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Free IR download sites??

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Apr 5, 2005
I am looking for free downloads of movie clips of black and white. Does anyone have any sites to share? Prefer amateur ones :) Kisses
nolaoil said:
I am going to start adding movies to my site every so often(maybe once a week), just stuff off usenet . This is one of Blues usenet posts
Any one can post movie links on my site.

Blond girl gets slapped around and fucked in the ass by BBC
Around 30 MB each

what kind of files are these. can't pull them up in windows media or photo editor?
Found Some

I found some posted in a room at Hyperchat.com
go there and enter, and then in the find box type in IRLUST and go there, then at the top there are 4 movies posted there, black guys doing a blonde. Prety good.
I would if you want

I have some good ones on my computer if you want I'll send for you.

sfbayvideos.com has tons of IR pro/am it is free to join.
When I click on those rapidshare links it says- file not found.
How do you access them?
try *******.com and do a search for interracial or white wife

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