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How to tell if a white woman is interested

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Sep 15, 2005
You can tell a woman is interested in you more by what her body tells you then what her mouth says.

A woman speaks volumes with her body. If woman is interested in she will for example: Lean in a little closer to when she or you are talking. She will look at you for a long time and then look away slowly and look back you, she may touch her hair or her cheek. Her pupils will become a little larger when she looks at you( be careful on a sunny day). She may become flush in the face when you say something and if you touch her arm or hand lightly in a friendly way she doesn't move( and this helps her remember you foundly as a gentle guy)She may also stand a little straighter lefting her breast up a little higher. these are some of things ..

A sure fire way to know if a woman is interested (well one of the way besides asking) is to look at her( not in a homcidal I'm going ot kill you ) and then look away for 3 beats and thne back at her and then yawn, if she yawns that means she was checking you out.

Some of things may work and some may not..women are mysterious creatures, the best way to find out if a woman is interested is just to ask. yeah you may get shot down but you're man get back on your horse and try it again.

Hope this helps
And women if you have any advice or you think I'm talking BS please call me on the carpet
were a couple that live a hour NW of Ohare, were interested in a man to have sex with very hot wife.

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