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jennifer love hewitt

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Jul 9, 2005
I was over at imdb.com jennifer love hewitt page ,and i found a thread that said " I hear she quite likes the chocolate and not the candy kind if you know what i mean". I dont mind telling you i got quite turned on buy this as she is my favorite celeb, and i also love interracial sex.

I posted several replies to this thread ,and the next day when i tried to find this thread i found it had been removed .So i started a new thread and it was also removed

I am curious to now why this is the case.Why do you think

It's unfortunate that some people haven't accepted reality yet. The reality is that there are two types of beautiful white women, those who get black cock and those who want it. I enjoy hearing posts and comments about Jennifer loving black dick, since nothing gets me more excited than the thought of her stroking, sucking and fucking one. I have read things about her with black men also, very exciting.
Why do you suppose the posts were removed? Her career would only benefit by admitting her preference for black cock. :?

Where's the paparazzi when we need them?







I have heard her refered to as "Jennifer loves black cock hewitt"
I would Breed the Fuck out of Jennifer!

Peace. 8)
She'd look really nice black bred and showing -- walking hand in hand with the baby's father. That image would help all of us out.
It's so wondefull to be able to eavesdrop on somebody else's dream....even though the results are so predictable.

Who shall we fantacize about next ?

Might I make a suggestion ?.....

......JOY PHILBEN.......an unattainable prize and 110% "class"..
Their is another post that says Jennifer Love Hewitt loves bbc.
Everybody should go there and check it out
Post not there...Its all fluff about Hewitt. Not going to allow the word get out she likes brothas.... :lol:
it is still there you just have to look at it

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