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Girlfriend has told my Mother that she cuckolds me!

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Pussy Hoover

My girlfriend Donna has told my Mother about our cuckold

They have been seeing a lot of each other recently after my Mum's
divorce and they have even been going out to bars & clubs together.

Donna has told her how I wear a chastity belt while she is allowed
to have sex with whoever she wants.

She also told her how she makes me dress in a french maids outfit
and be her sissy slave.

Apparantly my Mother found this really amusing and said she would
love to see me dressed as a girl. She has certainly changed since
she divorced my Father and seems to have a wild side which she
has been keeping under wraps all these years. She has had about
4 different boyfriends in the last 2 months and has started
dressing far more provocatively than she used to.

So they have both arranged that my Mum is going to come round to
our house on Saturday night and I will have to serve them both
while dressed in my maid's outfit. How embarrassing is this going
to be for me??! :oops:

Donna has told me that she has told Mum to dress up all slutty to
add to my humiliation and embarrassment! I've not been allowed to
cum for the last 2 weeks and Donna says I will only be allowed to
if I am totally obediant to Her & Mum and do exactly as they say.

If anyone is interested I will post what happens on this group??

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