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Help Lady Beque Cuck her Husband - Bull in new england

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Mar 24, 2005
I your a regular reader of www.ladybeque.com you know one of the central themes is about the relationship of her and her husband. They both have a sense that they’d like to live as a fulltime dom/sub couple but can’t jump into it fulltime. They’ve played some games where the Lady has been allowed to fuck other men and it’s ended up in disaster and has hurt their marriage. They haven’t done anything like this in 9 months.

Well, after thinking about it for sometime I’m ready and want to do this. I want to completely surrender to my wife and become her fulltime slave and cuckold….and I want to do this in public.

I am committing:

To serve Lady Beque for the rest of my life making her happiness the most important thing for me. I will do whatever I need to make her happy, place my happiness second, and work to learn how to better please her.

I surrender all my martial rights regarding sex. I accept that from this point forward her lips will never touch my cock again. Even if she is in the mood and tries to I will resist and not allow her to suck my cock. I will never ask to have sex with her and will never complain about not being allowed to. If she does have sex with me it will only be in the dominant position of her on top, I accept that I will not be allowed to get off unless she does and she gives me permission to, and I accept that I will clean up all my own cum.

I accept that by submitting to a Women I am accepting my submissiveness and role of being in service to men. I will blow or be fucked by any man Lady Beque commands me to. I will strive to please as many men as possible, to allow them to use me in any way they want, and to work to ensure that I’m the best sexual experience of their life making my Mistress proud. I accept that when having sex with a man I will not think of it just as gay sex but will focus only on the fact that I’m not enough of a man to please my wife so I must submit and accept being in an obedient feminine role with a superior man. I understand that I will never be allowed to fuck a man or be blown by one, even by other submissive men. I can only be relieved by masturbating when my partner is totally satisfied and if he allows me to.

I accept that my wife has total sexual freedom to fuck anyone she wants, anytime she wants, and anywhere she wants. These men can be strangers, regular fuck buddies, ex-boyfriends, my friend, even my co-workers or boss. She can do this in front of me, other people, or just send me out of the house to have alone time.

I also accept that my highest goal to work toward is to be in the presence of the men she decides to fuck. To serve them and make them feel comfortable, to clean them when they finish, and if they are open to it sexually please them. I will always have respect for these men, address them as Sir or Master, and acknowledge their superiority to me thanking them for pleasing my wife.

I also accept that I’m there to be humiliated and degraded by my wife for her and her lovers amusement. If having me get on my knees and suck her lovers cock makes her laugh and gets her more turned on watching her lover make me his bitch I will gladly do this and be happy to be of service to her.

Finally, I agree that I will work with my Mistress to give her ideas and techniques to train me. I want to use hypnosis so I can’t disobey her, can’t achieve an erection without her permission, and to automatically feel submissive to any man who’s cock I suck. I will encourage her also to use hypnosis to help her want to make me submissive to as many men as possible. I want to use conditioning and punishment to train me to jump whenever she wishes. I want her to put me in situations where I’m more and more humiliated to demonstrate her control making me accept it. I will wear a chastity belt when she requires it, I will masturbate to things she wants me to like pictures of her lovers cock as a conditioning method, I will always wear an electric shock collar so she can punish me at will.

Finally, I will work to make my submissiveness to her so complete mentally and physically I can’t even consider leaving her. In addition I will provide her with blackmail material so if I was ever to leave her she could wreak my career. I will also obtain legal documents so that if I was ever to leave her should she would get everything.

So, with all of this I need your help. She is hesitant to jump into this again. I want everyone on this board to write her and encourage her to do this. I know you all like the pictures of her having sex…..at the age of only 22 she has had sex with around 300 men. If we live this way and she embraces her sexuality again you’ll be seeing a lot more of these type of pictures up here. If you’re into this lifestyle I know she’ll make me post every detail up here….write about every guy she fucked, how I felt, about guys I’ve had sex with, and so on. If you’re gay or bi she might select you as one of the men to help train me and keep me in my place…..sucking cock is the most submissive act I can imagine and one that makes me feel totally in that state. If she likes you she might have it so I go over your house and blow you whenever you want. Imagine having a no hassle blow job just by placing a single call. The biggest thing is if you’re a bull or real stud maybe she’ll fuck you…..I can tell you she is the most amazing person ever in bed….you’ve never experiences anything like her. If you help her cuck me you might have the chance to have sex with her.

Post in her forums. If you’re a bull send pics to trinity@ladybeque.com and I’ll make sure she see them and I'll masturbate to them then writes about it in the forum. If you’re a bi guy into cuckolding, especially a black man, write her soon since this all starts with me being taught my place. Also, there is a guy we played with once called Harry, I mentioned how turned on I was watching him cum on her back and how I felt so emasculated watching I couldn’t even maintain an erection…encourage Lady Beque to invite him over for the weekend to start training me how to please a man in every way possible. Also, there is a man that she was fucking that I hated and we fought over all the time. Encourage her to fuck him again, to share with him how much of a sissy submissive I am, bring home used condoms of his, use him every way possible to humiliate me and for her to get a bit of revenge over all the fights we had. Everyone else, just post in her forums over and over again or email her directly at mistress@ladybeque.com
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Isn't this an amazing look on her face as she's have an orgasm with her husband sitting back and watching.

All good pics from this beauty are gone from the net :(

Cant someone upload her nude pics somewhere? :whip_it:

She was my fav girl on the internet and it really sucks that all good pics are gone

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