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Hello ladies..

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New around here...
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Nov 12, 2004
I'm in the southeast. Any ladies interested?


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love that girth

fat for my tits
my mouth is open for your blk sperm mmmmm
I love your black cock


As I stare at your awesome black pole I can not even imagine have good it must feel to have that for a cock. My penis is so much smaller It's a joke. I know my role in this. It is my job to get whit pussy to black cock like your own. I am now training my second white woman to serve BBC. The first is a total black cock ***** and in out there giving it to BBC when called. She is in a small redneck town where BBC was wasted before. Now she fucks married Black guys on their way home from work. My new project is proving a little more challanging. After years I finialy got her to take her first Black. But now instead of going for it she has stopped. The sex was so good so much better than expected she is scared of what she might become.

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