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Going all the way!

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My wife has been fucking black guys for amost a year now......we decided her body should be exclusivly for black use only, so she doesn't fuck me any more.......now we have decided to take it one step further....we have chatted about her divorcing me to be a livein slut for black use.....when we talk about it she plays with her pussy and when she says I want to divorce you! she SINKS her fingers into her pussy and always cums....last night she told me she was really getting HOT about divorcing me this way and wants to go ahead with it......so I told her to go ahead and go down to the courthouse and file....I am so proud of her.
my wife

my wife told me she wanted to be my slut for black men soon after we were married.met her in Germany in a bar fucked the first night was a good fuck.when we came back to the US she was hot to fine men to be with, she started off with white men I wanted to see a black man in her real bad so I asked a few friends if they knew any.I was told to take her in town to a adult theater didn't take long for the black men to show up that had me so turned on I started to jack off when one got in her.I went looking for more. they were other Couples there doing the same thing.this was along time ago we are still married.she stoped fucking when they found she had liver canser. she is 72, now looks like she beet the canser she stoped fucking at 65.turning your wife out to black men is a good thing. and I am here to prove it.married 48 years she had black men for 38 of them.
My Wife

We have been married for 38 years and I talked her into going black 38 years ago, right on our wedding night, as a couple we never looked back
Going Black

Good for you! Going black and never looking back is what most white couples SHOULD do. A way for under sized hubbies to make sure that their sexy wives are completely fulfilled sexually all the days of their marrage.
20 Years Of Black Sexing

I've been sharing my sexy blond wife with Blacks for over 20 years now. It's nice to see these posts from other couples who have so much IR experience. By the way, she was only 22 and still my fiance when she sucked off an older Black dude at an adult theatre. Keep up the great posts and here's two recent pics of her sweet round ass.


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I understand that people have interracial fantasies....after all I do and I have been with black men before. But I have to say that I think what has been posted so far in this thread is the biggest load of bullshit. You would divorce your wife so she can go black?? She doesnt have sex with you anymore?? Whats wrong with you people....this stuff is something you should experience together and I'm all for having a little naughty fun on the side but I would never have so little respect for my partner or myself to say "I'm so proud of her" cos she wants a divorce. You know, I thought this site was OK but after reading half of the backward shit here, I think I will reconsider.

I really enjoy seeing jac with other men....I find it thrilling when she is being satisfied. But I wont turn her safety over to another man and I want trust any one enough to leave her with them...And If she wants to divorce me to serve another man then she can go on down the road to do it...It is called having self respect....I suppose in some other alternate dimension that it might be a turn on to have your wife betray you outright and then laugh at (and about) you with her new lover. But to the rest of us all it shows is that you are soft and weak.
I m a white man. And i realize that a few squares back the white folks in America were quite nasty toward there black brethren. i am sorry for whatever part I might have had in that...NO WAIT A MINUTE! My family was in ireland back then so I guess I didnt have any part in that at all.....
What pisses me off to no end is that in the U.S. right now we have folks like you doug who are trying to singlehandledly make up for 300 years of shitty oppresive treatment from the white man to the black man....Doug her is a 411 for you...Black men see you and they associate your grand mall shitheadedness for weakness on all white mens part.
I hope she leaves you too....Because your half witted dilusional state of mind refuses to admit the true sad reality of this whole chinese monkey fuck....and that is....she's already gone and has been for a while....
P.S. I took me a week to get my wife to come to this site and now she probably wont come back....Thanks a lot!!!

The initial thread was bumped after TWO years, and you go and bump the old thread after a further 12 Months !. THe original poster is no longer here and your advice has fallen on ears long since left

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