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Help me convince my wife

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Nov 19, 2005
I need the assistance of a black stud to MAKE my wife try some more bbc.
She don't look like she needs any convincing to me, that looks like some black cock stuffed at both ends.
looks like she dosnt need convincing.........

Want to volunteer???
Did you already discussed with your wife? Is she afraid for the consequences or is she a decent wife that wants to keep up her standards? Is she hot when you make love to her and you wishper dirty stories about BBC in het ear? Tell us more and show a (decent) picture of your wife. We will work on your problem and ssolve in a way you perhaps will regret.... :twisted:
She is a decent wife with good morals.

I'm the bad part of this relationship. Yes she is HOT when we make love.
I just want her to be able to reach a place in sexual pleasure she doesn't know exists. I read over and over again how a black man (or men) can
make a white women have orgasm after orgasm with their lovemaking
ability and I want to witness it for myself. I am the one that wants to see it happen, not her. I'm obsessed with BBC and my wife. I've asked her about being with black men and she says absolutely NOT!!!!! I probably should just give up.
Tried to reach you!

Hey white boy I got your e-mail back. Your address doesn't seem to be in order ;-)

Not the way to convince your wife...
more pics

she loves BBC and I love to watch and clean up afterwards.

Hi lonesome hubby, do you have a strategy? Or did you bluntly said to her I like to see you fuck BBC?
You hould build it up. Don't finish her up when she is hot. Don't give her any orgasms any more.. Stop before that happens.

Leave some magazines behind in your home when you go to work in which (happy) white babes get a lot of BBC... You should afterwards check if she has read them? If so you can leave a DVD behind.

Buy a black dildo and put it in a place where she sometimes has to look for soemthing... Talk to her when she is hot (but remember NO orgasms!!!)


My strategy would be to stay in a nice hotel with a bar. We could dance, have some drinks to loosen up. You could ask her to dance and if all went well after a few dances, tell her you are a massage therapist. She has been wanting a massage for a long time but I havent found the right guy yet. The last massage she got was from a white pudgy guy with acne that hummed while he worked. It drove her nuts. She agreed to a massage by a native Aruba man when we were in Aruba. When we could not find one she was dissapointed.
The added photo is my dream. Do you guys think she is hot.
She Did It Finally

I Finally Convinced Her To Take A Bbc. Now She's Hooked.
White chuck gives up?

So your endevour has stopped and you wife stilll has to crave for BBC... She wants it so badly, don't ypu understand... You have to be moore subtile... Put a normal sexy photo on the web and wait for the reactions.... ;-)
looks like you succeded

sounds great where you guys located would love to be part of that ny here

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