I need suggestions of how/where to meet a women?

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I am an attractive white guy, once divorced and about 50. For a very long time I've had a cuckold fantasy. I suspect it springs from being an involutary cuck on several occasions. Perhaps I knew about it subconciously, but always too late to embrace the situation.
So, my goal is to find "the perfect women" and roll into the DC lifestyle. I've thought about escort services, but a simulated cuck without feelings or jealousy probably won't work for me.
What are my options, go to a bar that caters to black men, and try to find a white girl? LOL
A couple of times in the early days of AOL, I had a personals/romance ad...and mentioned cuckolding...as you know most never heard of it.
Does anyone know a website to post or any ideas that might help. Thanks
PS. I dont have any trouble getting dates, but this bridge is tough to cross :oops:
Finding a white girl who takes BBC

Cuckoldplace.com and Black People Meet.com is another, but the BPM is a ligit dating sight but white girls you hit on can be fun and some interested in you if you word your replies in a sexy way that white girls on the sight turn you on. Good luck.:rolleyes: