Carrie Fucked In The Mens Club

Carrie agreed to entertain the punters at a private men's club by walking around in skimpy lingerie, giving them something to look at and maybe letting one or two of them fuck her in exchange for some cash. However on her arrival, she was told to strip down to her panties, and then she was brought in on a leash and on all fours. The host, Rob, told the guests she is everybody's plaything and do what they wanted to do with her.

In no time Carrie was humiliated, being walked around on a leash as the guys laughed and made lewd comments. One of the guests mounted her from behind, tore off her panties (which received a loud cheer from the onlookers), groping her little hanging tits whilst another pulled his cock out and began to fuck her mouth. They just used her as a toy, they did not care about being gentle. They pulled on her nipples and smacked her ass, they just shoved their cocks in her holes. It turned out that all Carrie was there for was to be a fucktoy for the guests to use, her hairy little bush covered in the cum of many guys as she is bent over a table and nailed one cock after another, their spunk dripping from her pussy and running down her inside legs. Carrie gags on all their cocks as they take turns shoving them into her mouth. Her ass cheeks are red as they keep slapping them. Her nipples are sore as they pinch and pull on them. Carrie agreed to do this in exchange for a small amount of cash, but had no idea there would be SO many guys or that she would be the only woman there having to take all of their cocks and facial abuse. There are so many guys she can't even count them as they all move around doing different things to her, she has no idea how many of them have fucked her. She is sure more are turning up as she hears the door open and close and the place is filling up.

001 (278).jpg
Word has got out that Carrie is doing this, there are a lot of local lads that always wanted to fuck her and the online chat groups are lit up as her location is revealed. Carrie has her eyes closed as she is bent over a bar-stool, giving the guys easy access to her sore ass and used pussyhole, her mouth is full of the salty taste of cum and she coughs and hacks up their seed whilst shes being penetrated. All she wanted to do was earn a few quid as shes a broke single mum, she had no idea this would happen to her. Her whole body is cum covered and it dripping out her holes. Another guy starts to fuck her ass as she asks Rob 'how much longer, how many more..?'. He whispered in her ear that not even half the guys here have fucked her yet and the guys from the start are getting hard again. Carrie begs them to leave her alone, shes had enough, and cries for help as the next guy ignores her and pushes his huge cock up in her ass. She is told to shut up an keep quiet, and another guy picks up her cum-soaked Brazilian-styled blue panties from the floor and stuffs them into Carries mouth, then gets some tape and wraps it round the back of her head and mouth so she cant make a sound.

She stops resisting and accepts that this is what happens to cheap whores, she has lost count how many guys have fucked her as its so many. Carrie was told that the couple of guys she would need to fuck would be wearing condoms, but it occurs to her that not one of the lads are wearing protection, their seed filling her fertile cunt one after another, they laugh as tears run down her face when the next cock gets pushed into her once-tight but now broken little asshole. When will this ever end..?

001 (193).png
Her holes are being destroyed especially her ass as this is the hole most of the guys want to fuck. Rob tells her there are a few more left but they have the biggest cocks and have been waiting to go last. Poor mum Carrie is scared of black guys, and her eyes widen when she sees the size of this black stud slowly walking towards her, jerking his huge cock so that its fully erect by the time he reaches her. Carrie pleads with her eyes, her mouth still bound and stuffed with her cum-soaked panties. She tries to wriggle free but with three guys pinning her down she has NO chance. The black guy laughs and says he wants some of her tight, white, hairy pussy to start with, and he pushes the tip of his huge cock into her soft bush and against the lips of her vagina. Carrie starts to shake. She gives a muffled scream as he pushes his cock into her pussy. She can't believe how big he is. She then suddenly notices another 2 approaching her, their cocks just as big. She recognizes them as three guys that she has noticed watching her whenever she goes out locally, she always had a bad feeling about them and now Carrie is panicking as if they all fuck her now, there will be nothing stoppng them fucking her again when they next see her out in town. Before she can do anything, two guys lift up her hips and a hard black cock penetrates her pussy yet again, but thats not all, another black guy positions himself over her and spreads her ass-cheeks, spits into her butthole before roughly pushing his cock deep into her ass. Carrie's eyes are wide with terror and pain as for the first time in her life, she is double-penetrated. Two of the biggest cocks she has ever seen are now in her pussy and ass. They start to fuck her hard and it hurts a lot. She notices all the other guys who have fucked her already are watching and taking pics and filming it on their phones. The two black guys are laughing, as sweat pours off them whilst they go hard on poor Carrie's holes. One of the guys says 'the first of us to cum in this bitch has to buy everyone a round of drinks'.

001 (20)a.jpg
Carrie cries as she knows that this means they could be fucking her for ages as they are hard as rock but showing no signs of exploding inside her yet. She clenches the muscles of her vagina, trying to force his cock to cum so that it can be over, but he keeps on drilling her. Already her videos are hitting the major porn websites, shes starting to trend on X as everyone wants to watch this sexy mum being destroyed. They fuck her for ages in all.sorts of positions and getting the other guys in the room to hold her down. She has been fucked relentlessly for about 5 hours by God knows how many guys. Finally, she feels one of the guys cock starting to throb but its the cock of the guy who is fucking her in the ass, he lets out a loud moan as his cock explodes deep inside Carries bum, stretching her ruined hole even more. He collapses in a sweaty heap behind her on the floor, getting fist-bumps from the onlookers that were encouraging them both on. All that is left is for Carrie to hold on a little longer to let this other guy cum inside her pussy. Her tits are bright red and nipples are erect and sore, cum flows from her butt as phone camera's capture every detail of her ordeal as she is streamed to her online audience. The guy grabs her hips and begins to fuck her so hard each thrust hurts and she lets out a whimper. He starts to cum inside her pussy, he is so deep inside her, it feels to Carrie like his cock is hitting her womb its so far inside. He pulls out and she falls to the floor. Rob rolls Carrie onto her back and gets two guys to hold her legs wide open so everyone can see her fucked vagina leaking cum. You can see her ass and pussy are sore as they are red raw.

Poor mum Carrie became an internet sensation on all of the major porn sites, the video of her being repeatedly fucked in every position and way possible for over five hours spread like wildfire and to this day she is unable to even go to the shops without guys commenting, playing back the video in her face, or following her in the hope that they too can fuck this mum that has the popularity of a pornstar. Carrie has no choice but to go into *********, and she now earns a good living on her back most of the day fucking strangers for cash.
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