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Central Virginia IR Couple

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Raunchy Randy

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Apr 29, 2005
We are a dominant BM, submissive WF couple in central VA, (one hour north of NC). We are in our 50’s, both in very good physical shape, sexually virile, and very sexually active with each other. We are looking for male or a couple for intense sexual sessions. The ideal male is black, although others who feel they may have what we’re looking for may respond.

First, what we ARE NOT looking for are thugs, those who consider themselves ‘bulls,’ or anyone with no sense of respect for themselves or others. If you will have sex with any and every one, you ARE NOT the person we will meet. Be pretty well-rounded, meaning, have some interest other than fucking, so that the conversation isn’t one-dimensional.

We ARE looking for someone who is intelligent, mature, open-minded with self-confidence and stamina. This person would also have a sense of well-being and refinement, and is clean and disease-free. He should be able to travel or host without issues.

We are willing to discuss our needs by telephone as a couple, and provide pictures to those we are interested in, but I as the dominant male will determine who we talk to, and ultimately who we will and will not meet.
If you meet the prerequisites, I can promise you a sexual encounter with an insatiable WF sub that you will not soon forget! She will put you on a sexual high, wear you out, and still make you want more! AND, you will be treated to first-hand knowledge of the lengths that a delectable WF submissive will go to to ensure that her BM Dominant is continually pleased. We are 100% serious--don't pass up this oportunity to experience a real Dark Cavern/darkside sexual explosion!


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