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For Thy and Hard

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Jun 5, 2004
I found these in hubbys drawer...I would LOVE to slip one back in with a nigger pounding me. He just does not care for my ASS. I can not lose the extra pounds there. Again thanks for ALL the compliments I believe I am going to try a Black man.


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Lose extra pounds there????....Are you kidding????....You have one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen. If hubby doesn't like it then he doesn't deserve it, and you SHOULD find a black man who would appreciate it, and use it the way it should be used...
why can't I see the pics?

why can't I see the pics?
Nice Butt

I'd love to pound that ass till you scream MORE MORE MORE!!!!
Whte men could never appreciate an ass like that!!!!

That is the kind of ass any black man would like to possess, if you husband don't like it bring it here along with that shaved pussy and I'll take care of you. I would luv to see more of you, on your knees, with your legs on my shoulders, pounding that prime pussy and smankin that fine ass...mmmmmm
He just does not care for my ASS.

Hi Mudshark:
Is your husband blind, cripple or crazy. :? I bet there are many women on this site that wish they had an ass like this. Hey if he doesn't want it give it to me!
The Shark :D
Swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Man I want some of that ass. You need to let me know where to hook up....I have died and gone to heaven a white girl with an ass so ripe I just want to bite both cheeks before I slam some good BBC in there and make you scream for more.
my god what a beautifl woman
love that pretty pussy between those lovely ass cheeks
Mudshark, the men obviously love your bottom, with your pussy on display ready to be penetrated. Hold your head up proudly, you deserve to mate with BBC. Best wishes for your first date.
I had to take another look at that nice heart shaped ass....outstanding!!!!!
Damn! I could have fun with that...

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