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Cuckolded by Girlfriend & My Mother Part 1

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Pussy Hoover

Boy was Saturday night hot! I haven't got time to tell you what happened in one post so I will split it into parts.

Before Mother arrived, my girlfriend Donna and I prepared for the evening. Donna told me I could wear male clothes, a shirt and jeans, but she made me wear a pair of her black silky panties and a pair of black stockings and garter belt under my jeans. She removed my chastity belt for the evening and I had not been allowed to cum for the last 2 weeks and hoped she would let me on this night. Of course she decided to dress up all tarty to tease the hell out of me! Donna is a hot lady and I am so lucky she is my girlfriend. She is 5ft 6in tall, slim with nice tits and long dark hair.

She put on her figure-hugging black PVC mini-dress underneath which she was wearing no panties, just black stockings and garter belt. She had put on lots of slutty make-up and had made me paint her long, sharp fingernails red eariler that day. She looked totally stunning as usual and my cock was aching to fuck her.

My Mother has shoulder length blonde hair and is about 5ft 4in tall. She is 45 yrs old and has a great figure for her age.

Mother arrived at our house at about 7.30 and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her. Like Donna she had done her make-up to look really slutty with blue eye-shadow and bright red lipstick. She was wearing a tight black leather jacket with a really short and tight black leather mini-skirt, black fishnet stockings and black leather knee high boots with spiked heels. I must admit My Mum looked really sexy and dominant and I blushed with embarrassment when I saw her as my cock stiffened inside my panties and jeans. :oops:

Both ladies laughed at my obvious embarassment and discomfort as Mum teasingly asked me what I thought of her new look. I told her she looked really nice and both ladies laughed again. Mum thanked me and kissed me on the cheek and told me to help her off with her jacket. I proceeded to help her off with her jacket, underneath which
she was wearing a sleeveless, low-cut, leopard print top which showed off plenty of cleveage.

I will post what happened next in Part 2.
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