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Feb 13, 2022
I know that there is a lot of stuff out there about how to get your wife to cuck you, but I’m curious to hear from any women on here or men about what actually worked for them!
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We don't share yet, but we play enough, all I can say is communicate. That's the key. Start gentle then turn up the ante. Always be prepared to stop at any point (Doesn't mean its over). Once you try née things, have a debrief afterwards to see who like what abd anything they didn't like. Set ground rules before inviting anyone else in to play. Agree them between you as what's right for you, might not be right for her.
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I wouldn't say we classify at your atypical cuck couple but our for style of play fits the mold. When we decided to enter the lifestyle, she stated that she wanted to have sex with another male. The men that she became attracted to happened to all be straight and I would end up watching more times than I would end up participating. We have never practiced humuliation or chastity but voyeurism and me being the cleanup man is common
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My wife and I started out simple enough, going to nude beaches/resorts when I realized I enjoyed others seeing her naked. From there a guy touched her once in a bar after some flirting on her part, we both liked that, so we met with other couples and at that point I realized I was more into seeing my wife play with other guys, so we sought out guys for her. Then many years later she was hit on by a Black guy, something she and I'd never discussed. It wasn't that either of us was against it or for it, we just never thought about it, but after that first time, we were hooked and looked for Black guys for her. Then one of them was really what we were looking for in a longterm guy and he ended up being with us for over eight years and during that, about a year into it, I evolved into a cuck, wearing a cage, cleaning them both after and sucking him as often as they told me to. Now, I'd just as soon see a BBC buried in her pussy then me fucking her myself, I'm addicted to seeing it like a drug addict, I can't get enough. I don't care what her owner does with her as long as it's ok with the two of them, I love it all.
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We were swingers but men wanted me on my own so hubby liked to watch as it was a turn on for him. As time went on I started to have more men and their dicks got bigger so I could feel them stretching me.
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Sometimes you have to think on your feet and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. I had read many stories on cuckolding and they turned me on so I wanted to know what it was like to be cuckolded. As it turned out I was already a cuckold, just didn't know it. Anyway, after a night of cards everyone had left except me, my fiancé and a male friend. Well I saw the opportunity and decided to give it a go. We were still playing cards but 3handed games are rare so I suggested strip poker. To my surprise all agreed. Well it wasnt hard to steer things from there in the right direction. A couple of hrs later the 3 of us were in bed together and I had found out what it was like to be cuckolded. It was pretty damn good actually.

It turned out that the same man had already done the dirty on me 6 months earlier. I guess the hubby really is the last to know.
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i want my wife like my fantasi , but she doesnt , cos she devout muslim
IndoCuckold said:
i want my wife like my fantasi , but she doesnt , cos she devout muslim
It's a pity if there is nothing in the Koran about sharing is caring🤔 But we must also respect her beliefs💕
It was a series of events in our case.

1. I poured my heart out to her. Told her I had something difficult to tell her, she was worried what it might be so I told her how I miss her wilder ways from when we were dating. When I met her she was sensual and sexual and I used to imagine her with other men as I worked to win her devotion. I miss that, miss imagining her with other men. I said I was telling her this because I love and respect her too much to keep secrets. She loved my honesty and could see it was difficult to open up but by making myself vulnerable to her it shows sincerity and got her interested in role playing.

2. Role played and made sure that when we talked about other men, I would be fired up and the sex was better. She quickly learned that this was the way to get me fired up.

3. I shared some chats I was having with bulls. Seeing how I really was talking about her rather than other women got her more relaxed and interested. We ended up creating chat groups so she could just monitor but within a week she was one on one chatting with bulls and turning herself on, even flashing them.

4. We actually went to a social with a bunch of bulls and couples. Not a sex party, it was just a social but getting to talk to other bulls and couples was eye opening.

5. By now she was ready to meet her first bull socially which she did and having a man show sexual interest in her fired her up quickly. Sex followed quickly and that was that.

So a series of events but I'd say a couple of things.

Firstly, don't underestimate the power of having another man compliment her. Having you tell her she's sexy is one thing, having another man say it is very different. It'll make her feel sexy and admired and want more.

Secondly, I'd suggest connecting with a good local bull who's willing to be patient and work with you. An experienced bull will know how to move things forward. But you have to be proactive. If you want this, it does take some effort.
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