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She is ready for another black baby to raise her black baby total to 5.


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Why is it when a white girl is having a baby by a black man, it is considered black? When the baby will have both genes from a white girl and a blk man? Seems like we need to do our homework here!
Tell us and show us more. She looks H O T !!!
I will be in the houston area in 3 weeks for a breeding session. Hit me up and I will extend my stay to breed you also. Have a 8 inch dick and am very potent. I make beautiful mixed babies usually with hazel eyes. Let me know if you re interested
She looks hot.Got any of her with the kids?
To The Question Why Are Mixed Race Babies Considered Black.

The reason why babies from a mixed union are considered black is because of genetics. The gene for for "negroid" (NO Offense meant with that term, just being technical) is a Dominant gene and the gene for caucasoid is Recessive. That is why babies are considered black (even when traits from both sides are represented). It was decided many many years ago that the law for what constitutes black is if a person is 1/8th black in genetic makeup ...they are black.
She HOT,Keep posting pictures as she goes along,Love to see her tits and belly when she about 7 or 8 months.
hello, I am 5'7", 165 lbs, darkskin, shaved head and very athletic built. I live in Dallas tx. So if you are serious and want to know more please email me at drelp@yahoo.com and i will send you some pics of me as well.

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