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First Black fuck....hope this isn't boring

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New around here...
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May 2, 2004
Hello. Not 4 sure how to say this but I lost my 46 year old white pussy to a young 19 year Black stud. We met almost by accident at my son's apartment. He was there to hang out as my son was leaving 4 work. My son introuded us and he left. As soon as the door shut he looked at me and asked me if I was bored and needed to do something fun. I smiled and said ok. He walked over and placed his young strong Black hands on my shoulder........looked me in my eyes and kissed me. As we kissed I felt his left hand reach back and grab my ass and his right hand slide up and squeeze my right breast firmly. while I returned his kiss he grabbed
my shoulders and pushed me down and I went to my knees in front of his crotch. I was on my knees and felt his left hand grab and rub the back of my head as his right hand unzipped his blue jean shorts. His 10" Black cock fell out in front of my face and without any words I opened my mouth and let my wet tongue fall out to like his Black cock head. I started to lick his cockhead when I felt his strong young hands push my head into his cock and I oped my mouth wide to take all of his sweet 10" Blackness into my wet mouth. I closed my mouth tightly and pulled back and went forward again. Making my mouth tighter against his Young Black cock. I felt both His hands against the back of my head firmly pulling my white face toward his Black cock. I stopped for a second with his Black ccok half in my mouth and he proceeded to fuck my mouth by grinding his Black young groin into my face. I sat there and let him Fuck my mouth. I was feeling ashame dof what I wa sdoing and who I was doing it with. I kept thinking what the hell was I doing when he shot his load hard and fast deep into me. I didn't think much about it and swallowed his Black sprem he shot into my mouth. I felt some some of his load on my lips rolling down from the corners of my mouth. I looked up at with my eyes.....his 10" Black ccok still in my mouth. He smiled and told me to lay back. I pulled back and let his cum soaked Black cock fall out of my mouth . I looked up at him and he smiled at me. It was the kinda smile that made me feel ok and it left all doubts inside of my mind flee. I laid back onto the floor and my legs lifted up into the air and spread open. he was looking at my 46 year old close shaven pussy and smiled. He looked at me and said " I can tell by looking at your white pussy that I am your first Black cock to fuck you". He smiled and I noded and said a quiet "yes babe". He grabbed my legs and spread me wide and placed my legs on the outside of his strong Black shoulders. I gasp for a second and he pushed my legs back toward my shoulders and I felt his wet cum soaked Black cockhead against my wet pussy. H esmiled and I watched him reach down and grab his 10" Black cock and guide it into my open willing pussy. as soon as his Black cockhead was into my pussy lips he let go and as hard as he could he rammed his 10" Black cock into as hard as he could. I screamed and moaned and squirmed and wanted him to stop right then but before I could do anything he again Rammed his 10" Black cock hard and deep inside me. I screamed and moaned . He laughed and then he slowly started to make love to me. I was being to relax and feeling him in me made my insides so hot and warm with sexual desire that I didn't want this to end. I was so hot and wet feeling my pussy being stuffed and rammed with his Black 10" cock that I never wanted this moment to end. I felt my ass starting to gring and raise up toward him even with my legs bent back the way they were. I Just want to feel all of him that I could. He was senceing my hornyiess and started to fuck me faster and harder. I was breathing harder and deeper and wanting him to keep fucking me. I reached back with both my hands and felt his young strong back and reached down an dgrabbe dhis Black ass.
He started to fuck me faster an dhared. all 10" of his Black cock was going deep hard and fast inside me. I let out a loud moan. I felt his mouth suck on my left breast. I was grindin gmy hips faster into his cock. I felt him climax and unload his hot Black cum in me. I felt his 10" Black cock drain both his Black sweet balls of sperm inside my white marriered pussy. I felt him let go of my legs and they fell limply down. I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He pulled out of me. I felt him cumming as he pulle dback. He rubbed his Black cockhead on my pussy lips and then my thighs until he stopped cumming. He got up and looke dat me. I was there on the floor naked with his Black young sperm rolling out of my pussy and down my thighs. I smiled at him. He looke dat me and said " Betty you are the easiest piece of pussy I have ever gotten."
I looked at him and didn't say athing. He reached down and stuck his Black middle finger in my pussy and told me to turn over and get on my knees. as I turne don my side I felt him pull his finger out of me. I got on my knees and he told me to put my head down and then he slapped my ass hard. I screamed and told him not to be so rough an dhe told me to shut up ho and then told me to put both my hands on my ass and spread my ass wide apart. I did and he slapped my ass gently a few more times. It made me feel warm. I let go and he shouted at me to keep my white ass spread and not to do anything unless he told me to. I spread my ass wide and he told me wider...................grabbed my wrist and pushed into my ass cheecks and then pulled outward harder. I moaned and scream. I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. I then felt his 10" Black cockhead touch my asshole. I scream at him No as loud as I could. He ignored me and rammed his 10" Black cock deep inside my asshole. I screamed and almost ready to cry and asked him to stop. He ignorned me and starte dto fuck my virgin white asshole hard. I was screaming and moaning. Crying for him to stop. The more I begged the faster he fucked my asshole. I felt him unload his Black balls inside me. My asshole was tighter then he was used to fucking so he came real fast and hard. He shot a bigger load of his Black cum in my ass then he did inside me.I felt him pull out of me. I collasped and laided on the floor. I watched him pull up his bluejean shorts. He looked at me. "Betty yuo are the biggest and easiest piece of ass from a white marriered ***** I have ever gotten. Next time I'll be sure that you are gangbanged. Later Slut" and with that he left. I laided there on the floor for several minutes and cried. About 30 minutes later I put on my bluejeans, halter top and 4" pumps I had no bra or panties on......... And I went outside to find him for another fuck. [/list][/code]
and with that he left. I laided there on the floor for several minutes and cried. About 30 minutes later I put on my bluejeans, halter top and 4" pumps I had no bra or panties on......... And I went outside to find him for another fuck. [/list][/code][/quote]

Next time, holla at me. you ain't a bit boring
Lemme get this straight...a 10" black dick sunk deep in your ass? And all this also included a blow job as well as doing your pussy? Well, as they say "I don't think so..." Maybe in a fantasy story this is average and pretty typical...but contrary to popular story-telling you just don't push, ram, shove or thrust a dick that big into the anus without serious tissue damage and bleeding. Might sound better using a finger there...sorry, but the story won't fly realistically...
Great Story Betty

I Loved your story Betty!! Congratulations on finally going Black.......like all white women should. jim/jenni
No, this story is not boring

The most exciting thing is here:Older white wife/mom - young black male and the plus in this story is getting to know each other from the son. I like slutty moms who fuck their sons friends...

I wish it was true, I'd love to chat with a mom who has done it.
Written by a guy. Chicks just don't talk like that.
hot fiction erotica
yep i agree

women do it diff to men and you can so tell :blahblah:
Where in MO? We're from there originally. Still get back there.

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