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husband wants me to take a dominant black lover

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Aug 10, 2004
my husbands wants me to submit to a dominat black man and become a cuck. I am not quite sure, but as he hardly get's it up, I am thinking about it. He always tells me he would like to see become subservant to a black Master.[/img]


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another pic of me

like my breasts?


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more pics

You have to post some better picks than that...
Your breasts

These pics are just fine. And so are your breasts. It looks like those nipples could do with some sucking, and maybe a small bite.

no.... You two can a whole lot better...Now lets see what you two are made of ....Break out that extra slutty pic stash.... :x
Black c**k

You seem quite intrested to go through with the experiment... Show hubby what you are capable off. Use your body and let it be used by BBC... You really will become a happy slut... Keep us informed!

Well i can help you wiht taht get at me parot24@yahoo.com lets talk and get you fix up baby girl..
You look so humpable .... very very poundable. Thanks for posting.

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