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Interracial Europe

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New around here...
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Dec 9, 2005
I see that there are quite a few posters here based in Europe.

My girl and I (both white) live in Luxembourg and would like to correspond with other couples in the lifestyle or hung black men in Europe. Germany would be ideal what with the US army there etc.

All candidates must be 9" min as that's what she's used to.

Well if you are coming to germany just drop me a line and maybe we could hook up. Send me a pic of you wifey and less start from there. I am a black american that stays here in germany.
What do you look like?

Hi, nice that the both of you are interested in interracial and love BBC. But what do you look like?
Hi there,

If you prefere more east instead of Germany and try a horny ebony man. Just drop me a line;
Promise it will be a memory you will never forget...
Hi...I am about an hour from you. Drop me a pic or an email to show you are real. I am between Kaiserslautern and Trier. Hope to hear from you soon!!
hi there - read yr message and i am interested
i am a coloured/brown male and live in Holland
if you are serious lets get to know each other
my email is: bobodoe@hotmail.com

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