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Gorgeous White women

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New around here...
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Nov 16, 2005
Hello. New to this site. Very interesting.

White male. 22. And single. No i don't have a wife to offer but i love and admire sexy white women. I find it Erotic watching White women making love with black guys. To me it's more of a turn on to watch a sexy white woman kissing and staring into the eyes of the black man shes fucking/making love to,telling him sensual things like "i love you" in the midst of lust. Saying anything at that moment because she is so turned on. It makes me jealous and burns inside that it's actually a turn on.

I have found alot of sexy White wives on this website and the black men that love to fuck them. Very nice site. Nice board. Free? unfuckingbelievible.

P.S...I have nothing against humiliation and degradation. That's a major turn on also. But it's more taboo seeing a sexy young blonde white woman with gorgeous blue eyes staring into the eyes of the aggressor telling him she loves him and needs his Rising love :wink:

Anyone else agree. I hope to start some intelligent conversation. Thanks
im on your team

Singlew. I'm also swm though I'm old enough to be your father but I have to agree with everything you said in this post. It's good to hear from a young white guy that knows his place and realizes how pretty white girls and dark african males are a perfect match. It's great to see a lovely white girls with a black bull between her legs humping her vigorously and I love to see her hands on his back and legs wrapped tightly around him like shes scared to death that he WON'T cum in her. I love to see them kissing and fucking with lots of hot passion with them making eye to eye contact as he plants his negro seed in her womb. I'm on a constant lookout for white girls I see in public showing any sign that she prefers black cock over white and thanks to so many young brazzen white girls and the arrogant black studs that hit on them it's getting more common and give me plenty of food for jerking off.

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