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I need suggestions of how/where to meet a women?

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I am an attractive white guy, once divorced and about 50. For a very long time I've had a cuckold fantasy. I suspect it springs from being an involutary cuck on several occasions. Perhaps I knew about it subconciously, but always too late to embrace the situation.
So, my goal is to find "the perfect women" and roll into the DC lifestyle. I've thought about ****** services, but a simulated cuck without feelings or jealousy probably won't work for me.
What are my options, go to a bar that caters to black men, and try to find a white girl? LOL
A couple of times in the early days of AOL, I had a personals/romance ad...and mentioned cuckolding...as you know most never heard of it.
Does anyone know a website to post or any ideas that might help. Thanks
PS. I dont have any trouble getting dates, but this bridge is tough to cross :oops:
Finding a white girl who takes BBC

Cuckoldplace.com and Black People Meet.com is another, but the BPM is a ligit dating sight but white girls you hit on can be fun and some interested in you if you word your replies in a sexy way that white girls on the sight turn you on. Good luck.:rolleyes:

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