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Help Me Cuckold My Husband in Chicago

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We are a couple in the Chicago area seeking a black lover for wife’s first time and also for a long term ongoing sexual-ONLY relationship. We have shared the mutual fantasy of her fucking a well-endowed black stud for several years now. We do have some very specific requirements, so please don’t waste your time responding unless you meet all or most of them. We are trying to be upfront and honest about what we want and not waste anyone’s time, so please don’t waste ours either. If you don’t read our entire ad, don’t bother responding as your message will be deleted.

First of all, here is more about us. She is a very attractive housewife, 5’6”, 140lbs, long brown hair, with average build. She is very submissive and looking to be a slut for the right black man. Husband is submissive and has encouraged her to take a lover outside of the marriage for quite some time. Wife has always been highly excited by the though of being with a black stud. Wife intends to cuckold him to some extent once she finds the right lover. That may mean he is just limited to sex at a time of her choosing, or she might completely cut him off from intercourse in the future – wife has not decided for sure yet. Wife intends to humiliate husband by having him watch her fuck my dominant new lover on a regular basis, while reminding her husband that he has relinquished his “marital rights” and that her pussy is no longer his, but the property of her new lover. Husband will arrange and be present at all meetings. He will wear panties and masturbate as he watches wife with her lover, and may at times assist wife as needed (eating her beforehand to get her ready for her lover’s cock). He will not be allowed to have intercourse with wife while she is with her lover. Husband is 100% straight, but wife may request that hubby assist with directing lover’s cock into her pussy, especially the first time.

Who we are seeking: A well-endowed, educated, discreet, D/D free, single, professional black gentleman (preferably an executive-type) who is dominant, but not overly aggressive (NO married men). Age is not as important as having the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. He should reside in the Chicago area, and be willing to travel to meet us, as we have young kids and cannot do any extensive traveling ourselves. We are not interested in out-of-town men “who frequently travel to Chicago”. If you don’t permanently reside in the area, please don’t bother responding. He should be vasectomy-safe, be willing to wear a condom during intercourse (we are not willing to take risks with disease!), and be in reasonably good physical shape. He should have good stamina and also be willing to help wife verbally and mentally humiliate cuckold husband. Social drinkers are ok, but we are non-smokers and prefer the same. We do not tolerate recreational drug use of any kind. You must be ok with the fact that husband will be on all dates. We are extremely discreet and expect that you be too. You do not need to be an experienced swinger to contact us – in fact, we prefer that you are not since we are very concerned about disease – you should be too!! This is why we are only seeking one guy. She does not have too many limits in the bedroom – except that she will NOT engage in anal sex – period! So please don’t ask or push the issue. Wife is highly sexual and wants to become a total slut for the right man. She is interested in engaging in activities she would never consider with her husband. For instance, she is hopeful she can find a guy who is willing to shoot his cum on her face and tits, but also allow her to swallow his load. She may then share a cum-swapping kiss with panty-wearing husband. She rarely performs oral sex on her husband’s small cock, but will immediately drop to her knees and lovingly suck her black lover’s cock upon his instruction.

If you have taken the time to read our entire email to this point, and we hope you have, please put the words Help Me Cuck Hubby in the subject line of your reply. If we don’t see this, we will know you didn’t take the time to read our message and will simply delete your email. Please also include more than a one line reply with your message, telling us how you meet our requirements and also a little about yourself. Sorry if we appear a bit harsh, but we feel this is necessary to weed out the fakes and game players that seem to be so prevalent in this lifestyle. We also require face pics before we meet, so if not with your initial reply, then shortly after, and if you are not prepared to share at some point, please don’t waste your time, as we don’t meet without seeing what you look like. We are honest people and will immediately share g-rated (and x-rated if you like) pics of wife with any serious guys. We promise to be discreet and keep your photos in confidence as we hope you will with ours. First meetings will be arranged by phone with husband. We do want to talk to you first so we can verify you are real. We will not guarantee that she will “play” on the first meeting. It may just be social to see if all parties are comfortable. Yes, even cuckold husband has a say – after all, this is his wife. If, however, there is an instant connection wife is certainly open to going all the way. Potential lovers can contact her at marriedwhitepussy4bc@yahoo.com.

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