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First time sharing her

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Jul 7, 2024
My first wife was into being shared and often talked about how the idea turns her on. One night we went out with a couple that we were close with for drinks. The other couple ended up in a fight and the guy ( a friend of mine) came back to our place. He was pretty upset and ***** and kept asking to go to a strip club. We convinced him to stay at our place since he’d been drinking and I volunteered to go get more beer. As I was leaving, my wife stopped me in the driveway and mentioned we should do that thing we’ve talked about. I smiled and said let’s see how the evening plays out. When I got back my wife was coming from the bedroom and my buddy was still in the couch but I could see she put on her white stockings when I looked down at her feet.
My buddy kept asking to go to a strip club and how he wanted to see tits. I dared my wife to show us her tits so she lifted her shirt quickly and he was clearly shocked and said now we have to go to a strip club since she’s teasing us. She turned on the stereo and started dancing and asked if that was better. I said it’s not bad but she needs to take off her shirt. She slowly pulled her shirt off and moved towards me. As she was dancing against me, I reached over and unbuttoned her jeans and started pulling them down. She grabbed them at first and I said it was ok then she let them fall and ****** her white thigh high stockings and white panties.
She started dancing against me again but got nervous when I pushed her towards him. I told her to dance for him for a while.
She moved over him and pushed her tits in his face while moving down his chest. Once she got in front of him on her knees she looked at me one more time and I smiled and said go ahead.
She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock and started sucking him slow. After a few minutes he pulled her head back and said he was going to cum. He got her up and turned her facing me on her hands and knees in the couch. As he started taking her from behind she started sucking me. He came pretty quickly and she turned around and said it was my turn.
I went into her ass instead and she instantly stated moaning and put his cock back in her mouth. As she was sucking him and I was fucking her, he pulled her head back and said he was going to cum again. She laughed and said that’s the point and stuck his cock back in her mouth until he came. Watching his cum drip out of the side of her mouth excited me so much that I exploded in her ass. When we were all done she fell on the couch and thanked us both. When he fell asleep on the couch and we went to bed, her and I fucked two more times before falling asleep from all the excitement.
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