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Guidelines for Hot Wives

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The following are suggestion for the woman who has made the decision (along with her husbands support) to be involved in the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. I think these suggestions work well with all men but my own experience is derived from my dating of black men exclusively.


(Points to Remember)
 You are no longer dressing for yourself. You are no longer dressing for your husband. You are no longer dressing for other women as most women are prone to do. You are dressing for other men. You are dressing to attract and please those men.
 Dressing to please and attract other men takes more time and work but it will pay off tremendously in amount of attention you receive and how it affects your own “hot wife attitude”. You should always keep in mind what the men you are trying to attract will probably like but in general follow this simple rule when choosing what to wear: “Think dress first, skirt second and pants only as a last resort.” This will be a radical change for many women but it’s important to remember that most men (and virtually all black men) prefer their women in dresses as opposed to pants. Dresses and skirts are sexier to most men and they provide easier access in erotic situations. Until I started this lifestyle, I wore pants the great majority of the time but it’s rare now that I step into a public situation when I am not in a dress or skirt. You never know when you will have the opportunity to attract that certain man and you need to be dressed for the opportunity when it comes. The good news is that the lifestyle will probably make you feel like dressing up more and the more you wear dresses and skirts, the more you will find yourself wanting to.
 What you wear under your dress or skirt is as important as the outfit itself. All men like lingerie but black men love lingerie. The colors and styles your lover (s) may want you to wear will vary but in general, here Are some suggestions ands rules to follow:
1. Always wear matching or at least coordinated lingerie.
2. Thongs or French cut panties are the most preferable. If you are with your lover on a more consistent basis, no panties is the best option.
3. Always wear hosiery unless your lover tells you not to.
4. Always wear stockings with a garter belt or thigh highs when in the presence of black men. Men in general don’t care for pantyhose and black men absolutely hate them. If you are like me, you probably have worn pantyhose your whole life. Trust me when I say however, that stockings will make you feel far sexier and more feminine and they provide your lover an easier access as well as a sexier site. Once you get used to wearing them; you will probably have no trouble giving up pantyhose. Seamed stockings are the ultimate for attracting men. You will always get a lot of attention in clubs if you wear them and if you dare to wear them in public in the daytime, men will drool.
 The only shoes you should ever wear in public are high heels. This will take some getting used to as well but men love them. 3-4 inches are fine for work. Try for “4-5” heels for dates.
 Anklets worn on the ankle are a good sign in clubs that you are a willing hot wife looking for men. Always wear your wedding ring. Black men love knowing that they are going to fuck a white man’s wife!


Flirting and Teasing:

1. In a situation where you are trying to catch a potential lovers eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.
2. Show lots of leg. Cross and uncross your legs and if you find that you are very attracted to him, eventually let it ride high enough so that he can see that you are wearing stockings and garters. In black clubs; a white woman wearing stockings and garters is taken as a sign that she is there to get fucked. And of course you are.
3. Apply and reapply lipstick. The men want to see signs that you can’t wait to suck their cocks and lipstick is a great way to send that signal.
4. Never miss the opportunity to drop something and bend over.
5. Touch and smile.

Sexy Situations:

1. If a man puts his hand up your dress; whisper in his ear and ask if him if he would like you to remove your panties.
2. If he compliments your dress; tell him you wore it hoping to meet a man like him.
3. Never miss an opportunity to tell him how sexy he is and how sexy and feminine he makes you feel.
4. Sex in unusual places is wonderful but if your lover suggests a place you are uncomfortable, suggest an alternative and tell him much you want to do it with him. A few places I have tried and highly recommend are:
 Sucking your lovers cock in the back of a cab.
 Back rooms or managers offices at clubs.
 Restrooms are hot but can be risky and even dangerous. Choose wisely.
 Stairwells and parking garages.
5. Always leave on your stockings and high heels during sex unless your lovers asks you to remove them. Most men find it sexier.


1. Condoms-I know; I hate them too but sometimes they are necessary.
2. An extra pair of stockings. Runs are never acceptable.
3. Lube
4. Business cards to give to men you meet.


1. Never dress for your husband the way you do for your lovers. I never wear a dress for my husband unless the situation absolutely demands it and if it does I I wear pantyhose under it and low heels. He needs to know a woman dresses to please real men; not him.
2. Never miss an opportunity to have your husband help you get dressed for your lover. Making him buy lingerie or dresses for you to wear for your lover is also a good way to drive him wild.
3. Make him rinse out your lingerie and keep your wardrobe in order.
4. Make him do housework when you are out with other men.
5. Always tell him how wonderful your lovers are in bed and how much you enjoy pleasing them.
6. Have 2 or 3 things you do for your lovers that you won’t do for your husband and make sure your husband knows it. For instance; since dating black men I no longer suck my husbands cock and anal sex and facials are something I have never allowed my husband. They are however routine with my black lovers.
7. Some women find it exciting to feminize their cuckold husbands to keep them in a humiliated state. It’s not something I would enjoy but I know one woman who forces her husband to dress in full female attire whenever he is at home. It works for them.
8. Call your husband while you are with another man. Make him listen or have your lover tell him all the things he plans to do to you.

These are just a few ideas and suggestions I have accumulated from my own experiences. I would love to hear from men, women and cuckolds with any questions or suggestions they might have. Best of luck! Roxanne rrfanr@yahoo.com
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Great Post!!

Intelligent, truthfull and funny, great post!
Hey Dawn. Great ideas to encourage more white ladies to go black. I'm a 24 yo white guy and since my gf left me for a black guy I'm getting all my sex alone. I often get jealous when I hear about white women putting out for black men and giving us white guys the cold shoulder but its something we have to deal with these days and make the most of it. Thanks. I'll be masterbating thinking about you.

I have taken your ideas and some of your words and make them into a "story." I'd like to dredit you. How doI do so? Just DawnMWF4Blk?

This contains some excellent advice for a white couple to add sexual eroticism to make the bull more excited and a heavier creamer,

Dressing up is very important to enhance the mood of the seduction.

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