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good story

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Feb 25, 2004
I thought you all might enjoy this one:

After my new boss, Andre, and his wife moved in and got settled, he invited the people from our department, and their spouses, over to his house for a get-acquainted party. Andre is a very handsome, well build, black man. He is in his early thirties, intelligent and charming.

From the moment we entered his house, my wife seemed awestruck by him. Andre was equally enthralled. My twenty-nine-year-old wife is a brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty. We have been married ten years and have two children. April, however, can still pass as the nineteen year old girl I married. Her picture perfect 37-26-36 body, has remained the same after all these years.

now although I'm sure that April has been totally faithful, she is somewhat of a flirt. She and Andre hit it off right from the start. Every time I looked over they were either immersed deep in conversation or were dancing in a way that looked pretty intimate. I didn't mind April flirting, but I did have one worry. Andre is a very self-confident, decisive individual, and I was worried about her leading him on. I noticed, in the short time he had been in the department, that he had a keen eye for the ladies. I was not convinced he'd always been as faithful to his wife as April and I had been to each other. I was afraid he would misread my wife's naturally flirtacious demeanor. April's never considered herself a cock-teaser, but other men could interpret her actions as just that. Andre wasn't a man to trifle with. I didn't want my wife to jeopardize my standing with my new boss by leading him on.

As the evening progressed, my concerns became greater. They did a lot of crotch rubbing as they danced. The two of them never seemed very far apart. I took the opportunity to talk to her when I saw Andre leave to freshen her drink. "Be careful April, " I said. "I think Andre has ideas about you. He may get uupset when he discovers that you don't have the same thing in mind. If you lead him on, and make him frustrated, he might take it out on me in the office."

My wife nodded and replied softly, "I understand. I won't get you in trouble with him."

When Andre returned, I saw the same kind of coy behavior spring back up between them. I saw Andre whisper something in April's ear. She nodded and the two of them let the room. Nobody else paid them any attention, including Andre's wife, who was chatting with several other people. As unobtrusively as possible, I followed them. Andre led my wife out onto a large screened porch. I went out the backdoor of the kitchen, and weaved along the back of the house until I stood behind the porch, hidden by the shrubs. Very quietly, I pushed the ferns aside, and proceeded to spy on my wife and boss. I nearly fainted at what I saw! My wife was being kissed in Andre's arms! I stared in disbelief as my handsome, black-skinned boss made out with my lovely, petite wife. They were both very turned on. April ground her body against his, as his hands cupped her buttocks through her short party dress. his fingers slid up under her dress, and she moaned with desire. I then heard Andre groan, "I've got to have you, April, to make love to you."

"I can't." My wife stammered as she gazed up at him. "My husband had a vasectomy, and I'm not on the pill. I will suck on you, though. If you want me to, I'll give you a blowjob."

I nearly fell over dead! Not once during our ten years of marriage had April ever offered to take me in her mouth. I then watched dumbfounded as she pulled down his trousers and undershorts. She then kneeled in front of him. Andre's shiny black cock stuck straight out. It was an impressive sight. Though it was only a couple of inches longer than mine, it was nearly twice as thick!

April fondled him with her dainty hands, and then leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. Andre's hands grabbed her head as he thrust his thick cock into my wife's mouth.

In spite of my jealousy I got incredibly turned on. In a flash I got out my own prick, and began jacking off as I watched my boss fuck my wife's face. April may have been a novice, but she was a quick learner. Andre's face tensed and he began to frantically thrust with his hips. My sexy little wife worked hard at sucking that thick black tool. The next moment, my wife's cheeks bulged, and her mouth filled with sperm. She gulped, and sucked down his load. I actually saw a look of satisfaction and lust appear on his face. She took her finger and wiped the head of his cock to get the last drop of come that glitened there. When she was done, she stood up in front of my wobbly-legged boss and said, "Mmmm, very tasty."

Andre grinned. "Lady, " he said. "You're a pro. I bet your husband begs you to do that everyday. God, you're good. He's a lucky man."

My wife smiled seductively and replied, "He doesn't ask me to do that, not anymore at least. He got used to me turning him down years ago. i've never sucked his cock. In fact, that was my first blowjob."

"That's fucking incredible!!" my boss replied. "I hope it's not your last. I'm going to want a lot more sucks like that."

My wife looked down greedily at Andre's cock and said, "Well, I'm sure that can be arranged."

Andre put his hand over April's pussy, but she pushed him away saying, "I think we better get back before our spouses catch us."

"Charlotte would cut my balls off!" Andre said, and he looked nervously around.

My wife giggled and gently fondled his scrotum. "Oh, we wouldn't want that, would we? Then there'd be no more of that delicious cream for me to drink. We better go back in. next time you can eat me out. I'll be looking forward to it."

Andre pulled up his pants and said, "Me too!!"

Nobody noticed them sneak back into the party. And neither would anyone have imagined what the pair of them had been up to. I f you looked closely though, you could see that Andre's prick was still hard. Surely, my innocent little wife's pussy was burning with desire. On the way home I waited for April to confess. When it was obvious to me that she wasn't going to, I decided to say something.

"I would say that you and my boss hit it off quite well, " I commented. My wife turned to me smiling, and said, "I'd say that right now that you are in his good books, honey."

The look in her eyes told me not to do any more probing. She faced the windshield and we drove home in silence.

The next evening the phone rang. It was my boss on the other end. I was really taken off guard when he asked to speak to my wife. "Sure," I said as naturally as possible, and passed her the telephone. She took the cordless phone from my hand and headed for our bedroom, closing the door after her. She didn't come out for nearly an hour. I was sorely tempted to pick up another phone and listen in, but I didn't dare. I was not sure how April would take it if she caught me eavesdropping. Also, Andre was my boss, and I didn't want to make him angry. When I asked April what he'd wanted, she just gave me a sexy smile.

He called again the following Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen as my wife took his call. After talking a few minutes she said, "Yes, i think I could do that. How long? Well why don't you give me twenty minutes. That should be enough."

When April got off of the phone, she said to me, "Honey, that was Andre. He's coming over to visit for a while. He wants to see me alone. I told him I'd have you take the kids to the park? You know how they love that. Why don't you give us a couple of hours, you can come back at about half past eleven." When I questioned her she looked at me as if to say not to worry. I love you.

Ten minutes later, April had me loading my delighted kids into the car. I knew that she was going to have sex with my boss. I heard her tell him she would give him another blowjob, and I'd heard him reply that he wanted to lick her pussy. I even think April knew full well that I knew what was going on.

Without a protest, I did as she asked. It was very clear that there was absolutely nothing I could do to change her mind. Surprisingly, I didn't want to. She was becoming much more adventurous in our marriage. As I drove off, I realized things had changed between us. I couldn't believe my beautiful wife was having sexual relations with other men and I was totally for it.

At the park, I ran into Tom, a friend of ours. He was there with his two kids. They are the same age as ours, and play together frequently. I asked Tom if he would mind looking after my kids for a short while. He seemed happy to oblige. I then headed straight for my house. I parked up the street and walked the rest of the way.

Once home, I sneaked into the backyard, and peeked through the bedroom window. Sure enough, Andre and April were in there. It was a pleasant spring day and the window was open. I could both hear and see them. Stripped to their underpants, they lay on the bed and made out. I watched my wife lift her hips so Andre could peel off her scanty panties.

He looked at my wife's naked body and said, "God, you're one sexy woman, April. You wouldn't believe how much I want to fuck you. Since you won't let me, I'm going to lick that pretty little pussy of yours until you go nuts!"

April's head jerked and she uttered a deep moan as his mouth went to her slot. Andre put his hands on each of her hips and made a feast of her snatch. She was hunching, bucking and groaning like crazy, as he ate her out. I was beating off furiously, watching my black boss perform oral sex on my willing wife. He soon had her close to orgasm. As her lustful passion grew, April became much more vocal. finally his oral stimulation on her genitals had her close to climax, and in such a state of need, she could take no more.

"No, No! Wait! Andre stop! I want you. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me! Do it! I want it! Fuck me. Please Andre, fuck me, oh fuck me hard!!"

She was so loud, I was afraid the neighbors might hear. Andre lifted his mouth away. He gave a dirty grin, and pulled off his boxer shorts. He pulled on his cock a few times to bring it to a full erection, and then lined it up at her pussy.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! She was actually going to do it! My wife was actually going to let my boss fuck her.

Andre's cock is extremely thick, but my wife was so slickly wet that in one thrust he was able to sink the whole hard eight inches into her. My wife uttered a grunt, and her body shuddered as she was penetrated. She wrapped her legs around his waist and began hunching back as he fucked her. I pumped my own prick like mad as I looked at the entwined mass of ebony and ivory flesh on my bed.

They didn't last long. Neither did I. minutes later, April's writhing body bucked up and she let out a deep animal cry. As she climaxed Andre stiffened as he filled her overflowing pussy with his sperm. When I saw my boss blast his seed up in my wife, I came all over the side of the house. Their mouths met in a furious kiss as they climaxed together.

When they had recovered, Andre turned April over on her hands and knees, and fucked her doggie-style. I'd never heard her so loud and verbal during sex. she kept telling Andre to ram his huge black cock inside her. At each thrust, she praised his beautiful black cock and told him how good it felt. When they came again, she turned her over her shoulder and they kissed passionately. I dribbled my second load on the ground as I watched.

I quickly stuck my sore cock back in my pants and returned to the park. I stopped by the McDonalds to get the kids something to eat. I found my wife naked and asleep in our marital bed. She looked over at me dreamily as I sat down beside her.

"You had sex with him didn't you?" I asked.

"Uh huh," April replied. "You certainly knew what was going to happen when you left didn't you?"

I could not deny it. I nodded. "You let him fuck you. You wanted him to. You even let him shoot his come in you," I said looking down at her crotch and spunk-stained pubic hair and swollen pussy.

'Yes," April replied. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"And what about now?" I asked. "Does it seem like a good idea now?"

April stretched her arms above her head, yawned, and replied dreamily, "I have no regrets."

The slinky smile on her face and the look in her eyes, told me that she enjoyed herself immensely. My wife was discovering a whole new sensuality within herself. She was clearly taken aback, as her slumbering female sensuality awakened. She knew instinctively that I would accept whatever she decided. My lover for her knows no bounds. She then glanced at my crotch and let out a giggle.

"I can see that you don't really have any regrets either, my dear," she observed.

My erection told her that I was deriving a vicarious sexual thrill from her affair. I couldn't deny it. The bulge in my pants revealed it all. I knew that any attempts to stop her indulging in extramarital sex were futile, and that was fine by me. The image of her agile naked body, bucking like a deer, under Andre's made me realize that the was not my sweet wife April. The woman sprawled before me, fondling her crotch, was a steely, determined woman. She grinned naughtily. "Well?" she said. "What are you waiting for? Take your clothes off. I let you have sloppy seconds on me."

Hurriedly, I stripped and made love to my wife. I fucked her pussy which was still full of Andre's creamy sperm.

That Saturday was just over three weeks ago. Since then, Andre has been coming by our house about three times a week. When he calls, April makes sure that I take the kids out for pizza or something. All so that my boss can fuck my wife at our house, in our bed. When I get home, she lets me make love to her. Her pussy is always wet and slick with Andre's hot sperm.

I ran into Andre's wife a few days ago with the kids at the mall. She saw me and said, "You're April's husband, aren't you?" I nodded. She looked at the kids and remarked, "I see she's got you out baby-sitting the kids while she entertains my husband at your place."

I blushed beet red, trying to think how I could deny it. I never go the chance.

She said, "My husband's always had some little tart at the office he likes to diddle on the side. Pretty little secretaries, all in a row. I must say, though, that this is the first time he's taken on one of his employee's wives as a plaything. Oh well, I don't care if you don't. Andre knows I don't mind just so long as he's still got enough to take care of my needs. And he has"

"But you might want to watch out, Andre's really hung, and he definitely knows how to take care of a woman. You'd better be careful or she's liable to loose interest in the old in-and-out. Many women have become addicted to my husband's cock. I know, because I'm one of them."

I didn't say what I was thinking as Andre's wife spoke to me. I didn't say that April was already addicted to Andre's cock. She is still my wife, and I still make love to her, but, it is Andre's gleaming black girth that really turns her on. My wife is addicted to my boss's big black cock! Soon I'm sure she'll have his black baby.
hell of a good yarn. Any truth in it. Is there a sequel when having pregged Apri, Andre takes off after another wife or secretary. 8)
tell us more, that is one hot story. Did your boss give you a raise or promotion for her efforts with him? how about a picture of april
little cucks get rewarded with creampies, but never promoted.

Hot wives get rewarded with more money, sexy clothes, well-fucked pussies, black babies, promotions, and of course, the majority of their housework is done by cucky to please her and make her feel fresher for dating with her growing list of big cock bulls.
We need more!!!

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