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Colo married white female looking

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Jun 20, 2004
I think she's ready for her first BM> She is beautiful, blonde, and shapely. 40 years old. PM for a pic. I cannot upload them for some damn reason. Looking for a well built, handsome BM to persuade her. She talks about t a lot, but needs some motivation.
Im a black man in denver. Are you looking?
Yes. I think she is about ready to try black. PM me w/ your e-mail if interested. I can send you a photo since the board is broken.
Send me one TOO!1
I am pretty decent

And about 7 inches thick. Email me a pic of her.....esoteric35@yahoo.com
i am also interested

black man 6 225, 41, been told im easy on the eyes, very interested, you can reach me at bmndenver@Yahoo.com

looking forward to a response

I just wanna fire up your lovely pussy are you ready for..


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