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Jan 24, 2005

Earlier this year my Grandson and his wife, Martin and Beverly came over from the States for visit. They had been married just six months and Bev, a cracking blonde, was certainly six months pregnant.
My wife passed away earlier this year so I now lived on my own and it felt very strange to have other people in the house, not that I am complaining but I felt it would be very empty when they returned to the USA.
I must point out that Martin’s Grandmother, my first wife had died in mid 1986 and I had subsequently remarried.
During the second week of their month with me, Martin and I were punishing the whisky. Bev had gone to bed and we were talking of any thing, which came to mind. When I mentioned that Marty had been quick off the mark with Bev and had pregged her on their honeymoon. I saw a peculiar micro expression cross his face. This puzzled me; I saw nothing wrong in my jocular remark.
He fell silent for a few minutes, took a swig from his glass and said.
“Granddad can I ask you a strange question?”
“Of course,” I replied
“You’re the only person alive who can settle this for me.” he said looking at the floor.
“My mom was black but Granny was white and you are white but Auntie Jo is black .er!
Did you and Granny adopt them both? Mom always speaks of Granny as her mother but Auntie Jo says ask you.”

His question opened a window into the past that I had not looked through for years.
I was in a quandary, do I tell him the truth. Both his mother and her elder sister Josephine were mixed race and more coffee coloured than black and my son in law, Marty’s dad, was white.
The only clue that Marty had coloured ancestry was his liquid brown eyes that he got from his mother.
I came to a decision I would tell him the truth. This would prevent further complication.

“Back in the 1960s your Granny and I where trying to have children but not getting anywhere and it was driving us both crazy and we nearly split up. Then to cut a long story short your Granny met two coloured gentlemen and I mean that they were indeed gentlemen and two of the nicest fellows you could hope to meet. They gave her your Auntie Jo and the later your Mom, with my permission I hasten to add
I know this might be a shock to you, to realise that I am not a blood relative but I raised your Aunt and your Mom as my daughters and I love them as dearly as I loved your Granny. The two coloured fellows were twins and this why your Mom and her sister are so alike.”
Marty stared at the floor for several minutes and I waited to see what he would say.
Then he looked up at me and said “I don’t care about the blood bit, for me, you are my Granddad and you will always be the friend I can come to, to talk things over.”
I filled his glass and my own and I toasted him. Certainly we were both getting pretty tight.

“Now” he said, “ I’m going to shock you. I’ve just got to tell someone and what you just told means that I know you will understand. When you let Granny get herself pregnant by a black man it must have given you an enormous bang, as you stayed with her, raised Auntie Jo and then let her do it again. Didn’t you?”

I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Yes. I enjoyed it. I encouraged her. I watched. Watching the woman you loved being thoroughly spunked by a big black dick is an astonishing feeling.”
“Well,” he said, “ It must run in the family. You know Bev and I had been together for a year or so before we married. Well during that time I was screwing her but always used a condom. She wanted to go on the pill but I didn’t like the idea of her putting chemicals in her system. So, it was a rubber or nothing. But last year I started to get this fantasy about Bev being screwed by a large black man and getting knocked up. This gave me a charge when we were making love and it always got me off very quickly. Perhaps a bit too quickly, then one night I told Bev, as I slid into her, that I was a big black stud who was going to knock her up, she went totally bananas. She came several times then just about sucked me inside when I came. After that this was a regular part of our sex life. Then one day I noticed a co-workers family when his wife picked him up from work. He is fair-haired and his wife is a blonde but sitting in the car was a little 4 or 5 year old black boy. The kid shouted “ Hi Dad. We’re going to the beach.” and I heard my friend, Pete, call him, Son.


Sometime later when we had a quiet period, I complimented my friend on his pretty wife and asked when they had adopted their boy? My friend grinned at me and said.” We didn’t adopt him. Carol-Anne got blackened.” I said, ”What?” So he explained that he liked her to screw around, she had insisted that she went on the pill then nearly 5 years ago she had met a black guy and just stopped using any protection. After that she only screwed black men. Oh! She gives me plenty,” he went on, “but I have to use a rubber. She lets her black friends ride bare and fill her up. She only wants to have black kids.”
I was astonished at this but found I had an enormous boner, all I could think of was Bev being
fucked and filled up in front of me. My friend noticed the tent in my pants and said,” Does that turn you on”?
“Yes,” I admitted and he went on. “You’re getting married soon aren’t you? Why not get your fiancée thoroughly blackened on honeymoon. Then if she likes it, our wives can pal up and they’ll gives us plenty to get hard about, maybe we would get to see them being black fucked together”

So, if you like, this idea festered inside me. Then Bev and I got married and booked. to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. My friend and his wife were wedding guests and he suggested that I get Bev blackened there. He said.” Have a quiet word with the bellboy at your hotel.”
God! Was he right! While Bev was exploring the balcony of our room, I tipped the porter who had carried our bags up. He said “Is there anything else you need .Sir?”
I steered him in to the corridor and said, “ Yes there is something. Do know any men who would like to fuck my wife?”
“Of course I do,” he replied “ Is she on the pill?”
“No,” I said.” I want her knocked up. We are here for a fortnight and next weekend is her fertile time. When we leave here I want her to be carrying a little black present from Jamaica in her belly.
“Don’t worry. I can arrange that for you. Is she up for it?”
“No. She doesn’t know I want her blackened. If that’s the right word?””
“OK! We have done this before for many husbands. I’ll need 150 dollars for expenses and I’ll tell you the arrangements this evening. But you must know that she may become a slut for black men. This has happened to at least a dozen wives out of the twenty we have blackened. Are you OK with that?”
“Oh! God I hadn’t remembered that could happen. Yes I’m definitely OK with that.” I told him
I gave him the cash and we parted. I rejoined Bev trying to hide my gigantic hard on.
We had dinner in the hotel and after we sat in the bar for a while. Then I went to the washroom and Robert the porter was waiting for me
“OK “ he said, “ Here’s the deal. Take the wife for a walk up town. On Main St choose the third bar on the left. It has a pirate figure over the door and its more like a club than a pub. We will join you shortly. Then you will get further instructions as the evening goes on, OK?”
I suggested to Bev that we go for a walk and she jumped at the chance. True enough there was the pirate over the door and a very sumptuous interior. There was a small dance floor with smoochy sort of music playing and tables set round the edge in sort of alcoves. Bev liked it and thought very nice. A waiter conducted us to a table and took our order for drinks. It was air conditioned and pleasantly cool compared to the heat outside.

Sure enough after a few minutes Robert appeared and recognised us as quests at the hotel and asked if he could join us. He sat next to Bev and proceeded to charm her. He was funny and entertaining with out being forward in anyway. I could see Bev was quite taken with him. Then two very large men came past. Stopped and spoke to Robert. He introduced them to us as Daniel and Rufus and they asked if they could join us. Of course we said please do and a very pleasant party started. Bev, of course, was the centre of attention and like any woman, she lapped it up.

There were a few couples on the dance floor and Daniel suddenly asked Bev if she would like to dance. Now Granddad you know that I’m no dancer and Bev is. So she had no hesitation in accepting.
As soon a Bev was out of earshot Robert leaned over and said.
”After a little while when she’s had some more to drink and we have her primed. Rufus will suggest that we move on. We will go to his pad and you are going to get very, very ***** on drink from a rum bottle. This will be flat diet coke so you can pretend to pass out then you can watch what happens. OK?”
I nodded speechless but I got a hard on. These fellows were organised.

Daniel and Bev reappeared. Bev’s face was flushed and her eyes sparkled. She had obviously enjoyed herself. She said, “Daniel’s a marvellous dancer.” She finished her drink and another appeared like magic. She had hardly taken a mouthful when Rufus asked her for a dance. As soon as they were on the floor Robert leaned over and poured something into her drink.
“What’s that? I asked a little alarmed.
“Don’t worry.” said Robert “ Its just a little something which will speed up the alcohol and make her feel randy. It’s quite tasteless and won’t make her pass out. We want her to enjoy what’s going to happen.”
The dancers came back to the table and it was clear that Bev was having the time of her life.
She finished her drink and a slow smoochy dance started. Daniel grabbed her hand and led her back onto the floor. After a few moments I saw that Bev had her arms locked around Daniel’s neck and he was holding her very close. The way his hips moved suggested that he was pressing his dick against her. He had his hands on her bottom pulling her close and she wasn’t trying to pull away.
They rotated round the floor and when they were on the other side I saw he was kissing her.
Robert noticed the look on my face and grinned at me.
“ It’s dead easy. A little booze, a little chemical, a dance or two and she starts down the road.” “Yeah,” agreed Rufus also grinning at me” Not long now, she almost ready.”
When they finished Bev came back to sit by me. She leaned close and whispered in my ear.
”Daniel was pressing his cock against me. God! Its big and it’s made me wet.”
Now normally, Bev would never have dreamed of saying something like that so I knew that the technique the fellows were using was starting to pay off. After another drink or so I noticed that she was dancing with Daniel with her arms round his neck only one of his hands was holding her arse. I couldn’t see where his right hand was but as they turned on the floor I realised that his right hand was down between their bodies and he must have been feeling her up. When he turned her back toward us he removed his hand from her bum and gave a thumbs up sign.
“OK,” said Robert to me.” Here we go.”
Daniel led her back to the table, Bev's cheeks were glowing and her eyes were sparkling with excitement. I had never seen her trembling like that before. She was obviously on a high.

“OK!” said Rufus “Shall we move on? I have a place just round the corner where we won’t have to keep paying for booze.”
He stood up and without thinking we followed him, both Bev and me fairly wobbly, out and a few yards up the street, where he turned into an alley. After a few more yards he stopped and unlocked a door and ushered us upstairs, into very pleasant flat. The main room was big with curtains on two walls. Rufus pulled back the curtains facing us and opened some French windows. There was a superb view of the harbour and the lights reflecting of the sea. A cool wind off the water swept through the room. They sat us down on the settee and offered us a drink.
“Have some rum.” said Robert handing me a very large glassful.” I tried it, flat diet coke.
“God! It’s strong but very nice.” I remarked and drank most of the glass. Robert grinned at me.
He turned to Bev and asked what she would like. She asked if she could have a rum and coke.
“ Sure.” answered Robert but I noticed that the rum came from a different bottle than mine.
Rufus was rooting about under the stereo, found what he was looking for and a sultry smoochy piece of music filled the flat.
“Come on Bev,” said Daniel, “You can’t resist this dance.”
Bev hastily swallowed the remainder of her drink and he hauled her to her feet. They commenced a very close slow dance that seemed to consist of holding on to each other very tight and just swaying. Robert signalled me to pass out so I stretched out and closed my eyes and started to snore softly. Through my partially closed eyes I saw Bev look at me and she said something to Daniel.
I heard Daniel say,” Well you can’t go back to the hotel with Martin like that. He’ll be all right just let him sleep for an hour or so. I know rum, he’ll come round in about an hour with a headache but he’ll be alright.”
Reassured. Bev turned back to her partner who pulled her very close and pressed a semi erect cock against her. She locked her arms round his neck closed her eyes and gave him a kiss which just went on and on. Daniel swung her round with her back to the closed curtain and as he did so Rufus appeared from behind it he was naked and his long semi erect cock was bigger than I thought possible.
He moved up behind Bev and put his arms round her. He started to kiss her neck and ears. She broke the kiss with Daniel and arched her back toward Rufus who immediately put his hands on her breasts.


She moaned and started to breathe hard. Rufus moved one hand back behind her and unzipped her frock. Somehow with one hand he got her bra undone and both his hands went inside her clothes and I could see he was playing with her nipples. Daniel reached up and removed her arms from his neck and lowered them, as he did so, her frock fell down her arms taking her bra with it. Rufus’s black hands were on her tits and she made no attempt to remove them. Her eyes were still closed.
The two men moved away slightly and Bev’s frock fell down to her feet, leaving her just in her panties and high heeled sandals. Daniel turned her round so that her white naked breasts came into contact with Rufus’s bare black chest. I could see her nipples were sticking out like I had never seen them before. She opened her eyes and looked into Rufus’s then she kissed him hungrily.
She closed her eyes and pulled him to her. Daniel knelt and slipped her panties down and as he did so Rufus’s large erection came into contact with her mound. She didn’t break contact just moaned and kissed him harder.
Robert came from behind the curtain he too was totally naked but his cock was more like mine in size than Rufus’s. He pulled back the curtain and revealed a large divan bed in an alcove. I came in my trousers. But my erection didn’t go down. Rufus picked up Bev, still kissing her and laid her on the bed where Daniel was already lying as stark naked as the others. As he moved to make room I saw he had a truly enormous cock and balls to match. I couldn’t see how he was going to get that into Bev but
I was sure that if he did, those balls would squirt more spunk in one go than I could produce in a

Robert placed his hand between her legs and still kissing Rufus, Bev instinctively opened her legs to allow him access. She started to move her hips gently and I realised that Robert was finger fucking her. “She’s wet an’ ready.” reported Robert. Rufus moved sideways so the Robert could get in-between her legs. From what I could see Rufus’s hands were still working her tits and Robert climbed onto the bed aimed his cock and worked the head into her. She moaned and pushed her hips up to meet him and for the first time I saw my wife with a bare black cock balls deep in her cunt. Robert started a steady fuck Rufus broke contact and started sucking on her left tit while Daniel did the same on her right. Bev was pushing back to meet Robert and I heard him say. “You like black cock don’t you Bev, does it feel good?
She was starting to pant and I heard her say between gasps. “Oh! Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me.”
Robert speeded up a little. Then said, “I’m going to cum inside you. I’m going to plant a black baby in your belly.” Bev bucked beneath him as she came. Robert added, “You want me to cum in you don't you.”
“Yes! Yes! I need your cum.” gasped Bev trying to wrap her legs round him
Robert arched his back and thrust as deep as he could into my wife and I heard her moan as his spunk blasted up her cunt. Robert withdrew slowly and rolled off her. Rufus slickly took his place and placed the head of his big dick against her cunt. Even with the lubrication provided by Robert’s spunk and Bev’s juices, he took some time to work the whole length in. All Bev did was to shiver and hold him tight round the neck as he gradually forced his way in. Once he was fully embedded he rested to let her get used to his size then he started a gently in and out movement, just a couple of inches each way.
I had given up pretending to be asleep and had moved round to where I could see all the action.
Bev opened her eyes and suddenly looked straight at me. Her gaze dropped to where my dick was sticking out of my flies and she grimaced, then smiled at me and turned her eyes back to the man on her. Her eyes rolled up as a gigantic orgasm took her.
Rufus smiled at her and said “Good?”
“Oh! Yes “ she gasped “ You are filling me completely. Oh! God!” she gasped and came again
“ Honey! You’re goin’ to make me cum if you keep squeezing me like that.”
“Yes cum in me, knock me up. Fill me with black spunk.” she panted
You said, Granddad, that you encouraged Granny. Well I found myself saying. “Go on Bev. Get his cum in your womb. Let him spunk up you. Make us a baby.”
Rufus speeded up and for the first time I saw the peculiar effect of a black cock in an eager and excited white cunt. Her juices were making a mass of white foam on Rufus’s black shaft.
Bev went wild she bucked beneath him and locked her arms and legs round him as he pushed in as far as he could and I saw his ball sack tighten as he unloaded inside her
Bev kissed him and tried to hold him in her but he gradually withdrew.
As Daniel moved in between her legs she noticed his enormous cock and balls. Her eyes widened and a shocked look appeared on her face. “Daniel, I can’t take that. It’ll never fit. I’ll split in two.”

Daniel stopped her mouth with an open-mouthed kiss, then said. “I’m only goin to put in as much as you can take without hurting but I’m gonna to fuck you now and I’m gonna to fuck you every day or more if you want and by next week I bet my balls are pushing against your arse.”
By the look on Bev’s face I knew they had her hooked. She opened her legs as far as she could and tilted her hips up toward him.
Daniel rubbed the bulbous head of his cock against her pussy lips making them thoroughly wet with more precum than I could I could spunk in a week. Then he gently pushed. Bev shuddered and lifted her hips toward him, Suddenly the head slipped in side. She gasped and shook her head from side to side. Her pussy lips were so stretched I thought they might split, but at least the head was in. Daniel waited for a minute then slowly pushed about 4 or 5 inches into her
. Bev groaned and panted. Daniel started to fuck her sliding a little more in each time he went forward. He got a little over half of it in when he said, “How’s that Bev. I’m bottoming does it hurt or is that ok? “My God! Bev replied between gasps “I’ve never been so full, it hurts a little but that’s going off now”. “Ok. Now I am going to work another inch in so that after a few more fucks you can take the lot. Read?” Bev was speechless but she nodded and held on very tight as he eased forward and slowly another inch of gigantic black shaft disappeared inside her. Bev’s face contorted with pain but she still held on tight Daniel rested still but I could see that he was tensing his prick muscles every few seconds. The pain left Bev’s face but was replaced with an astounding look of lust.
She was shuddering with excitement, panting like a bitch in heat, which I guess, was an exact description. She raised her legs and locked her ankles round Daniel’s back, pulled him down to her and stuck her tongue in his mouth.
The contrast between the blonde white woman and the muscular black man was very exciting in itself.

Daniel kept up the tensing of his prick for about ten minutes then suddenly Bev started to push her hips up at him and I was astonished to see at least another inch of black cock disappear into her tightly stretched cunt. “Oh! Oh! “. she panted “ That feels wonderful.”
“You like being fucked by a blackman?” asked Daniel. “When you fuck a little dicked white man now. You won’t even feel him. He won’t feel like this.” and he started to gently push slowly in and out by just an inch or two. Bev’s eyes rolled up and she shuddered as she orgasmed again and again seemingly in time with his gentle thrusts. Another half inch gradually went in as the constant orgasms drove Bev crazy. I had little doubt that Daniel’s promise to press his balls against her arse in a week’s time would come true.

I also realised that my active sex life with Bev could be over.
Daniel’s face changed. “ Jesus! You’re a lovely fuck. Bev, I’m goin’ to fill you up. I’m nearly there. Do you want a lot of cum?”
“Oh! Yessss”, Gasped my wife. Daniel looked at me.
“Come on Martin,” he panted “Massage my balls to make them make even more cum for Bev.”
So I leaned over and cupped his gigantic ball sack, I’m sure I could feel the sperm surging around in them.
Suddenly he gasped “here we go.” and I felt his balls move as they pumped a gigantic load into my wife. Then they moved again as a second gigantic squirt shot up his dick.
“Oh! I can feel It.” panted Bev shaking her head from side to side in ecstasy.
A third movement from his balls heralded another massive load pumped into her. This finally overloaded her and a surge of spunk was forced out past the tight seal of cock and cunt.
Daniel kissed the exhausted sweaty female under him and slowly withdrew. What appeared to be a gallon of sperm flowed out of Bev’s belly. She brought her legs smartly together stopping the leakage. She looked at me and panted,
“ You set me up. You wanted me fucked. You’re not ***** atall are you? You needn’t deny it. I can see it in your face. “
She looked at the grinning sweaty black faces around her and grinned back at them.
“As for you lot.” she said, “ I’m absolutely shagged in all senses of the word. I hope you’re going to fuck me again and again while we are here.”
“We sure are,” replied Daniel “ We are going to make sure you’re pregnant when you go home.”
“Can I have a coffee and a shower? Before we go back to the hotel,” she asked. .
“Sure.” Rufus got off the bed and showed Bev the shower, all three men joined her and a lot of chuckles and feminine squeaks came from the shower stall. She told me later that both Robert and


Rufus fucked her again in the shower. Once they were dressed and we were drinking our coffee I said, “ Are you mad at me?”
Bev came and sat on my lap and kissed me.
”No Honey! I wouldn’t have missed this for worlds but I think you might have difficulty in making me cum from now on.”
Then she looked at Daniel. “Did you say you were going to knock me up?”
He beckoned to her and she sat on his lap and put an arm round him.
“Yeah. We are going to fuck you every day for the next fortnight so that when you go home you will have a black baby in there.” he rubbed her belly.
She giggled and kissed him. “But,” he went on,” if you fuck Martin, you must make him wear a rubber. OK?” She looked at me. “OK,” I said.

After that night, we spent our honeymoon just like any other couple. We lazed on the beach and swam in the marvellously clear sea. We ate exotic foods in restaurants but every night when we got back to our room, Robert had let Daniel and Rufus into our room with a passkey and I never got a chance to fuck my bride. Every night Rufus would provide the lubrication and Daniel would gradually get further in. Until Bev’s fertile time arrived in the second week. Sure enough that was the night when Daniel got to press his balls against Bev’s arse. Bev was going absolutely wild orgasming constantly as he worked the last inch in. She locked her ankles round him and tried to kiss him.
But he faced me and said, ”Come on. Massage me until I cum. This is the night we put a baby in there so we want as much cum as possible.”
So for the next 20 minutes I massaged his balls while he rammed his immense dick into Bev and tongue kissed her. She was bucking constantly as she orgasmed continually.
His balls inflated under my attentions and I could feel that there was what seemed to be at least a gallon of cum there ready for my wife.
Then he thrust in as hard as possible and I felt his massive balls contract as he started the first
of at least 4 immense ejaculations. Bev kept kissing him but every tine she received a pulse she moaned and pushed up to him. Then the usual leakage started as she overflowed.

After that, during the next 6 days they converted Bev into a total three-hole slut. The next night all three were in attendance. Daniel didn’t need any help from Rufus as he had adjusted Bev to take his
cock and as Rufus said, he couldn’t feel much now but he said once Bev had had her baby she would tighten up again unless there was a big black cock in there regularly.
So to my astonishment as Daniel mounted her on the Monday night, Robert dropped his pants and pushed his cock against Bev’s face as Rufus held her head still. She gasped as Daniel bottomed out, as they knew she would and Robert pushed the end of his prick into her mouth.
“Go on Bev suck him good. Get some black spunk in both ends.” grunted Daniel. Her eyes swivelled round to look at him and they filled with extraordinary lust.
Bev had never, in her life, sucked a man off. Indeed, she had always expressed revulsion at the idea. She grasped his dick with one hand and started to suck on him as if he was a delicious treat.
That was when I realise just how far down the road to being a total slutwife they had taken her.
She grabbed Rufus with her other hand and stroked it up and down his shaft. Robert didn’t last long. “Here it comes Bev.” he groaned and both his arse and ballsack tightened. Bev swallowed frantically and just managed to keep up with him.
His softening prick flopped out of her mouth, she turned her head round and guided the head of Rufus’s larger erection into her mouth. She had a struggle to get the large head in properly but she managed it and Rufus gently started to face fuck her. I have never had such a tent in my pants as I watched this scene but I didn’t realise what they had planned for tomorrow.

The next night set the pattern for the rest of the week. Daniel laid on his back and made Bev mount him, which she did enthusiastically.
Robert lubricated his cock with some cream and knelt between Daniel’s legs. Daniel pulled Bev down to him so that her tits were squashed against his chest, this exposed her arse and Robert gently pushed his prick against her button. Despite the kiss that Daniel was giving he she made a ‘nooo’ noise.
But Daniel held on tight and she was helpless as Robert pushed a little harder and suddenly her sphincter muscle gave way and he was in.
It must have hurt at first because she arched her back and tried to push him out. But both men held her and as Robert worked gradually further in she relaxed and started to grunt every time as the men

in her co-ordinated their thrusts.
Rufus stepped up to the bed and lifted her head up and as her mouth fell open he presented his precum dripping erection for her attention she grabbed at it and forced it into her mouth.
This was the first time she had three cocks in her at the same time. All three emptied their balls into her at the same time.
She had the biggest orgasm to date. This set the pattern for the remainder of our honeymoon.
I did a lot of jerking off and she sucked me a couple of times but the only spunk in her cunt was Daniel’s and there was a devil of a lot of it.
She had to start wearing a sanitary towel to stop everyone noticing that she was constantly leaking sperm.

When we arrived back from Jamaica she let me fuck her but only with a rubber. She had decided that if she was pregnant then the father had to be one of her black men not me. True enough her period was late and she tested positive. My friend Pete was very interested and I told him the whole story. He suggested the Bev and Carol-Anne compare notes and they became as thick as thieves.
He also told me that his wife was on the way with another black baby. When we worked it out she had been impregnated at about the same time as Bev.
I asked did he know the father and he really shook me.
“Of course. I saw it done. It’s John Graham’s kid.”
I said, “Do you mean Mr. Graham?”
“Of course. “ He answered,” Why do you think I get so much time off and my pay is better than yours. He’s been trying to knock her up for about 6 months. You know he has fucked every blonde woman in the company and I know Carol-Anne is not the first wife to have his black baby. I think Bev will be next he asked me. what I knew about her the other day, while he was pounding Carol-Anne and I told him I thought she would have been blacked in Jamaica. He was very interested and I’m sure you are going to be called into the office for a consultation.”

True enough I was called in later that day and offered a pay increase on condition that he fucked Bev regularly. Needless to say Bev jumped at the chance when Carol-Anne mentioned the size of the boss’s cock. It rivalled Daniel’s as I saw when it was worked into my pregnant wife on our bed the following evening. For letting him breed from my wife, he gave me extra holidays as a reward.
That’s how we have had the time to come over to the UK for a month. He says that as soon a Bev has her Jamaican baby he wants to knocked her up again as soon as possible. As for Bev she has become a totally nasty slut and will fuck anything black at the drop of a hat. I think she will ask me to get snipped soon then she says I won’t have to wear a rubber.
I must say that I looked at Beverly in an entirely different way when I saw her the following day.
“Marty told me that he had told you about Jamaica. And his boss” She said at breakfast.
“Yes.” I agreed as noncommittally as I could.
“Do you still want to know me?” she asked looking down at her Cornflakes.
“Beverley you’re beautiful and I love you being in my family. I would love to be Mr Graham.” I said softly. “Ask Marty about his Granny. I’m a friend to both of you. You need to talk. OK I’m here.”
” She looked at me and smiled “Now I know why Marty calls you his best friend.”

A few days later there was not much on TV (surprise, surprise) so Marty and I were punishing the whisky again and Bev was rapidly dropping the level in a bottle of gin. When the conversation turned to why do white girls like being blackened so much. Bev looked a little embarrassed but I said that I had asked Granny that identical question back in 1963.
I had never forgotten what she told me. She said when she made love with me it was special because she loved me. It was exciting but somehow comfortable.
Certainly the sexual tension led to a climax for her and it was very satisfying.
However when she saw for the first time, the blackman who eventually fucked your Auntie Jo into her, her belly was filled with butterflies. When he kissed her, the feel of his soft black lips on hers and the subtle body odour of the man started her cunt wetting.
When he got his hands on her tits and she saw the contrast between his black skin and her own that was it. She knew he was going to fuck her bareback and she knew she would feel his black seed flooding into her and her insides turned to jelly.
Her cunt had never ever been so wet. It was agony waiting for him to get in her fully undressed and when she saw his equipment the thrill was totally overwhelming. When she felt his black skin ag

her breasts they burned. She had to have him in her cunt.
When he pushed his cock into her it was weird she could feel her insides opening up for him.
It felt as if her womb was opening so that his spunk would penetrate as far as possible inside and impregnate her instantly. She said that in her there was created an urgent need to be bred.
To carry his child.
She also told me that if there had been a black man available after she had our daughters. She would have presented me with a whole football team of black children but in rural North Yorkshire in 1963 blackmen were as rare as hen’s teeth and the only reason she was bred was because her lovers were part of a travelling work party on a pipeline.
I must add that the second child, Marty’s mother, was created when one of the twins came on holiday to Yorkshire and called to see us. Bev said that was exactly how she had felt and she added that she was quite sure that Marty’s boss would give her a child.
However, she added Carol-Anne had told her, that John Graham had said, after he had knocked her up, that once she had his baby. He wanted his 18 year old son to breed both her and Bev so it looked as if Marty was going to have three black children at least

I asked how her own family felt about this and her answer astonished me. She said that last month she had plucked up the courage to tell her parents. And that her mother was shocked but her Dad had a quiet word with her in the garden. He said he understood and that it was OK with him. Then he surprised Bev by kissing her and saying after we had you, I wish your mother had done the same for me. He patted my bulge and said don’t worry about your mother. We kept it at the fantasy level but I wish we hadn’t. So it was OK with them.

Now you must realise that this smoothly flowing story was not how I heard it from Marty. It came disjointed with wild flashbacks and events out of their proper sequence coupled with the fact that we were both really *****. I have edited it and put it in some kind of order and Marty has seen it and agrees that’s how it all happened.
Great story !

Great story ! Is there any more.

Wonderfully written storyline in spite of its unrealistic theme. But I've learned the Jamacian allure can contribute to some pretty fanciful ideas, reminiscent of some of those so well described in Chinese's "African" posts.
Good story.
Many thanks for your appreciation. Of course it's unrealistic, it's fiction. I'm an american living in NY not an elderly englishman living in North Yorkshire and I'm not white anyway. However I know that part of england well. I spent a year of my hitch in the airforce at RAF Fylingdales on the Moors. I have many friends there and visit occasionally. Jamaica is a sequel to a longer story I have been working on for some time. when I get it into some sort of shape I'll post it here. Thanks again. :D
Really good story.......thanks for sharing. My wife has been "fixed" for years, but I still love to watch a big hung black bull fill her white pussy with his cum. It does feed a fantasy of mine in thinking he might breed her and get her pregnent.