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Dresses that can become more daring?

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May 17, 2022
Hi everyone! I am looking for some dress recommendations for my wife. Whenever we go out, she is initially reluctant to wear anything too daring, but over the course of the evening, she will become more daring and willing to show more. I've experimented with a couple of outfits, with mixed results. I am looking for a dress/outfit (and even accompanying lingerie?) that would be reasonably nice to start, but that has zippers, buttons, clips or other ways that can make it progressively sluttier and more revealing. My idea is that she'll feel fine at the beginning of the evening in the outfit when it isn't too daring, but as she loosens up, we can progressively undo another button, undo a zipper a bit, or unfasten a clasp to show her off more. Any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated!
She sounds like great fun. The layered look, maybe a jacket covering crop top and braless.

Look at frederick's of hollywood website.
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