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Instant Hard Dick

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Mar 13, 2004
As a whiteboy, I have to do nothing more than think about the current interracial activities that are happening more everyday to get a rock hardon over what is really going on around us.

How many times have you seen a good looking white female, that was married to a whiteboy, and she just made you drool by how pretty she was, and made you wish you were the one getting in her britches.

Then you realize that she may just be one of the ones from the growing number of white wives that lust for a black dick. Not only lust for it, but will go out of her way to pursuit it. Not stopping there until she ends up begging for it, and the whole time, she is making a record number of whiteboys, hot, horny, and lusting after her white body, without giving them the time of day.

The black guys can have her at any time, in any way they wish, where ever they desire, and could, if they wanted to, make her wait, make her earn the privilege, make her say what they wanted to hear come out of her married white mouth, could use her in ways the whiteboy only dreamed about, then still have her coming back for more.

We all want her, but can't have her. The black guys, on the other hand, are not only getting inside of her rarely used white body, but before, during, and after they use her, they also are enjoying the simple task of breaking her down and reducing the prim and proper pride of the white race, down to a level of activity never before seen by anyone, especially her higher class society of everyday friends, family and co-workers or the general population that sees her doing her routine errands and chores expected from the white housewife or white female employee.

The black guys can make her do anything they want that would entertain them and humiliate and degrade the normally upstanding, proud, and educated white female trophy.

The sky is the limit on using their imagination to have her not only perform these acts degradation and lowering of her self-respect, but enjoy doing them, without any hesitation, resistance, or shame as she steps down from a normally conservative white society role model of PTA mother, soccer mom, and upstanding citizen, to a rarely seen naked white mom obeying orders from superior blacks that could range from anything like being fucked in the ass, mouth, and married white pussy, by black dicks, receiving the potent black cum into her pale white body by mouth or cunt, being photographed with cum on her face or leaking out of her pussy, being told to beg for black dick then going out to tease and deny whiteboys, forbidden to have sexual relations with white males, possibly sucking a dogs dick until it cums in her mouth, with pictures or video, being fucked and cummed in by a dog, rode around town while naked.

Just a few of the things this model citizen does to earn the right for a black man to enjoy pumping that pussy and cumming in this fine white body that the whiteboys only dream about as we jerk ourselves off to the thought of the black man uses her to get off inside her, leaving his mark of blackness deep inside her married white pussy that is desired by many whites, but taken and enjoy by black only.
What Can I Say....the Blk Cock Is Stronger.

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