Cuckolded by Girlfriend & My Mother Part 2

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Donna then ordered me to get her and my Mother a drink so I did as
I was told. This was a night when Donna wanted to demonstrate to
my Mother how much power she had over me and she started by telling
me to get her a cigarette.

As I approached her with the packet of cigs and lighter she ordered
me onto my knees in front of her. I felt a bit weird at first with
Mum watching and everything but did as my girlfriend said as usual.

I sank to my knees and offered Donna a cigarette. She took one and
I dutifully lit it for her and got a hard on when she blew her smoke
in my face. She laughed and asked my Mum if she knew that her son
had a smoking fetish. Mum replied that she didn't even know
there was such a thing and Donna ordered me to offer my Mother a

I rose to my feet and slowly approached my Mum and nervously sank
to my knees again. I shyly asked her if she wanted a cig and she
accepted my offer and pulled one from the pack. I lit her cig
with trembling hands and I was shocked when she copied Donna and
teasingly blew smoke in my face. They both lauged at my clear
discomfort and I was still amazed at seeing my Mother already acting
in such a sexually provocative manner.

I returned to sit on the couch next to Donna while Mother sat in
an armchair opposite us. I must admit, nothing much happened over
the next hour as we just sat and chatted about general things but
after another couple of drinks each the subject of conversation
turned to sex and the whole atmosphere changed in a tick.

Donna was telling Mother about her sexual conquests and how she
loved keeping me in my chastity belt and teasing me. She told
Mother how I did all the household chores and even handwashed her
soiled panties. Mother was clearly lapping all this up and showing
me no sympathy.

The ladies then started to talk about Mother's recent sexual
exploits and I found this really embarrassing. She remarked how
she wished that women in her day had the sexual freedom that today's
young ladies have and how she would have f**cked around a lot more.
She went on to say how powerful she felt when she was dressed as
she was tonight as it allowed her to f**k the men she did want and
tease the one's she didn't want.

Both ladies laughed at this and my hard cock was dying to cum. Not
only at hearing my girlfriend and Mother talking dirty like this
and smoking bu also the fact that my Mum was sitting with her legs
slightly apart and her skirt was so short that I could see a glimpse
of her black panties. I was trying not to look but couldn't help
myself. You know how it is when women are sitting like this. Your
eyes are drawn to that same place. I wondered if she didn't know
she was sitting like this or if she was deliberately teasing me?

I soon found out....

To be continued in Part 3