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Her Whipping Boy

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This is our story.

Her Whipping Boy:

You can refer to me as "Her Whipping boy" and I am not sure where to actually begin. Let me start by introducing myself, I am in my late thirties and my girlfriend is one year older then I. I am an average built man at 5'11" and around 180lbs. I have what my girlfriend would call a baby face and I am above average looking. I have never had a problem getting a date or meeting women, but when I meet my girlfriend I new it was love at first sight. She was so attractive, long sandy blond hair, a perfect "A" sized chest and very tight juicy cunt that is multi orgasmic. Picture Farrah Faucet and you would know what she looks like. After our first night together, I knew I would do anything for her.

She was a complete turn on and had me hard all the time. We fucked like bunnies as much and wherever and whenever we could. She was more experienced and open-minded and could distinguish between sex and love (Something I could not). She has told me about times/places that she has had sex and it always turns me on and started my fantasies of her getting fucked while I watched. Previously I had always had the typical male fantasy of two women on one guy but all of that has changed over the past few years.

I admit that I do not have the biggest penis or thickest but I know that I am not small, just average. Still I am a little insecure over my size so I try to make up for it with my tongue and have been told that I am a great pussy licker. The first time I introduced my fantasy of her being with another man she got very upset. Sometime later I brought it up during one of our love making sessions and this time she played along. We played these fantasy games for a long time. I would ask her if her lover filled her and she would say yes and cum hard right then. She would then have me eat her out and ask me how he tasted. After I would cum she would have me clean her up by eating it. She was learning that I am a closet cuckold or maybe is training me to be one. One day she also warned me that someday I might get what I had been asking for so be careful.

Fantasizing about other men in bed with us or with her out with them became part of our standard sex play. Since I am not that big and am done when I cum I had to introduce sex toys into our play sessions so that she could be satisfied. She would tell me that she needed her boyfriend to satisfy her since I could not and would tell me to get her ready for him. She would have me suck on his cock to make sure he was wet so he could slide in and fill her up. She always came quick and hard when she was getting fucked by "Others". After he was done fucking her she makes me clean him up and then clean her up. Sometimes she lays on top of me in the standard 69 position while “He” fucks her because she wants me to watch him stretch her out. She also has me suck on his balls and her clit as she is getting fucked. She started to play with my ass while she would get fucked and tell me that her other boyfriends want to fuck my ass if I don’t clean her up good. I actually liked the feel of what she was doing bud did not dare to tell her.

As we settled into a D/s relationship and she started to like being the dominant one. Despite being the boss at work, or maybe because of being the boss, I liked her being in charge. Eventually, she made sure that I "served" her sexually. I also liked it when she tied me up and took advantage of me and "used" me. Sometimes I would merely eat her to orgasm or she would ass fuck me with her strap-on. I would not let on that I liked to get ass fucked so I would complain that it hurt but what I really wanted for her to be more "forceful" and take me like she was envisioning her "boyfriend" taking me. You see, I like nasty things and want her to do things to me that she "REALLY" wants to do.

Since I do not last that long and she now has me put on her strap-on so I can fuck her with a "real" dick. She makes sure that my little cock is tucked behind the real cock when she is getting fucked good and hard. We recently purchased a very large cock that squirts cum and after she is fucked by this boyfriend she has me eat her out for hours while she has multiple orgasms. We then pretend that it’s real cum as I start to eat out of her. I only wish that we could do this for real. .

Since we started doing this I now have this little fantasy

I hope that she surprises me this weekend with a freshly fucked pussy with cum dripping out of it. My surprise would go like this:

She calls me up on the phone:

me: Hello?
Her: pussyboy hurry up and get home. I have a surprise for you.
me: You do?
Her: Yes, its something that you need and want
me: (My mind is racing trying to figure out what she is talking about)
Her: When you get here I want you to come to the bedroom and undress. You will see a blindfold on the bed and feet/hand restraints. Please put on the leg restraints and one of your arm restraints and finish with the blindfold.
I will be there shortly. Do you understand what is required of you?
me: Yes mistress
Her: Click

As I drive down her street I notice the light in her bedroom turns off. I start to wonder what she is up to as I pull into her driveway. I park my car and start to walk into the house through the garage. I smell the telltale scent of a cigarette and I know that something just happened. I shut the garage door and got an Mt Dew and bottle of water out of the fridge (I know my mistress needs cold drinks and I want to please her) and climb up the stairs to her bedroom. My heart is beating 100 beats a min and I am hard as a small rock.

I enter her bedroom and her bed is a complete mess. Her sheets are all over the place and I see spots on the bed. I strip out of my cloths and put her drinks on the night stand next to the bed. I then lay down on the bed and do as instructed.

I wait for what seems 10 - 15 min before I hear her bathroom door open. I smell her even before she gets within 5 feet of me. I feel the bed move as she climbs on the bed. She whispers in my ear "Are you ready for your surprise" as she restrains my other arm.

I say "Yes mistress" as I feel my cock being stroked. She then says "You just missed my boyfriend. He has been here all night fucking me like a real man. His cock completes me and stretches me to my limits. Do you like your girlfriend getting fucked by a real stud?"

"Yes, I do mistress" I answer. I am dry fucking the air I am so aroused. She laughs and says "I did not care if you would have said yes or no because that is the way its going to be for now on" I feel the bed move and then feel her body and can smell her pussy and jism as she lowers herself onto my face. My girlfriend then says that she is going out in a little bit to meet him again but needed to get cleaned up before I meet him" With that she pushes her pussy lips onto my mouth.

I can not move and am ****** to eat her out. As soon as my tongue enters her she starts to cum which forces his cum into my mouth. I gobble up as much as I can as she slides up and down my face. She asks me "Does my pussy boy like his girlfriends pussy all wet like this?" I can only mumble "yes” She then tells me that when she comes home later after her date she will make sure that I get more.

I would love for her to surprise me with a night like that. I would not know if it was a real man or her using her new toy. Either way, her pussy would look freshly fucked as it should be.......


Her Whipping Boy II

Her Whipping Boy Part 2
By: HerSlaveBoy

Quick background information if you have not read my first post.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am in my late thirties and my girlfriend is one year older then I. I am an average built man at 5'11" and around 180lbs. I have what my girlfriend would call a baby face and I am above average looking. I have never had a problem getting a date or meeting women, but when I meet my girlfriend I new it was love at first sight. She was so attractive, long sandy blond hair, a perfect "A" sized chest and very tight juicy cunt that is multi orgasmic. Picture Farrah Faucet but add the great twist of being my “Dominatrix”.

Mistress has really assumed her role as the dominant one in our relationship (Thank goodness) and started to make sure that she is first in our relationship. She lets me get relief only after she is totally satisfied and completely cleaned up. When she allows me to have my relief she has me clean up my mess by eating my own cum and she makes me always say thank you after I am done. She told me that I will soon become a jism lover and that I had better always clean her up or whoever else she wants to have cleaned up with a smile on my face. I started to worry about what she was really saying. I am not gay nor am I bisexual, but I believe she is trying to change me into what she feels I need to become in order to completely serve her and do her bidding.

My worries started to flair up when she called last night and “allowed” me to come over to see her. When I arrived at her home there was a note posted on the back door. It read:

Pussy Boy,

Once you pass through this door you will become my slave. There is no turning back when you enter since I will own you. When I ask you to do something you will do it without question no matter what I ask. When around others you will look to me as your master for guidance. Any disobedience will be dealt with by me or anyone I designate to punish you. By entering my house tonight you agree to submit to me.

When you enter Pussy Boy shut the door behind you and strip. I have placed some items on the floor that you will change into and then assume your position on my bed.


As I read this note I became rock hard, excited, and scared all at the same time. I did not know if this is what I really wanted in life. I know that I love her without a doubt but to completely submit to her and her wishes was something else.

As I entered the house and shut the door (Yes, I am a Pussy Boy) I saw some items on the floor. I stripped out of my clothes and put on the cock ring and something that looks like a leather harness that covered my cock ringed cock tight against my body. This harness was open in the back so it left my ass bare.

As I made my way to her room I was very worried that I had made a mistake and I wanted to turn around and leave but I knew that I was hers to use for life. When I entered her bedroom I could smell what smelled like sex, her bed was all tore up and it looked like wet spots on the bed. I climbed on her wet/messy bed and assumed my standard position that she demands me to be in. I put on my ankle restraints, and one hand restraint, then blindfolded myself and waited for my mistress to arrive.

I could hear someone on the phone in the other room and then they stopped talking. Then the door opened and my mistress said “I knew you would choose to enter, my little pussy boy. You made the right decision to serve me and to show you that I appreciate this decision I have a present for you.” I felt her climb on the bed and she restrained my other hand so that I could not get free. My mistress then straddled my face; I knew what was going to happen next. Even before she sat down on my face I felt something a drop of something wet land on my lips. I did not have time to figure out what is was as I felt her wet shaved pussy lips slide down over my nose onto my mouth. I slid my tongue into a freshly fucked pussy.

She then said “Yes, my slave, eat and enjoy what my boyfriend left for you” She was pushing down onto my face and I was pushing into her pussy trying to eat as much of their juices that I could but I did not wait long as she started to cum. My mouth filled up with more jism then I have ever tasted so much I could hardly breathe. She was telling me that I would soon be begging her for to provide her more of this cream pie. My emotions were going nuts and I could not believe this was happening to me.

After a while she freed one of my hands and told me to finish getting his seed out of her pussy. I tried to reach in as far as I could to make sure that there was not any left. I could not help but think that her boyfriend must have not cum for a week based on the amount that I devoured. As I worked my fingers in to her pussy she kept cumming knowing that his jism was being scooped into my mouth.

She then lifted herself off my face and I felt her get off the bed. Since I was still blindfolded I could not see what was going on. I heard noises in the room then she said “Did you like his taste my slave”? I knew my place and replied “Yes, Mistress”
I heard her giggle and my mistress said “That is my little pussy boy, I knew you would. I told you before that you will soon love the taste and by the time this weekend is over you will beg me for more. You will not care if it is fed to you from my pussy, my ass, a cock, or me feeding it to you as it leaks out of your ass. You want that don’t you my slave”

My mind raced and I knew that if I answered yes it would make me gay or something and I did not want to say it. I remembered what she had told me about being hers now and I could not change that since I agreed to what she asked and demanded. I said “Yes mistress” She said that she knew that I did and then I felt a hand on the back of my head and my mouth being ****** open and a cock being pushed into my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum on the cock as it slid on my tongue. The cock did not feel like I thought it would feel like but I did not have time to think as the hand started pulling on my head causing the cock to go deeper into my mouth almost chocking me. It was thick and it seemed that with each thrust it leaked even more. My mistress then said that before she allowed her slave to suck on a cock that he needed training so that he would get used to sucking cock. I then realized that this was the “Spurting Cock” that I had bought her a few weeks ago. She continued to fuck my face with it and telling me that I am a good pussy boy and soon I would be rewarded again. I then felt a little squirt of cum enter my mouth and did not know if I was chocking on the cock fucking my face or the amount cum that just hit the back of my mouth.

She asked me if I liked sucking on her cock and told me that I needed to play with her balls because she likes that and it excites her. I did as my mistress asked and she said “That is a good pussy boy, keep working that cock like you used to have me do to you” She fucked my mouth for a little bit more and she told me that her boyfriend wanted to cum and then I started to gag as her cock started to cum in my mouth. She did not give me time to catch my breath and I barley had time to swallow all of his jism but I managed as best as I could. Mistress said “That is a good cock sucker. Now make sure you clean off his cock so there is no cum left on it” I wanted to please my mistress so I eagerly licked her cock clean so that there was no cum left on it.

My arms and lets were then freed and she told me that she needed to get fucked real good again and told me to get her big boyfriend and to hurry the fuck. She said that watching her pussy boy suck cock made her horney and needed to feel stretched and full. I quickly put on her big black strap-on cock and climbed up behind her. She told me to grab his cock and help him put his delicious cock into her pussy. I helped put the big black cock into her tight cunt and helped him inch it in until he hit bottom. He could feel her pussy start to quiver as he knew she was starting to cum already and he just started. She told me to watch a real cock as it fucks her hard and long. He fucked her fast at times and real slow at others. She must have came a dozen times during their fuck session. She told me several times that her pussy needs cocks like his and that when he is finished cumming in her I will clean them both up. He said that he was going to fill her up with his seed and I could see his balls start to tighten then I saw them start to spasm at the same time my mistress started yelling “Yes, yes, fill me with your seed. God, I love the feeling of hot cum shooting in my cunt. More, More, yessss” with that he pushed one last time and kept his cock in her. I could see his white seed oozing out around his cock. He told her that he was happy that she had a “Pussy Boy” so that he could fill up his white bitch with his black seed. He then pulled out with a pop and put his cock in my face. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned him up so that Mistress would be pleased. She then commented that that was a great fuck and told him that he could cum over and in her any time he wanted. She then rolled over on her stomach with her legs dangling off the bed and told me to clean her up. I assumed my position behind her wet, slick, jism filled pussy and started to clean her with my tongue making sure that I got all of their cum that was starting to dry around her pussy. I knew the best was in her used, stretched, pink pussy. For the next hour I ate as much cum as I could get out of her pussy using my fingers to scoop and tongue to eat. Mistress then said that her boyfriend wanted to fuck her ass but she said that it hurt too much but her slave would love to feel his thick cock up his ass. She told him that he could use her slave anytime she wanted to and that she would love to see him fucking me and to see what her slave would look like with a jism filled ass.

I can not finish this tonight but if my Mistress wants me to finish it I will finish it. I look forward to telling you about her new boyfriend she met on the internet. Mr BigBLK
He has a cock that could fill and stretch her out.



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