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Fox representin, War at Home

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T-Town Brotha26

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Mar 3, 2004
I was watchin TV last night, because my Raiders were losing

I flipped on this Michael Rappaport show. His sitcom kinda blows, but he got a cutie daughter with a lil thuggish brotha.

She was making jokes when she was blowin him, funny shit. Fox comes back as the channel for the brothas!!
this thte girl i was talkin about

she's like 19, not a knockout, but u know I'd knock it out lol


http://imdb.com/gallery/hh/1560236/iid_925974.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=DeFer, Kaylee&seq=16

http://imdb.com/gallery/hh/1560236/iid_926227.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=DeFer, Kaylee&seq=17
show is on tonite on Fox
A lot of shows are sneaking the IR subjects in.

Peace. 8)
Yes...most definitely. One show in particular that caught my eye several weeks ago was featured on the Oxygen Network.

I was sitting around channel surfing one night when I happened upon a show already in progress. I don't know how long it had been running but the brief, ten-minute portion I saw was enough to transform my kitty into a dripping swamp.

The plot was based on an older white mom (mid-40's age, I'd say...a very attractive brunette) with a teenage (18-ish) son, who was apparently friends with this absolutely gorgeous young black guy, who was staying over at their house for some reason, perhaps an extended visit.

Anyway, the mother seemed to be divorced (since no husband/father was ever seen or mentioned)...and obviously lonely for some male attention. There were several scenes of her and her son's black friend secretly eying each other as the three of them sat around in the kitchen...so it was pretty clear she was intrigued by his strong, quiet personality (as was I).

All this eye contact was going on amidst some banal conversation between the three of them, and what was so funny was that the woman's son didn't have a clue as to the hot vibes being passed back and forth between his mom and his friend. It was very obvious they were into each other...or rapidly getting there...so my pulse stared to quicken at the sweet possibilities.

The next scene shows the mother sleeping in her bed (alone) sometime late in the night, and being awakened by the sound of a basketball being bounced outside her window. She gets up and puts on her robe and goes out into her back yard where she sees her son's black friend shooting baskets by himself.

More scenes of hot eye contact.....they talk for a moment ....the guy says he's ready to go back home and apparently he doesn't have wheels, so the woman offers to drive him home. The next scene shows the two of them in her car at some (undefined) location, parked and talking.

The guy senses the older woman's sensual needs and starts putting the make on her. She tries to resist, but he is very insistant and after a moment of fighting him off, he succeeds in locking her in a deep kissing scene. We see her resistance fade (ummmmm) and then he's taking off her blouse, revealing a thin black lace bra trimmed in red, which he proceeds to explore.

The next scene shows her sitting on top of him writhing and moaning, rocking up and down in the typical simulated sex we're all familiar with in the R-rated movies. After they're through, the scene flashes to the next day, where mom, son and friend are back in the kitchen discussing something I can't remember. Anyway, more hot eye contact ensues and this time her son detects that there might be something going on between them. Only, the program seems to fade away with no real conclusion.

The direction of this program was first rate, the acting superb, the casting very well done (very believable) and demonstrated the element that is so sadly absent in the X_rated IR videos.

Long story, but I just wanted to get my feelings out on this subject.

If anyone else has seen this program and wants to elaborate further, I would welcome it.

That Oxygen show sounds good. Anybody know the title?

That FOX show has been showing Promo's all week showing the daughter smooching with the brotha.

I didnt think much of this show when it debut........but now I'am hooked!

Peace. 8)
war at home

anybody have a clip of the white girl smootching the brotha on war at home

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