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I can tell they want BBC...

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Mar 3, 2005
When I was young I experienced a lot of sexual experiences earlier than most. I am a very attractive white male and at the time I could get any girl I wanted. Of course this is high school I am talking about and I live in a city with a extremely low black population. I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a part of town where the numbers of whites to blacks was almost even. During my childhood half my friends were black and I thought, acted and even wished that I was black as well.

As I entered junior high school and began to experiment with sex I noticed that some of the rap music that I listened to eluded to the fact that black men had larger penises. My popularity and luck with the girls resulted in them gossiping. With an 8 in penis I was labeled big even though I was the only boy most of these girls had seen. My confidence soared and as I look back I acted in much the same way as well hung black studs are depicted today. Using the misconception that my penis was huge well to my advantage. During those years I became downright legendary for stealing girlfriends and taking virginities, 5 in total. With my wannabe gangsta attitude I was considered the stay away from that guy type.

The image that I projected resulted in myself being friends with the small number of black boys in our school. The friends I had that were white acted "black" and were by this time well aware of the size myth. Us white boys felt the need to express and act as though we were also well hung. At 13 boys have no idea if they are big or small.

There were a number of white girls who did sleep with black guys and would up being the hot topic for a few weeks. I felt a strange increase in attraction to these girls and was very ashamed. Soon the rumor spread that the black boys in our school did have larger penises. In addition to that the girls they had fucked stopped seeing us white boys. Being a member of the so called "hip-hop" clique i saw this first hand and spent a lot of time with some of these girls. Surprisingly to me and at the time ridiculous they all shared the sentiment of "once you go black you never go back." These girls started to mess with what seemed any black guy, even the upperclassmen. No matter how hard my white friends and I tried we could not get them to admit that black being bigger and not going back to be a myth.

At the same time or soon after my older sister began to date a black guy who was 5 years her senior from a bad family unemployed and a known criminal. He had numerous other girlfriends and my sister was obsessed with him. My older sister began to dress like a total slut and talk like she thought she was black and took orders from her boyfriend and no longer respected or listened to my parents. Regretfully I can recall some outfits that she wore that made me 13 year old dick so hard that for a year I actually thought that I wanted to fuck her. You must realize that this idea is anything but appealing to me. I can remember her wearing the tightest little skirt with white stockings and whorish make up. She was only 17.

Her friends all began to change and act the same way, they were nuts about black guys and were not only not afraid to say and show it but would practically go out of their way to inform someone. I can remember hearing so many conversations and comments about black dick being better and bigger and once you go black... followed by laughter as her and her friends gossiped about their black "boyfriends". I had always looked up to the black man with adulation and awe due to their superior physique and dark skin now my own sister was telling me that everything they say about black men is so so true.

Her addiction to black dick was so severe that I would hear rumors and bits of conversation of how he would fuck her friends and tell her not to be mad at them because they couldn't help it. A kid I went to school with while at a party yelled to me in a room full of people that he heard my sister was a hoe that would suck any black dick. To my shame and horror I became aroused. During this time her boyfriend would share her with many other black guys that not only would call her from prison but would tell me how much of a slut she was when I accepted their collect calls. I went through a phase where I would sniff her dirty panties and jerk off with her stockings. I now know it was because everywoman becomes incredibly sexy and desirable after getting black dick.

Over the next few years more girls went black and began dressing sexier and turning me on with the torture of knowing that they won't even consider a white guy. This is when I was pursued and seduced by a 13 year old girl who's body was well ahead of her mind. I cheated on my girlfriend with this girl who we will call Lynn.

Even though Lynn knew about my girlfriend who we will call Robin she still pursued and pined over me for a year and a half after. Word had gotten around that she would fuck and she became somewhat of a slut. She continued to obsess and harras me and didn't hesitate to tell me that I had a big dick and that I turned her into a nympho. Due to the continued rejections and desire to get not only my attention but her fathers (she is extremely wealthy and a bit spoiled, we still talk to this day and she helped me to explain most of her actions) she went black. Almost immediatly she lost interest in me and became the biggest slut I think I have ever known.

Lynn was 15 years old when she slept with Rich a very popular well built and attractive black kid that I just happened to have grown up with. There were rumors of a video of her and him fucking. She literally slept with every black kid in school and recently told me that at 15 she was fucking black men in their mid-twenties. By the way Lynn even to this day is 5'3" 100LBs with tits that aren't too big or too small and if I could explain the look, taste and smell of her pussy the ladies would be wet and the men hard as a rock. She has light brown hair and brown eyes with aristocratic French facial features, her nose is bigger than most but only helps to make her sexier. She is so fragile and daintly that the thought of her fucking a well hung black stud is orgasmic. For some reason and I don't know why she moves like a seasoned adult star. I find that girls who have gone black walk a little sexier and learn to bend from the hips and use their body to make any man hard. I don't know if her black studs trained her this way or if it is just a welcome side effect that occurs when a woman really cums. I always tell her that she was made for fucking.

When Robin and I broke up I ran to Lynn as I would continue to do in the future when I needed cheering up. She never failed to reming me that I was the only white guy she would do anything with. I was also reminded that I wasn't doing anything for her because her black boyfriends were all much bigger than me. It was common knowledge to most people in our school that Lynn was a slut for black guys and would let them do whatever they wanted to her.

My breakup with Robin was also sort of interesting. I remember us fighting about being in different classes and always hanging with my friends(I wish she had gone black). This resulted in her resenting the fact that common knowledge was that I was a cheat and when she decided to go to a party without me she cheated herself with the help of alcohol. The funny part is by the time the news got to me it had been severly distorted. I was told by a friend that she was in a bedroom giving head to all the guys at the party who were standin in line waiting there turns. This turned me on so much that I almost hated myself. We broke up and I began to fantasize about Robin being double teamed.

As the years passed more and more good little white girls decided to finally get with a black kid. Sure enough their personality and style of dress changed to what seemed to be what they thought would attract black guys. I began dating another girl who actually teased me about her attraction to black guys without me realizing it or maybe I ignored the obvious. I heard stories about Lynn doing 5 black guys and then blowing 3 more when she was done, and this is at 16 what a hottie! Practically ever black guy in town knew that they could fuck her if they wanted to. She has told me that they encouraged her to convince their friends to go black which they did and even slept with a member or should I say members of Mobb Deep.

I then dated a girl named Erin who openly expressed her attraction to black men, namely Treach of Naughty by Nature and Montell Jordan. When picking her up from parties she would make me wait at least 20 minutes while she finished doing god knows what. Sometimes I would go in and find her in a bedroom with some black kid but never saw anything so I couldn't say anything. This happened too often and now that I think about it I made myself ignore it because I didn't want to believe.

One night Erin, and I and two of our friends were drinking and had gone to the local college student center to use the cigarette machine. When I came back Erin had disappeared, when she return she told me while laughing that some black guy grabbed her and brought her in the bathroom and wouldn't let her leave. When I questioned her she would only repeat her story. I let it go and assumed she was joking but never understood why she would make up such a story. I actually forgot about the whole thing until three weeks ago, I must of blocked that out as well. Our relationship was short lived and found out that three guys took turns fucking her at a party while I waited outside in my car for her.

I immediatly went back to Lynn who, at 16 was dating a black basketball player from our local college. She would tell me how she wanted to have black babies and that her boyfriends dick was 11 inches. When I would call her we would fuck and when I ate her pussy I was amazed at how stretched it was and it tasted so fucking good. If she was with him on one day and came to see me the next she would tell me that I probably wouldn't want to fuck her because she was so stretched and would make me wait untill she hadn't fucked him for a few days so she could tighten up. She told me that he would make her say things like "I'm your little white slut" and "I love your big black dick". She told me that he would slap her tongue and rub his 11 inch dick all over her face and treat her like the slut that she was.

Over the next few years Lynn and I grew apart, we still talked occasionally and she started to go out of town to the city to find black guys. When choosing a college she told me she wanted to go to a school with a large number of blacks. She chose a school in south Florida and continued to take black dicks whenever she could get them.

That reminds me of something else that had happened while I was dating Robin. Robin was absolutely beautiful and she was also very dirty when it came to sex. About this time I had discovered my fathers porn collection. There was one movie with Sean Michaels in it(10 or 11in of black dick I believe.) Needless to say my first glimpse of the superior and mysterious black cock was not reassuring. His dick was much larger than the white men's cocks and there was no question that the girls weren't faking. There were two scenes with Sean in them. The first one featured a girl who I thought resembled Heather and thus began my habit of imagining girls that I had been intimate with taking a black dick. She seemed so excited and slightly scared as she seduced the black hotel employee while her roomate pleasured herself in the shower. When I saw Sean's bulge in his red bikini underware I couldn't help but become hard. It's sort of like a woman being turned on by a practically perfect woman, I find very muscular superior black males to be a turn on if they have an enormous dick. I do not find white men attractive and am so far from being gay that the idea of anal sex between two men would shrink my hard on and pucker my asshole like a turtle. That being said and that's just how my body reacts but I can understand that all people are different. Some of these black men, for instance Lexington Steele is such a speciman and so perfectly created that I would not be able to help submitting to his every command. I must say that if a woman wanted me to share the experience of handling a perfect life making organ like Lex's black dick that I couldn't say no. For instance if I was watching Lynn and her 11in black dicked boyfriend as he slapped her and rubbed her with his beautiful cock that I would want to kiss her cheek and tongue kiss her while he did so. I would only suck it if she wanted me to. Her fantasy is to have her sweet pussy licked as she gets fucked, she was so happy to hear that I would do it. Sean fucked Lynn's look a like gently for a black stud but made her submit and she has these sexy little pink lacy socks on.

The second scene involves Peter North and Sean(ever notice that Peter North used to date Jewel D'Nyle until she did interracial and now it seems like that all she does)as they tend to the guests. Lynn's twin had heard about the double and was curious to find out what it was. I can't remember the girls name but she looks part asian and she is super nasty for when this movie was made. Anyway, you all can figure out what the double is and I told Robin(she was in 9th grade I in 10th)about the size of the black guys dick. She immediatly got excited and begged me to show her. When she saw it she just stared and asked me without turning her gaze if it was real. "Yes," I said "it's real."

When Lynn returned from college I had just began to buy my own porn. I had stopped acting "black" and hadn't thought about it in years. I was dating a girl named Heidi who would wear little skirts and stockings and heels over my house with all my friends there partying. I would discretly play with her pussy as we hung out until she dragged me into the bathroom or bedroom to suck my 8 in white dick(white dicks are kind of ugly). Heidi never hid the fact that she liked black guys and would ooh and aah when she saw a hot brother and would get wet during NBA games.

Lynn left school and moved home looking hotter than ever before. I told her that I wanted to be with her and she turned me down. She had set her sights on a black guy named Kendrick who was like her 11in black cock Jermaine 6'5" and nearly 210LBs. I had a party that they both attended, Lynn trying to empress Kendrick wore a pair of black lace pants that were sheer and allowed anyone to see her hot little ass and her sexy thong. The whole night I had to competer for her attention as she tried to fuck this god like man. He left alon leaving her with me, I couldn't believe my luck when at 4AM dressed like a slut she ran to his house for some dick as she so eloquently put it.

Soon after she began seeing a black guy from the south who controlled her for nearly two years in which she wasn't aloud to really talk or see anybody else. What happens next is the good part I know the preceding is long but it is completely true except for the names. My next post will tell how Lynn quit black cock only to be tortured by her animalistic cravings for the one thing that totally satisfies her. I come to terms with my feelings about the superior black dick and sexual performance and drive my next girlfriend down a path that would make anyone her desire black dick. Coming next three white girls realize what really makes them hot and find out what an orgasm really is.
You are absolutely right, this does belong in the stories section. I will post the next installment in the stories section.
Shouldn't it be in the homosexual fantasy section?
Shouldn't it be in the fake section?

Having an 8 inch penis would make you bigger than 80-85% of all black guys....

Also, where did you go to school? Personally, where I went it was nothing of the sort. White girls would date black guys, become bored because they were annoying and then go back to white. My own girlfriend of 3 years, dated and was sexually active with two black dudes before me, and her pussy wasn't loose (I got with her less than a week after they broke up.) at all.

It's one thing to like interracial dating and porn, etc. But why must you lie about everything and sound so queer in the process?

Most girls are sexually active these days, but to the extent you go? Such crap.
Everything that I wrote was the truth, I wish there was a way to prove it to you but I don't know how to do that.
I believe you - it was a great story and sounded very true to life based on my own experiences at school.
"having an 8 inch penis would make you bigger than 80-85% of all black guys"

I guess this could mena that 15-20% of black guys have penises bigger than 8 inches. YUMMY....YUMMY......YUMMY......FANTASTIC.

Only 1% of white guys are 8 or bigger.

This is another reason that white girls swoon at a black guy's feet, and want to kneel down and suck his BB cock.

So many wives won't suck their husband's penis, but they take to sucking BBC on the first date.
Why is that?

My wife never swallows my cum, but when fantasizing about a big black cock, she says that she would suck his cock and let him cum in her mouth and she would swallow it all. Why would she so easily do this for him and not her husband of 12 years? Is she just turned on by the enormous size? She says that she would want to suck him off first so that he would last longer when he fucked her. Wow, I appreciate her honesty, but why is she so willing to do this for a stranger with a big dick?
It is the excitement of black skin touching white skin that makes a white girl lose control of her emotions, and do things she never has with her husband.

Remember that a white girl is strictly controlled to obey society sexual rules and expectations imposed on her by other women and religion.

Once her husband says: "I want you to be fucked by BBC, all the rules are set aside, and the wife can really let her hair down and BE HER TRUE GENETIC SELF.

Females are very highly sexed, and would triple their sex lives if they were not always having to limit their behaviour because of the restrictive beliefs held in their brains.

Children have no handups about sex, until adults start telling them about modesty and waiting until marriage for sex. Nakedness is a natural thing, but religion told young people that nudity was "dirty, sinful and evil", so they get hangups which affect their ability to enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

While watching interracial sex of any form is a turn on, I get tired of you fruit loops who perpetuate falsities such as the mythical large black cock. Study after study have disproven there is any amount of truth to this but yet it persists to be a topic of conversation as if it were fact. Ever thought that the reason some of you have only seen large black cocks is because they are the ones out there playing and that everyone else isnt? From all the discussions with black men and the select white women that go for them, the majority of the attraction is that black men (who participate in the lifestyle) will treat the white woman like a true slut with little concern for her. I can see how a guy would want that (I like little sluts too) but why a woman would go for being treated that way just for hot sex is a mystery.
Waste of time

Cuck4Support - you have way too much time on your hands. You need to find yourself a hobby.
next installment? damn. are u writing a novel? an 8 inch dick didnt do anything for that girl? bullshit! 8 inches is a big dick, and im not just saying that because mine is only 5.

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