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How Rodney feminized me

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After my place had been established in our relationship...I was Rodney's cocksucker...he assumed more and more control over my life. He would call me up at work where I was a bank executive...and get me all crazy for his cock. I ould go over to his house for an extended lunch period. His cock was my noontime meal. He always insisted I strip to my underwear. He called my tightie whites panties...and after a few times he would be waiting for me with lipstick and a pair of his girlfriend's panties. He would make me strip naked in front of him - make fun of my "little white boy's cock" and I would hurriedly put on the tight panties to cover myself. He had me get down on my knees before him and he painted my lips with his girlfriend's red lipstick. The embaarssment only made me hungrier to have his big thick black cock in my mouth. All the while I sucked him he would comment what a good bitch I was, and how superior his cock was, and that all whie boys should be on their knees servicing a real man's cock. He was right of course and I sucked him like my life depended on it. Sometimes he would roughly pull down the panties, finger me and fuck me hard - right there on his living room rug - but usually I had to suck him off at least twice, sometimes 3 times before he let me go back to work. My boss used to look at me funny...could he tell I was Rodney's suck slave? Rodney insisted I buy my own panties and wear them daily...in case he was horny and needed servicing. I did what I was told. They were a constant reminder that I was now a sissy and on call whenever my black Master called. I started assembling a wardrobe...he would sit naked and stroke his big cock while he made me walk back and forth in high heels and stockings. Sometimes he would wipe off his wet cock after pumping it into me and make me wear the wet panties back to work - and my little sissy clit would be hard the rest of the day surrounded by his juices. Each new addition to my wardrobe - or makeup pleased him so much, and I was always rewarded with a mouthful of my Master's delicious cum- usually multiple mouthfuls in fact. I accepted my role as Rodney's sissy. I was no longer a real man - I was his slut and he was my superior, and I still feel that way. As a cumslut I am inferior to all real men, and to black men in particular.

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