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Cedar Rapids Iowa Wife

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Hi, I'm 30, 5'4, blonde, blue eyes, shaved smooth, 135 lbs, 36, and have an ass u dark lovers crave. My husband and I are seeking a well hung sexy black male in, near, or traveling to Cedar Rapids who would like to have a hot 3some. The first time, you get a room. After we are friends, next time, we'll cum here!

You must be clean, respectful, sexy, "big" ;-) and in shape.

I won't play alone, but he shares VERY well. hehe...

Oh, and just a warning, you're gonna get WET. ;-)

We're free this Saturday evening, Oct. 22, if you are avail, hit me up!



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You can reach me personally at crwifewantschocolatefun on yahoo messenger and yahoo mail as well. I'm usually online, and if not, check my offline messages regularly. Let's play this weekend, c'mon, is everyone shy in here?? lol


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I'm in the Twin Cities but don't see why a weekend trip to Iowa or a meetup in Albert Lea can't happen.


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