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Mar 26, 2013

by EroticWriter

Readers, I took part of a story I wrote previously, Spreading Her Legs For A Black
Man, and modified to use in this story along with new characters. EW


Patrick Barnes was out for his afternoon walk when he first noticed them.
First he distinctly heard a female voice. In distress perhaps? Then, as he came
around a tree by the picnic pavilion, he saw where the sound had came from.

Two heads, a man and woman it looked like, and they might be kissing.
He paid particular notice because the vehicle they were in was an old
Pontiac Star Chief, from the 1950s. It looked to be in relatively good condition.

Broke down perhaps?

Then the two heads disappeared from view as they laid down in the seat.
'They're having sex," he thought, right here in the park! I couldn't make
her out, but it looked like he was a black man, some old man with silver

Quietly now, using stealth, Patrick crept closer. Nothing to worry about, he
thought. They won't see me as long as they stay down like that.

Louise and her husband had decided to put her old Pontiac Star Chief up for
sale. He had to be at work every day and had instructed her not to do any
test drives with the car, and if any buyers insisted on a test drive they were
to return when he was home.

Louise had agreed, but when this potential buyer came to her apartment and
asked to test drive the car 'just for a few miles,' she had agreed because though
he was black, he was older with silver hair, and seemed more like someone's
grandfather. In other words, safe.

During the drive, she had worn a short skirt and noticed him staring at her legs.
That didn't bother her because she was used to that. Then, as they were in city
traffic with lots of signals, he asked her if she knew a country road they could
go to so he could stretch the legs of the Pontiac for a short distance.

She had suggested a city park, large, with picnic areas. Perfect, for what he now
had in mind. He brought the car to a stop and within seconds was over on her
side of the seat.

She resisted, but only mildly. Her experience with men was limited to one man, her
husband, and she was curious.

The stories she had heard were true. His cock was enormous compared to her
husband. He had his fingers in her and at first she had offered to blow him
while he uses his fingers because she was not on the pill.

But he had a rubber, and that was all it took.

She watched him roll it on, and it was a struggle to get on because of his size.
His entry into her was also a struggle, but less so than getting that rubber on.

They were totally involved with one another and did not notice the middle-aged
white man standing near the car. The windows were down, and he had heard
them, mainly Louise, before he could even see the car.

Patrick had come around the picnic pavilion and discovered them in the act, and
just in time to hear the black man commenting on her titties. When they came, the
man was intending to cum with them, because his dick was out and in his hand.

From several feet away and looking through the passenger window, Patrick could
see her two legs in the air, the back of the man's head and Louise's arms around
the man.

White arms and legs! It's a white woman under him! This I definitely have to see.
In order to see more, he daringly moved closer, so that he could look right into the
window. He got an eyeful. The man had his head on his right side of Louise, so her
eyes were being blocked from seeing the man looking down at her.

But Patrick could see a lot. Their audience could see not only her lovely left
tit, but their genitals as well. He actually stuck his head inside the car
and looked down under the man's ass. He could see the man's shiny black
balls swinging back and forth and up and down as the man pumped into Louise.

The balls were blocking his view whenever the man went deep into Louise, but
each time he pulled back and up the man outside could see her pussy. Her
lips were all stretched wide by that fucking cock that apparently was
feeling so good based upon the noises she was making.

Fuck me...look at that! She is taking a big black one, no wonder she is being
so noisy. A white woman taking a black dick! His hand began stroking faster.

Louise's body stiffened. Not even realizing she was saying it, the words
came out; "Fuck me, Oh yes, fuck me honey. Feed that big peter to me."
Silver hair smiled down at her, realizing that he had turned this little
housewife into a slut.

He kept pumping, varying his moves and twisting his hips in order to probe
every corner of her stretched vagina. Louise was moaning in a way that made
it sound almost like she was crying. And in fact she was. She was crying out
for joy.

Louis hugged him tight and wriggled her hips. This was the one. This would
be the orgasm to end all orgasms. Close, close. Whimpering now, Louise dug
her fingers into his ass, and he responded with still longer strokes. Louise
groaned loudly. At last, at last!

Tears of joy in her eyes, Louise came powerfully, her pussy flooding his balls and
the seat of her car with juices that flowed, and flowed some more as her orgasm
seemed to go on and on.

It was the first time she had ever sprayed during orgasm. The spot on the seat,
or maybe near 'that' spot, was wet again, only this time it was not from blood.
Three years previous, Louise had given her virginity to her fiance, now husband,
on this very seat.

Their audience could see it all as he stared with wide eyes. He could see
how her lips had changed in color, going from pink to red as the blood
flowed in during her orgasm.

Because his balls were blocking the spray, she was soaking his balls, and
the overflow was trickling off his swinging balls and down onto her ass.
She was squirming under the man and using her pussy to fuck back at him.
He had stopped moving, possibly to hold off his orgasm, and it was obvious
that she wanted more.

Silver hair gave her a minute to catch her breath, and started again. This
time he pulled her legs higher, and she felt him slip a wet finger into her
rear. It was just the tip of a finger, and it felt so good. Strangely, she
had never really cared for that when Tom tried it, but it felt good now.

She had just been given the orgasm to end all, and she wanted more. If he
wanted to finger her ass, so be it.

The man outside was watching the finger in her ass. He could not help but
look up at the asshole on the black man. It looked pretty inviting, and the
spectator wished that he were a welcome visitor. For if he was, he would
have welcomed the chance to fuck that ass that looked so good as it moved up
and down, with muscles that flexed so visibly. The spectator was not gay,
but he was hard, and he could see a hole going to waste.

Silver-hair waited for her. He pumped slowly and deeply. He talked to Louise
and told her what a good fuck she was. Louise responded with a similar
comment to him, and shyly admitted that she had just had her best orgasm
ever. He laughed and said that cheating seemed to agree with her. Then he
added that maybe they could do even better on her second time around.

Strangely, the word cheating had registered on her consciousness for a brief
second, and then the guilt had faded into obscurity with his next stroke.


Patrick had heard the word 'cheating.' Wow, this made what he was
seeing all the more exciting. While she is fucking this black man with the
big cock and spraying all over the place, is she cheating on a husband, or
merely a boyfriend? Apparently she was fucking a strange man, someone
whom she was not supposed to be with.

Who is she cheating on, a boy-friend or a husband? He didn't have to wait
long for his answer. An answer that perhaps he hoped to hear. About the
same time that he heard it, Patrick saw it as he finally noticed her rings.

"Talk to me baby. Cheating is growing on you, isn't it? Tell me how much you
like this cock, the cock that is so much bigger than your white husband's
and stretches you out so good. You're getting fucked and worked over by a
strange black cock. You like it don't you? Go on, say it."

To their visitor, it seemed almost like the black man on the white woman
knew he was there and was putting on a show for him. Silver hair didn't know
they had a viewer of course, but the effect was the same. The man outside was
excited beyond words.

"Come on gal. Tell me how much you like cheating on your husband with a
stranger's big black cock. It's music to my ears baby."

Tears in her eyes, Louise came out with what he wanted to hear. As she
started talking, the words began flowing freely. She began talking in a
manner such as a porn writer might be placing words into her mouth.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult for her to say.

"Oh yes, I love fucking you and I love your big black cock. I can't believe that
I'm cheating and loving it. Your dick is much bigger than what I'm used to. I
don't know why I've waited this long to try someone new."

Unbelievably, after admitting it, that he was bigger than her husband and
then being forced to admit that it felt better, it actually was better for
Louise this time.

"How long were you waiting? I mean, how long have you been married, since
you say you have been waiting so long?"

Louise giggled. It's not really all that long, I guess. We've been married
almost two years, but we dated for a couple of years before that."

Silver hair laughed confidently. "Well, now you'll have to be making
decisions about your future. Do you stick with your husband, or do you go
out looking for more big peter? But I think you'll discover that if you
stick to white guys that finding another big cock is not all that easy. You
might have to try out several white guys before you find one."

Louise was very firm with her answer. "This is a one-time thing only. You
caught me unprepared. I won't be doing this again, ever. Not as long as I'm

He laughed. "Time will tell. But you're not sorry about today, are you?" His
tone at the end of the sentence was more of a statement than a question. He
knew. She was enjoying herself big time.

"Yes. I have to admit it. This is, this is really feeling good."

He wriggled his finger in her ass, and she giggled and gripped him tighter.
"Will you be thinking about me the next time your husband fucks you? Do you
think you'll be able to keep your secret and act like he still feels big enough to you?"

"I'll have no choice in the matter, I guess. But maybe, when I think of you
while he's in me, it will help get me off."

"Yeah baby. That's what I want. I want you to be thinking of me while you're
pumping away under him and trying to come. Now kiss me."

Louise responded passionately, kissing silver hair with all the feelings she could
muster and at the same time wrapping her arms tightly around him. Her hips
were moving under him, meeting him stroke for stroke.

Patrick was masturbating furiously but not yet trying to cum. This was
the hottest thing he had ever seen or heard, because it was the only sex
act he had ever seen outside his own marriage.

Silver hair spent a lot of time working on her. He teased her, letting her
get close, and then changing his technique. He did this several times until
finally, Louise begged him to fuck her hard and fast. He responded with
powerful strokes, taking her breath away as he slammed his cock into her.

"Oooh fuck. Fast, slow or sideways, it all feels gooooood!"

Louise could feel his big hairy balls slapping against her buttocks. His
finger continued to probe her ass, not going deep, just teasing her with the

This time, he groaned loudly as he came with her. Their cries of pleasure
seemed to intermingle, and they became one.

Outside, Patrick could see it all. He could see Louise's pussy and her
contractions around the thrusting cock. But even better, he could see silver
hair's anus, and the way it was opening and closing as he came.

Patrick was fascinated. If this guy was cumming as hard down there, in her as hard
as it looked from up here around his asshole, he must really be shooting a load.

They were both soaking wet when they finally came down from the second
orgasm to end all orgasms. She found herself thanking him, unashamedly
saying it out loud. Chuckling softly, silver-hair kissed her lightly and slowly
pulled his penis out. It was semi-hard. Despite that, it still tugged at her
lips as the knob on the end of his shaft came out.

He climbed off of Louise, and she sat up. In the meantime Patrick hurriedly
moved away, still within earshot, but out of sight now. He had waited,
dangerously, for a look at that married pussy as the dick pulled out. It had
been an amazing sight.

She had remained open for the briefest of times, but it had been long enough
that Patrick had been provided with a nice look inside. There had been so much
pinkness, and so much cum to see. But then he had to move really quick to
get out of sight before silver hair had sat up and turned around.

That was when the fear started. Louise happened to glance down for a look at
the black man's penis that had been responsible for all that pleasure. No

What? Why? Had it fallen off immediately when he pulled out? She looked down
and saw the unrolled rubber lying on the edge of the seat. There was no cum
inside it, none at all. He had somehow removed it before slipping his dick into her.
His huge loads, both of them, had been injected directly into her pussy.

She might now be pregnant from a stranger, a black stranger that had in
effect, raped her. The rapport that had been established, so strongly established
between them, disappeared in a flash.

When Louise tearfully accused him, asking how would she ever be able to live
with the knowledge that she might be carrying a black child that everyone
would know did not come from her husband, he laughed, and said that fucking
with a rubber was like not actually fucking.

Skin to skin or not at all, he smirked. When they had started kissing, he had
removed the rubber when he had been fiddling around down below.

He treated it like some kind of joke, telling her that now she would always
remember how he had filled her pussy with two hot loads and put them in so
deep that it would take hours to drain out.

Yes, thought the man standing outside, who had heard the entire
conversation. She would never forget that fuck, especially if she ended up
pregnant with a black baby. Be interesting to see how she could explain that
development to her husband.

And as for himself, Patrick would never forget how he had shot his load all over the
side of the car as he watched and heard the couple cumming. And not just once
had he shot his load, but twice. He stole quietly away, leaving several long strings
of cum running down the passenger door of the Pontiac.

Patrick had enjoyed his show and had shot powerful loads, but later, after
thinking about it, it would depress him a little to think about how the woman
he had been watching had said how much better that big black cock had
felt to her.

She had also made a comment about wondering why she had waited so long
to try a strange man. Patrick began to wonder about his own wife. How does
Beth feel about that?

Is her married to him pussy still his and only his? Does Beth ever think about
big cocks? Did she ever think about cheating? Did she ever think about
trying a black man? Has Beth ever cheated, period? He wondered.

That night Patrick made love to Beth, paying special attention and making
sure he warmed her up good before penetrating her with his lower average-sized
penis. He even sucked on her tits, something he rarely did now after almost
ten years of marriage and two children. They were still a nice handful of C cup
but slightly saggy now. She seemed to enjoy that, especially when he nibbled
on her erect nipples.

The images of what he had witnessed that day still fresh on his mind, Patrick
wanted to talk to her, to ask Beth if she ever thought of other men, or maybe,
their cocks. But he didn't dare.

Once inside, he was able to last longer than usual because of his having
climaxed twice that day. Beth was surprised and pleased. 'He's lasting
longer. I might get to cum this time.'

Groaning, Beth wrapped herself tight around Patrick and climaxed, but
that wasn't all, he kept going, and she made it again. Wonderful, most
of the time she doesn't get to cum. His penis is on the small side, and he
doesn't last.

Beth had climaxed twice, double her normal number when she cums, and
went to sleep happy. Patrick however, laid awake afterwards. Still, he wondered,
has his wife of 12 years ever cheated?

Having born two children, her delicious pussy was no longer as tight as it had
been. The fit between them was still fairly good, but not with the amount of friction
they had enjoyed in the beginning. A larger cock, for her, might restore that feeling
of increased pleasure from the friction.

His wife was pretty decent looking, and had great legs. Because his job did not
pay all that well, his wife also worked, 30 hours a week while the kids were at
child care. She made good money and it was a company that sometimes
required Beth to go out of town two or three times a year.

Even at 30 Beth was attractive, with her long blonde hair and slim body. There
were times when she had been alone with other men, at work, and on trips.
Has another man been inside her at one time or another? It was depressing to
think about.

Depressing maybe, but no so much that it killed his desires as Patrick masturbated
himself to another orgasm as his wife laid blissfully sleeping beside him.
Remembering the fuck scene he had watched today and fantasizing on it being
his wife groaning and begging for more while under the black man still had him

Patrick slipped out of bed, headed to the bath, and cleaned the dribble of cum
that had landed on his belly. He studied his cock, looking very small when soft
and thought again about his wife getting something strange, something larger,
and black.

Just the other day he had read a story on some site called Slutwives, and there
was a story called A Family Affair (We all get fucked) and it was a really sick story.
First the daddy fucks his virgin daughter, and then the virgin son fucks his
mommy, and then black guys break in and fuck both males doggy style while
they all are at the feet of the mother and daughter and watching while the mother
and daughter also are being fucked by black men.

Who would write such sick stuff? Patrick had jacked off twice just to get it out of
his mind. But that story had put thoughts in his head, and then today, seeing and
hearing that white woman, someone's wife loving being fucked by a black man.

My wife. Big cocks, maybe black cocks. Patrick couldn't get those thoughts out of
his head.

If only there were a way to talk to her about it, about being with another man, or
even getting her to admit that she wonders about other men, or maybe their cocks?
But he didn't dare. His upbringing and profession dictated that he must keep things
pure between his wife and himself.

Flipping off the light, Patrick quietly went back to bed. Beth was sleeping soundly
beside him. He listened to her breathing and subconciously his hand again went
to his cock, so little in his hand. He wriggled it around, and stroked it a little, but
it was dead for the night.

He needed to sleep now. It was Saturday and he needed to prepare his sermon
for the Sunday service.


Beth had her own fantasies and she had acted on them. Almost a month ago she had gone
out of town and a younger man, a new employee named William had been assigned to
go with her and learn the ropes. Beth had gone over several papers with William and told
him to watch how she made her presentations over two days.

They had shared a dinner, and when William mentioned that he had checked the TV guide
on screen and that there was a movie they could maybe, watch together before going to
sleep she had innocently invited William to her room.

She had seen the movie once but what the heck, why not? It was so boring, these trips,
why not have him over?

Having been faithful for ten years of marriage and gone to her husband as a virgin, Beth
was not thinking along the lines of having an affair, especially with a fellow employee.

It all seemed harmless enough and Beth had agreed. But he had managed to seat himself
fairly close to her on the couch, and since he acted so casual about it Beth had allowed him to

That was her mistake, if she had wanted to remain faithful. A pastor's wife especially,
needed to remain faithful. But she had so far, not mentioned her husband's employment
to Billy, as he liked to be called away from work.

The sofa was soft, already causing her to sink into it with her ass and in effect causing
her skirt to ride higher up her legs so that over half of her thighs were showing. When
William had plunked himself down close to her, the couch had sank in futher, and her
skirt had risen even further, putting the bottom of the skirt close almost to where her
panties would be showing.

They watched the video on screen, and at first, Beth pretended to be very interested in
the film since she had not told William she had already seen it. But in her mind was: 'I'm
alone, in a hotel room, with a handsome young man. What I am doing here?'

Out of the corner of her eyes she watched him, and could see him staring at her legs
more than at the screen. Beth felt her heart beating faster. All of a sudden she had to
take control of her breathing instead of it being on automatic. "He's so young, I wonder
what he might be like in bed,' she was thinking.

Then it started so casual. Billy went to the small hotel refrigerator for a drink, brought
one back to her, and when he sat back down he was closer to her than before. Only about
a foot of distance remained between them.

In the process of sitting down he allowed his hand to drop onto the sofa between he
and she, but closer to she. He left it there, palm upward. His reasoning was: she had allowed
him to sit close, and her legs had been showing.

He didn't dare make the first move, but placing his hand almost against her thigh had his
heart pounding and when she didn't seem to notice or maybe mind, he was thinking on how
to actually touch her and not get rebuffed. After all, for this trip at least, she was his boss.

But Beth made the actual first move, placing her hand over and then into his as he squeezed it. The
kiss that came next was automatic, and unexpectedly, Beth felt her pussy becoming very wet. One
kiss, one kiss and...and I want him!

Being more experienced, slight as it was, Beth took the lead after making Billy swear to keep this a
secret and that this might be the one and only time it happens. Billy, of course, readily agreed
as his hand slipped under her blouse, found it's way under her bra and landed on her tit. Her
nipple greeted him already erect.

He was ready to go right now, but Beth calmed him and said 'let's get undressed first.' He was
reluctant at first, to reveal himself with the lights on, and Beth saw why as soon as his penis came
into view.

She had been hoping subconciously for something more, but he was small. Smaller than Patrick's
it looks like. Of course, he's only partially up., it's small.

She laid back onto the bed, totally naked, her breasts and lower area being emphasized by the
lines of her brassiere and panties that she had removed. They made out and he entered her,
after she had made him do a lot of kissing and touchy feely first on the bed, and as she
expected, he felt light to the touch inside.

"He's small but he's new and this is exciting. Maybe I can cum if he lasts.' She made the
sounds, and the moves, and of course he came first. He was quiet about it, the sound of his
breathing louder than his sigh of pleasure.

Beth didn't get all that noisy. She had not orgasmed and was not about to fake it, just let
it go and tell him it was fun and let it go at that. He remained on her at least, for a while,
and they kissed lightly as she felt him dribbling more into her as he softened.

A big load, it felt like. She felt soaked, but it just didn't seem like the thing to do right now, to
jump up and head into the bathroom. With her husband, of course she would have. But with
this young man who seemed so shy, it seemed she needed to remain in bed. So she waited to
see what happens next.

He rolled off and onto his back. His eyes closed.

Beth laid quietly beside him. Billy seemed to be asleep and she studied his wet penis, looking small.
Circumcised too. Patrick was uncut, and she kind of liked that feature about her husband. What
to do now? I fucked this boy, I didn't get to cum, and he's going to want to do it again before he

Beth was about to wake Billy and go to the bathroom when he opened his eyes, smiled, reached
over and cupped her B cup breast. 'That was round one,' he said with a grin. Beth was about to
ask him to eat her, if he knew how, when he said, "Wait here, I want to get something from my room.'

In a minute he was dressed and gone, and a minute later he knocked on her door. Beth answered
the door still naked and Billy walked in and held it up with a grin. A dildo!

It was looking exactly like a real penis, but noticeably larger then Billy's cock and a bit larger
even then her husband's cock. Beth wanted to act indignant, but something inside told her,
'you've gone this far Beth, outside your marriage, so why not experiment with it?

"Is that for me Billy?" She giggled. "What makes you think I might want something like that?"

"Beth," his face turned slightly red, "I know that I'm not all that big, and I don't know what size
your husband is, but this might be fun to play with." He held it up to allow her a better look.

It was almost human skin colored, but not quite, with a pink tone to it. The head was larger than
the shaft, but only by a little. The shaft, Beth could see, had a little more width then her husband,
and was noticeably thicker than Billy's cock. The length, a good inch and a half, maybe two, longer
than Patrick.

At the bottom end it spread out wide, about three inches or so, which would allow it to be stood
upright without toppling over, or keep it from penetrating too deeply and maybe disappearing

To Beth, it was definitely what she would call 'a big cock.'

"Let me feel it," Beth said, taking it from Billy. She gave it a squeeze around the shaft. Soft to the
touch, it felt nice. Then she decided to go with the flow, as this seemed...daring, and exciting.
"It's big enough to feel different," she said, looking Billy in the eye with a smile.

"How about your husband? I was afraid he might be larger and you'd be disappointed in me."
Billy hung his head. "You're my first."

"What? I'm the first girl, I mean, woman, you've ever made love to?" Beth, in her innocence, thought
of having sex as making love, even with a stranger.

"Yes, and I've read a lot, and I've...I've watched movies, and I know that I don't know that much and
that I'm not that big..." He let his voice trail off.

"Well, look Billy, you're right. I can tell you're inexperienced, and to be honest I've only been with my
husband, until now, so I don't have all that much experience either, but I had fun, we had fun, you
and I."

"But you didn't cum, did you?"

Beth decided to be honest. "No, but I didn't expect to. I usually don't cum with my husband either,
just once in a while."

They were walking toward the bed. "Want to try this, asked Billy, holding it up again?

"Yes, but we'll need some lubricant. And that thing isn't warm so it probably won't feel as good
as the real thing."

"What about the size?"

Beth took another look at it. "That's what I'm curious about."

Billy glanced down at her. "I've got K-Y, but my cum is running down your legs. We might not
need the K-Y."

Beth giggled. "I left your cum in me. It felt good, and it's the first strange cum I've ever had in me,
so I thought you might enjoy seeing that dildo squeezing it out."

"OK, but I'll add some K-Y just in case. Want me to get a towel and wipe your legs?"

"Yes, just my legs, I want to leave the rest inside." Feeling proud that Beth wanted to keep his
cum inside her, Billy ran to get a towel, come back and wiped the insides of her thighs. As
he wiped, he studied her blonde pussy from close up, wanting to burn it into his memory
even though he was about to be putting that dildo into her and getting even better looks.

As Billy stripped off his clothes again, Beth laid onto the bed and boldly opened her legs wide,
exposing her golden-haired vagina fully to him for the first time. She placed two hands around
her vagina and tugged her outer lips just a little wider. "Here it is Billy. A few minutes ago I was
just an innocent wife, and now look at what I'm doing!"

"Wow Beth. I can't believe that I was in there. You're so quiet and shy seeming, and yet you
let me make love to you."

"This is an adventure for me Billy, and I think maybe I've picked the right guy to do things
with because you're in the same boat as me. We're both wanting to see what it's like so to

She tugged her lips further opened, making Billy's eyes bulge out and said, "Now put some
K-Y on that dildo and let's see how it fits."

As he gripped the dildo in one hand and started to rub a dab of K-Y on with the other, Beth
said "Just on the tip. I don't want it to be too slippery, and I've already got your juicy cum in

Beth was feeling daring now, ornery, and wanted to talk a bit dirty for the first time in her life.

After adding some K-Y that Billy had stuffed into his pocket, they went to work. "Put it in slow,"
Beth said while lying on her back and smiling up at the ceiling. "Ooh, it feels big. I love how
it's stretching my pussy. But go slow."

Billy's ears were burning at hearing the straight seeming professional office lady talking so
dirty to him. His cock tingled and immediatly rose to full mast, though for the moment, it
would nto be needed.

His cock rigid, Beth felt around with her hand as she laid on her back and found his cock.
She gripped it as Billy worked the dildo into her slowly, delighting in seeing her inner lips
spread to accept the head and then wrapping themselves around the shaft as it penetrated
past the lips and went deep.

Beth giggled.

"It looks like a tight fit Beth, the way it looks. Does that feel good," asked an excited Billy as
he watched some of his cum cumming out?

"Yes Billy it does feel good and bless your heart for bringing this dildo along. Keep going.
It feels bigger than what I'm used to and I do believe I'm beginning to like this."

"It's already most of the way in."

"I feel it stretching me. Now I want to see how it feels to have something deep in me.
Go all the way. Yes, that's it."

Billy had succeeded in penetrating Beth fully with it when the base finally came up against
her vagina. "Mmmm Billy, that feels good."

"I measured it when I bought it. It's a little over seven and a half inches long in front of the base."

"So I've got over seven inches in me. It feels good, but I'm more aware of the thickness, more than
you or my husband."

"Do you like that, the extra thickness?"

"Yes. I've had two babies and I need that more now than when I was first married. Now move
it in and out, slowly."

Billy did, enjoying the view, and Beth moaned softly. "Are you enjoying the view?"

"Yes, it looks like your lips are stretched and turning red, like the blood is flowing in or something."

"It is Billy. It does fill good and I think it will make me cum. Pump me for a while."
Billy did, going slow at first and as Beth seemed to be enjoying it and smiled he sped up.

"No, keep going slower Billy, the speed you were using before when you fucked me. I liked it like that."

Beth had used the F word on purpose, a word she and her husband had never used. Billy, for his
part, though he knew nothing about her, was surprised to hear her actually saying the word 'fuck.'

He pumped with it, going slow and keeping his face close, stared at what the dildo was doing to
her reddened and stretched lips.

She looked down at him. "Still enjoying the view?" When he simply nodded she smiled. "Well,
keep going, I feel like I'm being fucked by my third man." Beth wanted to talk dirty, something
she could never do with her husband.

"Your third man?"

"Yes. My husband, then you, and now a third man even larger. Fuck me a little harder with it."

Billy did as told, but after a couple of minutes he decided to try something more and started
shoving it in deeper, hitting her vagina with the base of the shaft and coming into contact
with her clitoris in the process.

She had an idea. "That feels good. Better inside as well as out. Let's try something. Keep it
inside and climb on me."

"Like...this" Billy said excitedly as he climbed over her and Beth felt his rigid penis lightly touch
her anus.

"Move that away. You can't go there, no one has."

"Where? Oh, you mean where my cock is touching you?"

"Yes, in my rear. I've never let my husband go there, but then, he's never tried."

With nowhere else to go with his cock, Billy reached under and pressing downward,
aimed his rigid cock down to where it was pressing up on the underside of her rear.

"Is that comfortable? It felt so hard, can you bend it under comfortably and keep it there,"
she asked with a smile?

"Yes. It's bent down the wrong way but I can do it. You can feel how hard I am."

"I can feel it. You have a nice cock and we'll see what we can do with that hard dick in a little bit."

"So now I'm on you, and my dick is out of the way, so what do you want me to do?"

"Lie heavier on me with your body and push against the dildo."

"Like this,"Billy asked as he laid his lower abdomen onto where the dildo was still showing
and pushed?

"Yes. You're shoving it deeper into me, more than before. Now move up and down."

Billy did, and Beth groaned. "Oh yes, I can feel all that going deeper." She hesitated. "Keep going.
Yes, keep going, it's hitting me in new places inside and you're making it rub my clitoris, and I
think I might...cum...Oooooh fuckkkk!"

"Are you alright," Billy asked as he looked down at a shaking Beth, who was holding her arms
tightly around him and trembling?

"Yes. I can't believe it Billy. It went way deep and you started hitting it against my clitoris and I
came, right away. I've never done that before, came like that or so fast."

Their eyes were looking into each others and Beth said, "Kiss me." They did, a long and romantic
kiss while Billy kept pressing his weight onto the dildo and ramming it deeper into her. But in the
process his penis came loose from where it had been jammed below and again came into contact
with her anus and Beth gasped.

"Wait a minute." Beth kissed him again and said, "I have an idea. Put some of that K-Y onto your penis."

"What? Why?"

"Just do it."

Billy rose off her and reaching for the small jar of K-Y, opened it.

Beth said, 'Just the head. Rub some on that nice head."

Billy excitedly rubbed some K-Y onto the head of his penis while Beth watched. "Now what,"
Billy asked, his voice full of anticipation?

"I think you already know. You're about to go where no man had gone before."

He didn't need to be told. Billy had almost been there, once. He mounted Beth, went forward,
and as his body flattened the dildo against her vagina and clit, his penis again came into contact
with her anus.

She giggled. "Your aim is perfect. Now go slow, please."

It worked almost perfectly. Billy was just the right width to fit her virgin hole, and his short
length was just long enough to allow him to penetrate a little more more than head deep.
That was all she needed as Beth encouraged Billy with her arms and legs.

"Fuck me. Harder! That's it, keep lying heavy against me as you move and stroke me with
your nice cock."

It worked, better than Beth had hoped. She had found the solution. Having decided to cheat
just once and being disappointed, she had made suggestions and corrections and was now
getting what to her was almost the perfect fuck.

'Why me?"


"Why me? Why do I get to fuck you in the rear when your husband has never been there?"

"He's never asked. I think he's too square to try, and besides, I thought it might hurt so I
never asked."

Billy kept stroking, and Beth asked him to change his angle and see if he could penetrate her
a little more with his penis because the base of the dildo was keeping their bodies separated
to some degree.

He did, by rising from where his chest was hitting hers and using him arms to raise his body off
hers and change the angle of his cock. Now he was getting his cock all the way in and it did
feel better to her, and to him.

"Wow Billy, just so you'll know, you feel more than big enough for me now. So I guess that's
the answer to your worries. My husband's a little bigger than you in front, but in my rear
you're bigger because you are the only one. So that makes you equal to my husband. Does that
ease your mind a bit?"

"Fuck yes. You feel really tight in the ass and if this feels as good to you there as it does to me,
I think we might have something going."

"We do Billy. If we do this again, get the chance to, it will still be your exclusive property.
Would you like that, knowing that my ass is for you only?"

"Billy couldn't believe his ears. She had said her ass would be his exclusively to enjoy. Wow.
"Shit yes Beth. I love this. Can't believe that only I have been in your ass and it's going to be
mine in the future."

"That's what I'm thinking Billy. For now, as long as you bring the dildo along, you get to be
special and my only ass fucker." She giggled. "Now while you fuck me with your cock and
press against me I want you to kiss me, and use your tongue more, way more, and make
the kisses wetter too."

Billy did, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth and wrapping his tongue around hers.
Before long they were not only kissing, but as she eagerly responded he was giving her
slobbery kisses on the outside of her lips and even her cheeks.

Beth opened her eyes and quit kissing for a moment. Billy opened his eyes to look down at her.

"Look into my eyes for just a minute Billy, and don't quit pumping."

He kept pumping his cock into her ass and looked down into her eyes. She returned his look
with one of her own, feeling passionate toward him and wanting him to know. When she felt
that he was really into her mentally now she closed her eyes and again sucked his tongue
into hers. This time the kissing was even better, more intense, more involved, more intimate.

She had never kissed like this, the idea had just came to her, but it was good, and she returned
his tonguing with more of her own. The wetter, the messier it was, the better.

"I want you to say it Billy."

He paused. "What? What do you want me to say?"

"Say you're fucking my cunt with your dildo. I know that's a very dirty word, and I've never said
it, and it is supposed to be a demeaning word to some women, but I want you to say it to me,
and only me Billy. Remember that, other women probably won't like it."

He fucked harder, using his body to shove that dildo base against her body and the shaft
deeper into her as he cautiously said it. "I'm fucking your cunt Beth. Using my big dildo and
stretching your cunt out real wide and deep. How's that?"

"That's the idea, don't say it all the time, and not when we're kissing and in the romantic
stage, but when you fuck me hard, say it sometimes."

She was very tight back there, and he tried but despite having cum once he was having to work
at holding back.

"Oh Billy, my ass and cunt are feeling you so good. Thank you." She squeezed him with her arms.

He lasted just long enough to make it the perfect fuck. As she felt him cumming into her ass,
her orgasm rolled over her body, at her anus, at her clitoris, and into her throat as she moaned,
groaned and hungrily kissed her newfound lover.

Billy wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a romantic phase or what since she was kissing him
while she was cumming and he was fucking hard. So he didn't say the C word.

"Oh Billy, you little fucker, You made me cum. I hope the next time the company sends me out of
town that you get to come along!"

She was calling him 'a little fucker.' He didn't know if she was referring to his lack of endowment,
or if it was just a pet name she had given him, but he decided to go along. "How soon will that
happen, if it happens?"

"Three to four weeks. I'll be looking forward to it Billy. I'm pretty sure I can get the company to
send you out with me at least one more time, but remember, never ever a hint of anything at

He had gone soft and his cock had slipped out of her anus. She giggled and felt around
below with one hand. "I think this time the towel will not be enough. I need to take a shower
and it's time you went back to your own room. We still have half a day of presentations to do
in the morning."

They kissed one last time at her door, drier than before and Beth was still naked, and then Billy
was gone. After her shower, Beth laid in bed and thought of all that had gone down. 'If only I
could get my husband to do something like that, she thought, either get a dildo for me, or
even, hah, that's funny, let me try another man. Fat chance of that ever happening, he's so square.'

The alarm was set at 0715 on her phone, and Beth played with her vagina for a little, Unseen, she
smiled to herself in the dark. 'My cunt has never been so happy." She played a little while more
before dozing off, but no need to cum again. She was satisfied, for now.

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