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Is Britney Black preg

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Just wondering if anyone else thinks Britney is Black pregnant
Britney black pregnant

I've wondered that myself, since not much before her hubby she was fucking a black dancer named Columbus Short. There were alot of pics of them together on the net. Not only was it a big deal because he was black, but his wife or girlfriend was pregnant and due around the same time. Personally I was just glad she went black.
Here they are together.
Britney black preg? I think that is wishful thinking. I thought you had to sleep with someone first - unless of course standing next to a black man is how they conceive. If - and its a big if - they did have a night together, then it goes to show the saying 'once you go black...' is not true. Oh well.
All this will be settled as soon as we see a pic of her newest puppy, i mean baby.

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