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German Housewife

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I am new to this board and would love to meet some black man.
You look like you taste so good!

I would love a taste of you. :) Do you ever go down to Munich for Oktoberfest?
Hi from Frankfurt

I am a Black American Man living in Frankfurt/Main. I am about 2 hours from Dortmund but very mobile. If you want to get to chat or maybe talk write me at sproty61@breakthru.com
Talk to you soon


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German wife

Silvie said:
I live in Dortmund.

my wife was from Kassel, she was real good to black men.
best of luck to you.
Bin Deutscher Cuckold und träume davon, dass meine Freundin es mit einem Schwarzen treibt.

Suche andere Deutsche Cuckolds zwecks Fantasienaustausch/Spannen? bei einem Bierchen.

Komme aus Düsseldorf.

Meld dich mal!

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