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Choice of sex tourism

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Nov 19, 2005
Hello all!
I m think about my holiday. I want go to Kenya or Seychelles. Of couse, I m dream about black cock in my travel (sex tourism). Any advices for me about this. How you think, where more good find black cock? Thanks for any comments and advices. may be different places? (but with interesting trip too).
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Black Caribbean Man

Hi Dear
I am a black man living on the sunny island of st.maarten in the caribbean and it would be an honor and pleasure to have you here on vaction and be delighted to give you that black cock that you so desire.
I would sleep with you every night of your stay.
In the mean time look up st.maarten on the net and then respond.
I also have pictures that i would love to share with you.
Black Island Man
from Irena

I m sent letter to your email
re: Nigeria

Sounds like a paradise! Incest is a blast! Lots of HIV too I imagine. Why is it that Nigerians are so gung ho about getting out of there anyway?
According to Expatdad Nigeria is one rough place to visit, with danger and chaos all around. I would think kinkray's experience is only the tip of the iceberg..

If I were looking for some African pleasure (and I am !!), then I would opt for a more civilized locale like one of the Caribbean islands, preferably Jamaica.
Jamaica is hardly an African experience.

If you can afford it try the Seychelles.

For Africa for real I would recommend Uganda, relatively stable, with one of the lowest aids rates in the world. I think it has just dropped to 4%
Hey there been there and back be safe over there Aids is everywhere. Dangerous place to get Bred unless you know someone.
Sorry, I meant "African" in the generic sense, not geographic. I'm fully aware of where Jamaica is.
hello irena

hi dear i read ur tread and it sound pretty interesting. wat i want to say all black guyz cock are big but the matter is that u as a female must be satisfied in what eva way u want it. i live in the caribbean, a simple beautiful island of the caribbean sea "st. lucia" i am here to give u maximum penetration with total satisfaction.... interested u're lucky,.. if not blame ur self. we can exchange photo anytime.. super natural.. i don't need no one min. woman.. u must have the ability to stand up to the stamina.. bring it on.. hola me at comp_supplies@hotmail.com if u looking to for a unforgettable moment of ya life time as a female...

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